Yahoo! announces end of Astrid task management service, officially shutting down August 5th


The Astrid task management service, which was purchased by Yahoo! back in May, has officially announced it will be shutting down on August 5th. Through an email to all of their users, the Astrid staff let them know that they have a month to back up all of their data, and gave instructions to head to a special data export page, and make an easy migration to services such as Wrike, Wunderlist, Sandglaz, and The Astrid app has become extremely popular, with over 4 million downloads, so there are surely going to be some pretty unhappy people come August 5th. Check out the full email from the Astrid staff after the break. Happy exporting, folks!

Astrid Winding Down

First off, we want to sincerely thank you for being an Astrid user over the years. Your support every step of the way has meant the world to us. As of August 5, 2013, we will be closing the Astrid service.
We know that a transition can be tough, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Please go to this link: to download your data.
Once you have your data, we recommend you check out one of these applications. They will allow you to easily import your data, so you can pick up where you left off: Wrike, Wunderlist, Sandglaz, and
When we built Astrid, we sought to help as many people as possible become happier, healthier and more productive – and we certainly hope we helped you. Thank you again for your support.
Best regards,
Jon Paris & the Astrid Team

Source: Android Police

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  • Gian Mario Tagliaretti

    I don’t get it, they purchased a service with 4 million users and after 3 months they shut it down? I’m probably missing something

  • bneals

    This is insane. Buy product. Gut product. Piss of 4 million users in the process. Another reason to hate Yahoo.

  • Lukáš Bohata

    I hate yahoo for this step, wtf they think? I didnt find better app than astrid. One of the most popular app :((( …yahoo is going the same way like google (shut down favorite services, and lets live the unpopular)?

  • Guest

    Bad move yahoo… Bad move. One of the many reasons that I will never use anything YAHOO

  • JaDaar

    Dam one of the best on the market and they remove it, never again getting a Yahoo product (ok prolly not ever instead of “never”)

  • Dave

    This is one reason why I will never ever ever use a Yahoo product again. Oh….actually I never did use your products anyway. Yahoo, you suck man.

  • MaddenedMike

    Thanks a bunch – what email?! I never got one… Big Fail Yahoo

  • Martyn

    No record of email announcements from Yahoo checking back to June 2013, including Spam/Trash and In Box. Now lost over 1-1/2 years of extremely important business and personal data religiously collected on Astrid. Wonder how many others in same boat? Thanks, Yahoo!

    • Billy_beans

      Data that you only have one copy of is data that you don’t value…….

  • Joe Rico

    Yahoo… where good software goes to die..