Grab Samsung’s Galaxy Camera app for your Galaxy S 4


Samsung’s original Galaxy Camera was a fairly niche product, but it did have some cool features in the camera. Developer LastStandingDroid is working on getting the camera app ported to other devices, and if you’re a Galaxy S 4 owner, you can test out a port of the Galaxy Camera’s camera app on your device without having to shell out several hundred bucks on a new device.

The port is packaged in a flashable zip file, so you’ll have to be rooted and running a custom recovery to try it out. For the most part, it’s a really functional app, and the flash, auto-focus, fast motion and slow motion, and front and back cameras work. Like any work-in-progress, though, there are still a few things that need to be fixed, such burst mode, the best face feature, and a few others. You’ll also lose your boot animation completely because of some Galaxy Camera specific files in the package.

If you don’t mind testing out new things that aren’t 100% broken, hit the links below.

source: XDA

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  • bungadudu

    As clearly stated in the xda thread, this is intended for the Google Experience S4, which comes with the Nexus camera app.

    The original S4 already have all this features working! As it’s stock standalone camera app!

  • amigorox

    camera not working anymore I have the gt i9500. Please tell me how to revert to stock camera or how to make this run
    Whenever I open camera it says unfortunately camera has stopped

  • Boredrider

    Bogus…does not work…had to completely restore android just to get my stock camera back..