FingerQ case is designed to protect your device and the information inside using fingerprint-scanning technology


Phone cases are a dime a dozen and range from bulletproof to flimsy decoration, and everything in between. Until now these cases only protected your physical phone, and not the valuable information stored inside.  Hong Kong company FingerQ has decided to fill that gap, releasing cases for many popular phones that feature a small fingerprint scanner on the back, which pairs with a FingerQ app on your phone. The scanner works with your mobile OS’s built-in security (pattern lock, face unlock, etc) for a comprehensive security solution.

If thats not enough, each app on your device can be assigned a scan, allowing you to lock down apps that contain sensitive information, such as mobile banking applications. The FingerQ case also features a dedicated chat application, allowing for encrypted messages to be sent from one FingerQ user to another, requiring a scan before sending or viewing a new message.

The icing on the cake is that once paired, the FingerQ doesn’t work with another device, and removing it doesn’t disable its security features, rendering a stolen device useless to the thief. Users are able to set a security password to override the FingerQ’s features if necessary. The FingerQ will hit shelves sometime next month and will retail somewhere between $40 and $60.

Via: Android Authority
Source: CNet Asia



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