O2 launching unique “Talk to the Hand” gloves, Bluetooth enabled gloves for phone calls

o2 phone gloves

If you like odd phone accessories, we’ve got something that you’re really going to enjoy. UK carrier O2 is launching a new line of Talk to the Hand gloves, which basically let you talk to your hand. A collaboration between O2 and artist Sean Miles, these gloves are essentially Bluetooth headsets built into a glove for your smartphone with the ability to answer calls and talk on the phone built right in. Sure, you’re going to look really, really weird, but it’s a cool concept.

The coolest part about the gloves is that they’re made from old recycled phones. The entire project was really just a way to push recycling into the spotlight and prove that old electronics can be recycled for some pretty neat new uses. So don’t trash those old phones just because you upgrade to something newer and better; they’ve still got some life left in them outside of your desk drawer or a landfill.

source: Pocket Lint

  • blackanbald

    where can I get a pair?

    • Mayoo

      Think geek has some since a few months now. This is old stuff.

  • Kary

    I suspect that would qualify under some state’s hands-free laws, although it really shouldn’t. The phone isn’t to your head!

    • Mayoo

      Point is to have both hands on the wheel. You got this all wrong.

  • Steve

    Can you hold a moment, I’m wiping my ass…

  • a good idea, but I think it would only be in the future