Insider: Google will bring 3 Google Edition smartphones, one Motorola X phone this year



We told you before that there would be an onslaught of Nexus HTC and Samsung Google Edition bad boys, as well as the imminent arrival of the sweet MOTO X phone, but now it’s looking like there’s more that’s on the way after all. According to sources close to the gang at Android Authority, Google is in talk with at least one additional hardware partner to develop a Google Edition flagship device. Sure this might sound a little surprising to hear and one could speculate the number of potential candidates out there, but it’s not too hard to identify which manufacturer and smartphone will join the ranks of the unofficial Nexus family. If you recall just earlier this week, we’d mentioned to you that Sony is quietly working on a special Xperia Z variant that’s due in the immediate future, though Sony (and Google for that matter) has decided to stay mum for now.

Oh and that isn’t all folks. The same unidentified source believes that the upcoming X brand is only going to be limited to one device this year, not a line of devices that was previously thought before. So for now, it appears that we will not see an allotment of sweet smartphones for now, but who knows— maybe we will see a new line of cool devices next year and beyond.

source: Android Authority

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • crhylove

    How about a nexus device for less than $200?

    • Some phones are coming out to be way low end like the Motorola D1 or D3.
      Really waiting on Moto X to see. Hope it’s not going to be too expensive as it will be MADE IN USA.

  • mickrussom

    The waiting game is getting annoying. The rate of new google/android
    phones and new versions of android is getting way too slow. What
    happened? I got to wait a year+ for new major releases of android and
    new phones? Get real.

  • Andres Galvan

    A year+?? 4.2 launched in October and all these flagships are only a few months old.

    I am tired of waiting for 4.3, though. And now I’m hearing that it’s still going to be called Jelly Bean! I would say that its outrageous, but that’s how it is with iOS. We’ve just been spoiled and Google finally knows 100% of what they’re doing.

  • Xavier

    y’all are bitching but did you ever stop and think, “wow. if Google releases one phone a year then its resale value will skyrocket. Not only that but one Major Android version a year? That means my phone will have at least a 3-4 year life as opposed to the 6 month life it had before. Now the Moto X is supposed to be the Google/Moto flagship and it’ll have stock android. with other OEMs making only one phone a year extending the phones life to 3-4 years imagine what that life will be to a Google experience phone that already has a 2-3 year life span.