Samsung lowers estimates for Q2 and Q3 Galaxy S 4 sales


Despite being the hottest selling smartphone on the planet right now, Samsung is apparently talking with investors to reduce expectations for the amount of Galaxy S 4s that will be sold this quarter and next quarter. This all stems from a neutral rating for stocks from companies like Broadcom, with analysts saying some component makes may not meet estimates this quarter because of slowed down sales of Samsung’s latest flagship.

Now, this doesn’t mean to say that Samsung expects their latest Life Companion to drop off the sales entirely, they’re just being more realistic about what we should expect the S 4 to do in the coming months. Samsung expects 20 million devices this quarter, and 20 million next quarter, as opposed to early estimates of 25 million and 30 million in those respective quarters. While reducing expectations by 15 million phones sounds like a lot, selling 40 million phones over two quarters will still be an impressive feat that most companies only dream of doing. Besides that, Samsung likely has some other devices in the pipeline, such as budget models and more niche devices that may steal a little thunder from the S 4.

Either way, Samsung is poised for an extremely successful 2013.

source: Tech Trader Daily

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Tony van Hedgewinkel

    So their slow sales have nothing to do with everyone saying the HTC One is better? Right. OK. #HTCone #FTW

    • Tony van tinywinkel

      and which SLOW sales would these be pal???? the 40 million in the next two quarters???? and how many One’s will HTC have sold in the same period do you think – more or less????Tony van tinywinkel

    • Kary

      Not everyone says the One is better. Some people don’t consider a metal case to be an advantage, and that’s the only significant advantage the One has over the S4. The lack of a MicroSD slot and a removable battery hardly make the One better.

      • Regis

        It’s not just a metal case, it’s over-all build quality. The HTC One FEELS like the best phone in existence right now. Plus Blinkfeed is much more useful that waving your hand over a phone to answer an incoming call or looking away from your screen to pause a movie.

        • Kary

          I’d probably prefer the Google version of either, but without MicroSD and a removable battery, it’s a no sale for me.

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