Study shows average Americans spend roughly an hour per day with their smartphone

smartphone time graph

How much time do you spend with your smartphone each day? Thirty minutes? Three hours? The average American apparently slides somewhere in the middle of those numbers, coming in right at 58 minutes per day, according to a recent study done on a handful of smartphone users. Surprisingly, about a quarter of smartphone use was talking on a phone call. Texting came in as the second most popular activity, chewing up 20% of those 58 minutes.

Watching video apparently only accounted for 1% of time spent on a smartphone, with only 2% of the people in the study saying they watched videos on their phone. That’s definitely an odd result, but apparently consuming video on your smartphone is a love-it-or-hate-it type deal.

Personally, I know I spend more than an hour per day on my smartphone, and very little of that time is spent making phone calls. What are your daily usage habits with your Android device? Do they match up with this study? Let us know in the comments.

source: All Things D

  • Kary

    Unless this is based on an app which somehow actually tracks use, as opposed to user surveys reporting how much time they THINK they spent doing things, I wouldn’t trust these numbers at all.