ASUS announces new Transformer Pad Infinity variant with Tegra 4 processor



The original Transformer Pad Infinity was one hell of a tablet when it was introduced with the blazing fast Tegra 3 chip running the show, but ASUS felt that Computex 2013 was time to introduce a new variant of the device with updated specs. Right off the bat is the inclusion of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processsor and its 72 GPU cores to help provide some insane graphics. And speaking of which— ASUS has upped the IPS display by including a resolution of 2,500 x 1,600, placing it in direct competition with other premium tablets like the Nexus 10. Rounding out the improvements are a redesigned keyboard dock with a multi-touch touchpad, USB 3.0 and an SDXC card reader.

No word on pricing or the release date just yet, but we’re hopeful that the tablet won’t be too unreasonably priced and will have a release date within the next few months or so.

source: ASUS

  • DP

    Ok nice specs on the new model but, they actually went backwards on the front & rear facing cameras. The TF700T has a front facing 2M & rear 8M “New model 1.2M front 5M rear”. In addition what about the speaker? The TF700T has 1 speaker which is useless can’t really hear anything w/out a head set or a silent room. Dual speakers capable of real volume would be great. Just returned my TF700T due to volume issue since the volume limitation seems to be standard on all.