Preliminary list of HTC devices set to receive the Android 4.3 update is unleashed in the wild



Google hasn’t quite announced its next Android version just yet, but that isn’t stopping big-name manufacturers from working behind the scenes to ensure which of its devices will likely make the cut and get the next coveted update. Thanks to the leaked preliminary list you see above, it’s looking like HTC already has an idea of which of its devices will see which of its devices will see Android 4.3 and others that well… won’t see Android 4.3. For the most part, it looks like owners many of the flagship devices released in the last 15 or so months should expect to see the next version of Android. This means that all of you HTC One X, One X+, HTC Butterfly (Droid DNA) and of course HTC One owners can go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief.

On the flipside, HTC One S and Verizon Desire owners are probably going to be out of luck— though there’s a chance that HTC will possibly update its guidance and figure that the those devices can handle Android 4.3 after all.

source: Technos Amigos
via: Phone Arena

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  • Nelson G

    I won’t hold my breath. HTC has a bad rep with updating devices

    • By a bad rep what do you mean ?
      An interesting fact for you HTC was the FIRST OEM that started with ICS updates and has updated over 11 devices in 2012 where Samsung only managed to upgrade few (S2 variants)
      So next time before you speak check your facts

      • Nelson G

        By bad rep I mean how long it takes before you see updates on their devices. Thunderbolt just got ICS in February of this year when ICS was announced in October of 2011. My girlfriend’s rhyme is still with gingerbread and it’s on that list. I mean the other manufacturers don’t have a good track either. I didn’t mean to single out HTC. All, except Nexus, has a bad track record with how long it takes for them to update their devices.

        • Well as i said before even Samsung did not update all their lower end smartphones (Galaxy POP, Galaxy Ace,Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Y, Galaxy S1, etc.) .
          Some phones do get the update some don’t.
          And Rhyme is a carrier phone and if you follow the news you know how bad is the updating of carriers phone always late or never happens and i think Rhyme ICS is out but you have to manually install it trough RUU and not over OTA.
          Let’s just hope OEM will stop with producing so many phones and after few months they are forgotten (Samsung) and that Google will somehow find a solution to fragmentation of Android.

          • Nelson G

            I agree with you on all those points. Just hope they continue the trend of the Nexus-edition like the S4 and One

      • Nelson G

        Just because it’s on that list doesn’t mean they’re going to get to it. Better off just buying a new one, or a nexus

    • By a bad rep what do you mean ?
      An interesting fact for you HTC was the FIRST OEM that started with ICS updates and has updated over 11 devices in 2012 where Samsung only managed to upgrade few (S2 variants)
      Google “HTC ICS blog” and click on their blog to see which devices.
      So next time before you speak check your facts.

  • shopkins82

    The Desire HD is on there as a yes? It’s still on Gingerbread and they reneged on its ICS upgrade based on poor user experience during testing. I know a ton of Straight Talk users who bought used ATT Inspire 4Gs that will be thrilled if this pans out and devs port the update over…

  • Andres Galvan

    You seriously think this is real?? Of course, it makes total sense sense for the DHD, which didn’t get ICS, to get 4.3 when the One S, which is on 4.1, doesn’t.

    Also, you know nothing about the phones HTC launches internationally. The Desire V is called the Desire V, not the Verizon Desire. Why else would it say “Desire V”?!

  • mamemame187

    If the HTC One V isn’t getting it why would the Desire HD…

  • I am waiting for next updates.