AT&T boasts best 3G/4G speed combo while Sprint falls short


As all four of the big US carriers board the 4G LTE train it would be only a matter of time before a comparison study involving them came to be. While Verizon has the upper hand in the LTE market with roughly 95% of its 3G network covered with LTE speeds, AT&T is quickly rolling out its LTE service. They’re doing that while maintaining their quick 4G services as well. However as carriers focus on their LTE services the use of 3G networks are still prevalent. So the handoff between 3G and 4G networks is important.

A Galaxy Note II was used to measure the LTE speeds while an iPhone 4S was used to measure 3G speeds as both those devices are offered on all four networks. Hit the break to see how everyone ranked.

As you can see from the average download speeds T-Mobile had the best 3G speeds and AT&T had the best LTE speeds. Verizon barely trumped T-Mobile in LTE data speeds, however the handoff is where these numbers actually shine. AT&T’s average drop from 13.15 mbps to 2.97 mbps came to about 77%. Verizon’s drop was a bit more significant with its 9.61 mbps down to 0.80 mbps coming to 92%.  Sprint didn’t have as big of a handoff but that’s because its network speeds were much lower than that of everyone else.

This is all well and good but what it boils down to is usage. With varying coverages and network speeds your milage may vary. If you’re wanting the full nitty gritty you can hit the source link below. Enjoy.

source: TechHive

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • Al James

    I have Sprint and I’m so glad this chart has came out to show people how horrible Sprint’s 3G is and how below average their 4G is. I will be leaving Sprint as soon as my contract is up next month

  • M42

    Verizon doesn’t have true 3G. They have 2.5G or EDGE Plus.

    Where does T-Mobile have this 3G? I’ve traveled all over the country and I never picked up their 3G. Only in Europe. Am with AT&T now and I’ve found that their HSPA+ 4G is in most areas as fast as Verizon’s LTE, so AT&T isn’t really behind Verizon in the 4G market race. But Sprint and T-Mobile are.

  • caliboy91

    I have Virgin Mobile which network is owned by Sprint and their conncection speed is awful…Complete crap. Cant wait to swith to AT&T