StartTalking hands free texting application hits Android open beta

It’s proven dangerous, but many drivers are guilty of it from one time or another. I’m talking about texting while driving, where a few quick strokes of your touch or keypad can turn deadly.

StartTalking, a new texting application from AdelaVoice, looks to give drivers no excuse for texting while driving, with this hands free, voice controlled solution. The application is completely hands and eyes free, allowing the user to initiate, compose, review, edit, and send text messages entirely by voice command.

The app is currently in open beta for Android 2.0 and above devices, and can be found in the Android Market, or by visiting from your phone.

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SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 30, 2010) /PRNewswire/ — AdelaVoice today launched StartTalking (, the world’s first smartphone application that lets motorists keep their eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. StartTalking addresses the issue of distracted driving throughout the entire process of composing, sending and receiving text messages, removing the visual and physical distractions normally associated with text messaging.

StartTalking is different from any other solution because it is truly hands and eyes free, eliminating any touching or looking at the mobile phone. Today’s existing text messaging applications offer certain hands-free features, but ultimately require visual or physical interaction to initiate, compose, review, edit, or send text messages. StartTalking eliminates those interactions. In fact, StartTalking operates with the mobile phone’s display screen off, further reducing distractions while enhancing battery life.

StartTalking is entirely voice-controlled. Users simply speak commands, dictate messages and listen to messages without having to touch a single button or look at a screen. StartTalking users speak their phone’s pre-assigned name, which “wakes up” the handset and initiates a dialog through which the user dictates and sends text messages.

Currently in open beta, StartTalking works with smartphones running Android 2.0 or later and is now available for download from the Android Market or by using an Android phone’s browser to visit Visitors using personal computers to the StartTalking website can also send an SMS download link to their Android phone. StartTalking works with wired headsets or the Android handset’s speakerphone function.

“We created StartTalking to minimize the physical and visual interactions normally associated with creating, sending and receiving text messages,” said Chris Hassett, AdelaVoice CEO. “We believe that it is every driver’s responsibility to stay alert and minimize distractions while driving. When used properly, StartTalking can be an excellent tool to help drivers meet these responsibilities.”

In addition to sending traditional text messages, StartTalking supports creating audio recordings in a user’s voice and sends them through AdelaVoice’s Short Voice Service (SVS) to any mobile smartphone. The recipient hears the message in the sender’s own voice. SVS messages represent a very personal way to extend text messaging and, by definition, are always 100 percent accurate.

Shiv Bakhshi, founder and principal analyst of Mobile Perspectives, said: “The distractions that mobile phones can cause drivers are fairly well understood and have prompted formal restrictions in several states. Any technology or solution that helps minimize such distraction should find a welcome audience.”

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Headquartered in Boston, AdelaVoice inspires the development of creative solutions for mobile phones and smart devices by enabling a natural conversation between devices and owners, determining intent and initiating action. The company, backed by Stage 1 Ventures, was founded in 2010 and launched StartTalking, the world’s first true 100 percent hands-free and eyes-free messaging application for your mobile phone. For more information,

  • curse

    “It’s proven dangerous, but we’re all guilty of it from one time or another. I’m talking about texting while driving, where a few quick strokes of your touch or keypad can turn deadly.”

    YOU!!! and those you call “all” really shouldn’t have any drivers license!

  • HepCat

    Texting while driving is in my opinion almost as bad as driving under the influence, or driving when overly sleepy.

    It makes you an unsafe driver, and your car into a possible instrument of death and murder.

  • For every 6 seconds a driver spends texting, 4.6 of those seconds are with their eyes off the road, which makes texting the most dangerous cell phone activity anyone can engage in while operating a 5,000 pound piece of steel and glass. This activity produces 6,000 highway deaths a year and that number is rising. I think the distraction should be totally eliminated so drivers can…uh, drive.

    So I decided to do something about it after my three year old daughter was nearly run down right in front of me by a texting driver. I built a tool called OTTER that is a simple app for smartphones – low cost, no recurring fees. Its an easy way to manage that text and drive temptation…and not be fumbling with any kind of software instead of driving.

    Erik Wood, owner
    OTTER app

  • curse

    I guess apps like StartTalking and OTTER is needed in todays society where Facebook status is more important then safe driving.

    Good that someone at least think about it and make these apps..
    OTTER ->
    StartTalking ->

  • Jade

    How do you get a space as everytime i need a space is types space