SMS integration within Google Hangouts on its way


When Google announced the new Hangouts application yesterday, many people were excited to finally have an integrated, synced messaging service. That excitement was tempered by the realization that SMS was not supported – at least, not yet. The lack of SMS integration was curious since the application’s permissions include the ability to send, receive, and read SMS messages. Some users were also getting messages during the installation or upgrade process that seemed to indicate the app was using SMS for phone number verifications.

A message from Dori Storbeck, community manager with Google indicates “SMS integration is coming soon – it is one of our most requested features!” ¬†Storbeck did post an update later indicating “We actually have nothing to announce at this time.” The pieces seem to be in place for SMS integration and it is clearly a function that users are interested in having. The question remains as to when it will be made available.

source: +Dori Storbeck