HTC expected to get Android 4.2.2 update in July… but no further updates after that



Is the HTC One X smartphone not going to get a taste of Key Lime Pie? It certainly appears to be the case as a mysterious tweet from an insider indicated that HTC would be providing the Android 4.2.2 update as its final update for the smartphone— not the Android 5.0 update that was expected by the masses.What’s even more baffling is there’s no reasoning for why the update wouldn’t hit the device either. Could it be a potential delay of the Android 5.0 launch by Google? What about memory limitations for Sense + Android 5.0? Perhaps the real likelihood is well, it might be too much work to try and stuff new software into increasingly “outdated technology”. It sucks, but that’s likely the real culprit… if it’s true that is.

Naturally we will need to wait for the official word from HTC before we can jump to any real speculation that is. On the flipside, at least reports are indicating the Android 4.2.2 + Sense 5 update will hit devices from July. A bit of a silver lining for One X owners we suppose.

source: LlabTooFer Twitter | Gotta Be Mobile

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  • I’d put my money on a lack of RAM – My Htc One X has always been crap at application management – and every single time I attempt a Skype video call – it runs for approx 30-45 seconds and then Android just kills is with no warning, no message – just back to the home screen and Skype is gone. It does this every time even after all the updates to both Skype and the OS – yet my Nexus 4 runs like a dream. IMHO releasing a “top-end” smartphone with so little future proofing says a lot about why HTC’s profits keep falling – and they NEVER learn the lesson – they have been doing the same thing since I had my HTC Desire.

    • Tarcísio Medeiros

      I had never problems with HTC One X using skype. It’s should be not a problem from the model..

  • Andrew de Ville

    Agree with Andy J, it is totally unacceptable that a top-end phone has hardware limitations past 24 months an yet the custom ROM community is still bashing out updates to the G1.

    This is why the volume of people rooting their devices will continue to increase. The more hardware and software vender’s are de-coupled the better.

  • purvi gokani

    My hubby has had the one x for 7-8 months. It simply conked out once… got it repaired. Now the camers has just stopped. I always thought htc was the only reliable android after sammy. But no updates, lack of indic font support and hardware software issues… I need to rethink abt the brand