Motorola Defy put to a stress test (video)

Recently, retailer Expansys tested the Motorola Defy’s ability to, for lack of a better word, defy various situations that would normally spell the end for a smartphone device, such as being dropped on the floor or immersed in water.

This rugged Android device is seemingly being pitched to the ultra-clumsy smartphone user who needs a device that can withstand more physical abuse.

So, for you European smartphone users who are interested in a rugged but equally capable Android device, preorder starts soon. Continue after the break for a video of the Defy going through a series of stress tests.

[via eurodroid]

  • russell meadors

    Yeah those test are worthless.. Considering I dropped it once and the screen spidered like nothing. Although I sadly bought another one.. Hopefully wont have same effect.

  • This is a really cool site. I am most likely gonna come back. Good read!