Android 4.1.2 Update Causing Problems for Motorola DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX Users


Are you the proud owner of the DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX? Did you update to Android 4.1.2 when it became available earlier in the month? Is it working perfectly? Well if that’s the case, you’re one of the lucky ones. It appears that a growing group of people are having issues with the Jelly Bean update. A tipster told Phone Arena that Verizon has received numerous complaints on the matter. People are having issues with dropped phone calls, widgets not updating, and apps not working at all.

While the hope is that Big Red will hopefully push an update out soon to fix these issues, they aren’t commenting. We’ll keep you up to speed as the story develops. What about you readers out there that own either of these phones? Are you having issues with Android 4.1.2? Let us know in the comments below.

source: Phone Arena

About the Author: Jack Holt

Jack is a tech enthusiast who is surviving small-town Wyoming. He's a newspaper editor by trade and a blogger for fun. His phone of choice is the Galaxy Note 4 and when he's not tinkering on that, he can be found researching new tech and wondering if his wallet can sustain a new tech purchase. When he's not in front of a computer, he's out in the mountains with his dog exploring the wilderness.

  • jrich

    I Haven’t Had Any Problems Other Than One App Not Being Usable, No Biggie . Love Google now

    • After The Update My Phone Capitalises Each Word. Looks Like Yours Does Too.

      • Roozter

        Mine does this as well. Plus, randomly does not insert spaces and places corrections in the wrong places i.e. back at the beginning. Also, some widgets not working.

  • No major issue on my Maxx yet but call quality and speaker phone sound a bit worse than before.

  • Calandra George

    Yes…I have and it sucks

  • My maxx has worked great since the update. Nothing to complain about.

  • WCP

    My SIII has homescreen fav folders going missing, it’s iritating.

    • rockeeez

      Have the RAZR Maxx and it has never worked better since the update.

  • Droid Maxx Rzr

    Doesn’t allow group text messages. wasted a lot of time on phone w Verizon-no answer or result. Find out free app called Contact Groups does what I need tho.

  • I Just Got It Today After Getting A replacement Since Mine Had Bluetooth Issues. I’m Going Back To Verizon Tomorrow. As You Can See, It Wants ToAutomatically Capitalize Everything You Type, The Keyboard Swype Is Shoddy And Obviously The Space Bar Doesn’t Work All The Time. Doesn’t Insert Spaces In Browser While Searching. Biggest Problem Is That My Sound For Ringtones And Alarms Decreased By At Least 40%, I Have No Sound In Most Of My Games (Ruzzle, Draw Something) And Absolutely No Sound On YouTube. I’m VERY disappointed!

    • Susan Hudson

      Have all the same problems. Plus, some of my contacts have been “split” on RAZR, but not on GMail. Same name 5 times, each with different bits of info.No idea how to solve that.

      • Sean Carey


      • You can merge contacts together…Edit ->Join.

      • Nicholas Merryman

        Its a lot of work but “Join” each contact. While in contact you want to join click menu /settings button then edit contact once in editing contact screen click menu/setting button again then click join then it will auto go back to contacts and will give you suggestions of contacts to join or scroll down to all your contacts and select which contact to join. Repeat until all same contacts are joined.

    • sqa

      IHadTheSameIssue. ITurnedOffTheAutoCapsAndThisHappened. I’veBeenInSoftwareQAFor16YearsSoThisCrapReallyPissesMeOff.

    • Robinson Crudite

      Have all the same issues, and the contacts “splitting” issue to boot.

    • Zener Diode

      No luck with Verizon on this one. You will be referred to Motorolla.

    • Belinda

      Ive also had all the problems and so much more!!

  • Lois

    I had huge battery issues with my RazrMaxx right after the upgrade. The “media” service was using 60-80% of battery. After backing up the entire internal storage (via FTP, preparatory to clearing cache and/or doing a factory reset) and getting some errors with several .jpg files apparently unreadable, the problem went away. I didn’t delete any of the unreadable files, so I don’t know whether or how this fixed things, but they (so far, at least) appear to be fixed.

  • yurisog

    No problems so far. Seems all good. Droid RAZR maxx user.

  • O so now I see this? Great. Well this sucks because the update has fucked up my wifi.

  • Timothy Anderson

    Before, I used to be able to do bluetooth tethering, now I cannot. I think it has something to do with the unique way the phone communicates with a verizon server on the backend to verify account information. It says “Checking subscription Status. Please wait.” then later it says “Your order could not be processed. Your order did not process successfully. Please contact customer service at one of the following numbers: Consumer: (800) 256-4646 Business: (800) 899-4249”. Then, if you attempt to do it again, it says : “Network connection error. Your phone cannot currently connect to the Verizon’s server. Internet connection is not available or weak. Ethernet connection is not using a proxy, or Verizon’s server is not responding. Please try again later.” And, of course, this is BS because my connection is at full signal and everything else works just fine. From what I can tell it is trying to use some weird SMS protocol to verify account information, how stupid.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The best testing of devices didn’t go down too well..This goes to show all the testing in the world doesn’t help overrated Verizon. Update for a stock build of jellybean with the Galaxy Nexus has been screwed up so often with Verizon no wonder Google will NEVER EVER place another NEXUS on Verizon again. Verizon sucks monkey balls.

    • Shaine

      Verizon sucks monkey balls and Kangaroo anus for this horrible crapware.

  • i have had no issues with my RAZR. The person below complaining about keyboard issue, why don’t you change your settings, that is not a update issue. Call quality is great with no dropped calls. Those saying wifi acting up, press change your wifi settings to either auto connect or not. (this works the other way also as if your phone sees signal is very poor it can/will AUTO disconnect for battery saving).

    • sqa


      • nicole

        sameheretriedtochangesettingsnoluck except got rid of all capitalization. sucks

  • VT_REDNECK03060

    My Droid Razr Maxx will not move off of the Diamond motion logo pictured above???? I’m getting really annoyed with it.

  • KJ

    I lost my Alarm & Timer app and I really counted on it. Quick and easy but I don’t know I where it is now. I miss it. I don’t even see it in the app store so I guess it’s completely gone.

    Also not really sure why it’s an improvement to see all the additional information in the pull-down menu. I guess it’s an improvement for some. You can now Archive emails directly in that email. I did it by accident before I even realized the option was there.

    It appears to be using the WiFi correctly but I will have to test it some more. I had trouble with that before the upgrade. It would lose the WiFi and not auto-connect to Verizon’s data.

    I also need the hotspot on rare occasions so I will try that today also. That’s a huge deal if it’s missing just when I need it.

    • KJ

      I meant you can archive emails directly from that pulldown. Never used this site before and can’t find the edit feature.

    • Barbara

      You’ll find it on the CLOCK app. If you have a current alarm set, it will show up below the time when you go to the app. Touch the alarm and the setting display will appear.

      • B.L.

        ThatWIllGetYouInto the alarms, assuming you have one set, but the countown timer is gone. And thank God I have a physical keyboard! Although I now have to hold Shift instead of just touching it once to capitalize.

        • B.L.

          Apparently the Swype issue is app-specific. I lose spaces and capitalize every word in Browser, but not in Gmail Weird.

        • lpopovich

          Same issue with droid 4, on the shift key and no light on the caps lock, along with some of the keys when typing are changed to symbols. And no more speed dial. change it back so I can use my phone again.

    • Jason

      Your alarm and timers is now under clocks in your applications

      • Bob G.

        I can’t even get the damn thing to stay on any more. Boots and then shuts off. Battery is 100%

    • Roozter

      The native alarm is now worse than before the update allowing a very small choice of ringers. I’ve been using “Double Twist” from Google Play. Has some nice customizations.

  • Bryan

    Not having any problems yet knock on wood!

  • Raye

    I was excited for the update, but now I regret it. I’ve had to rejoin all my contacts, I used the alarm app a lot and now I have to go through a whole process to get to it, my alarm tones are all gone, I had to reset my ringtones for all my contacts, and the biggest problem is my bluetooth is jacked up. I listen to my music at work in a quiet office and now when I get a call it drops the bluetooth and blasts the music through the phone speakers until the call ends. It is in meeting mode and for months has worked perfectly with my phone quietly vibrating while the music stayed in the speakers. I am not looking forward to moving all my music to my tablet and taking that to work now.

  • giant

    Lost speed dial

  • Zach Elkins

    I have the DROID RAZR and I would be talkin to someone, then it jus drops the call without notifying the call has dropped.

  • Don

    I think it sucks! It changed everything about my phone from displays to texting to facebook to contacts. I liked my phone before but now I’m ready to throw it out the window. Is there a way to remove this update?

    • I agree — I want to remove this update and change back. I do NOT like this update at all — especially the loss of My Gallery and ability to re-size my photos. Now, they are scattered in a bunch of “albums” so that I can not even locate them. Bummed! I do NOT like this 4.1.2 update.

    • zatara

      I agree!!!! I am sick of updates being forced on me that change settings, functionality, menues and where to find things. Worse are the apps I like suddenly having less functionality than what was previously on the phone and working just fine!! I’m OK withan update that corrects bugs or upgrades stuff running behind the scenes but Please stop shoving updates down my throat that alters my settings and ffunctionality!!!!!

    • Belinda

      Meee toooo! Hate my phone now!

    • MiaLunar

      Me too, my phone sucks, before it’s the best but now I just want to throw it into trash bin. Totally NOT like this new update at all!!!!!

    • Terri

      factory reset fixed my droid razer x

  • ics

    Wifi Connection Issues, Auto Capitalizes Every Word, No Spacing In Browser Search BaR, Swype Acts Weird, No Flash Player, Deleted Motoprint, No Option To Customize Ringtone, Shoddy Erratic Apps, Hate It….Wish I Could Delete It And Reload ics

    • My Phone Also Capitalises Each Word After The Update.Happens In Safari But Chrome Seems Ok. I Am Also Unhappy My Widgets For Bluetooth, Wifi Etc Are No Longer On My Phone.

    • Vzw Care Rep

      Factory Reset would be a good start!

      • Roozter

        True, but the customer shouldn’t have to do that to undo manufacturer error. I’ve found Motorola fairly user unfriendly.

        • SoCalDesert Jake

          I resorted to a Factory Reset after approximately five hours on the phone with a VZW rep. I lost all downloaded apps with my information, all text message history and a couple others. I had to go back to the store and buy new apps. Unfortunately, my loyal support for VZW has gone radioactive. The frustration cost me lost time with my family on a weekend evening. Upsetting and embarrassing. The simmering anger is contagious and unstable.

  • Zrdc

    The update made the MAXX useless as a camera. My Gallery is a mess – previous albums done, no ability to create folders, arbitrary grouping of images , etc. I will be taking the device to Verizon and demanding a replacement.

    • This is also my BIGGEST complaint….. the My Gallery. It doesn’t exist. All I have now is a bunch of useless folders which I did not want and do not like and keeps me from finding anything. It is USELESS as the camera it used to be and was the primary reason I switched from the iPhone to the Droid. It was great – I liked it… NOW: it is no good and I want to switch back…..

      • Grendel

        Its now called Gallery and Files instead of My Gallery and My Files

  • mike

    The update sucks. Contacts have trippled .the wireless printing feature is gone. Camera settings have changed and not able to share videos . I’m ready to try the Samsung Galaxy.

  • dizzle

    Had to buy a new router first $100.00 after a six year old router that was
    working fine. Then typed in the search bar not the google search bar, but the top search bar. Type in
    If you use AT&T click wireless, enter device access code on back side of router then set up wps and have your phone refind new networks and type in pin on back of router. Fixed My Wifi

  • toni

    Everytme I want to take a pic from my gallery and send it somewhere it takes me to the internet please fix this

  • ben

    No problems with my Maxx since updating it except for battery life which has been an issue for me since ics and occasionally 4g connection.

  • nic

    i havebeen having troublewiththe spacing and capitalization on my Droid rzr since the update as well. terribly annoying!

  • John Perry II

    My biggest problem is that it’s just plain sluggish. Sometimes when I press the home button it just shows my background with no icons or widgets. I actually did the manual update in December first. It was a little slower, but when the vzw build came out last month, or so, it got WAY slower.
    -Original RAZR

    • desmolift

      + 1 here. Supper slow! Painfully slow! Its getting on my nerves. I find myself banging on the icon or back arrow some tens times. It really bad.

      • Belinda

        They blaming everything that happened on customers!!! Grrr

    • the.andrew.provost

      I have a Droid Razr, and I immediately noticed the delay, sluggish. I press any icon wait 1, 2 and response. Wish I could go back or they fix this first. Typing I can get 3 or 4 characters touched then a shake and the characters apear on teh screen. Also, find it annoying that I had Smart Actions set. Now most are duplicated asking the same questions, why? Going slower is always bad. I also think my battery is draining faster. Last 2 updates improved battery life, this one 4.1.2 was a step backwards. Fix it please

      • Roozter

        I’ve NEVER had good battery life or screen responsiveness since I got the phone – Droid original. I think it’s Motorola.

    • Vzw Care Rep

      This is due to apps you’ve downloaded. Factory reset your device and be careful what you download.

      • cmastin

        The screwed up Apps are the Verizon apps, which no longer work on these phones. They force close and tell me I’m not a Verizon customer. I hope that is the case when my bill comes……moron.

        • Guest

          I don’t care whether they work or not. I don’t want them in the first place! when will verizon learn that!? they’re called “bloatware” for a reason. I bought the phone, so It is MY phone. I have the right to choose what I want on it!

      • bahrta sai

        First of all, the problem is with the preinstalled apps including Verizon’s. Second I don’t care whether they work or not. I don’t want them in the first place! when will verizon learn that!? the users your customers call them “bloatware” for good reason. They bloat the Phone! I bought the phone, so It is MY phone. I have the right to choose what I want on it!

      • Belinda

        That is BS!! sure is funny we all had the same problems after the updates! Stop blaming customers that have been loyal – than screwed!! You guys push us to buy the phones for all the apps! Im very careful & didn’t ask for an update that took away my speed dials…loss of over 2000 piece. So much music. EVERYTHING got screwed since the updates! Ignorance of verizon employees is rediculous! U rob us then blame US for all magically having same issues at same time. Yes….it’s all us – your not so precious customers that u no longer care about ! Get real!!

    • james ross

      I’m having the same exact problem. Phone was great before update. Now it is very unstable. any time I am surfing the web and spend too much time on a web page the browser becomes unresponsive links don’t work and phone does a semi reboot.

    • texiep

      I’m not having most of the problems others are, but I totally agree on the sluggishness. Also my battery is draining quickly. I used to be amazed at the responsiveness and the battery life. Now it’s just another phone.

  • Bill

    Droid 4, as well. Completely bricked the device. Has to be replaced.

  • John Pavel

    I lost the abiility to use my ringtones and all those that were set up for my specifical callers defaulted to a generic razr “Phone Ringtones.” I’m not to happy about this!

    • VOFSAR

      Same here. My volume controls raise and lower after I have set them and applied . My ringer tone changes all the time, to a default.

  • ah

    after update phone is not usable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • desertcanuck

    Two issues: when dialing a phone number either a bunch of extra numbers enter automatically, or none at all followed by a flurry of numbers; when Swyping or using single digit entry similar actions will happen – squiggly lines, different letters/numbers appearing, etc.

  • Amy Carney

    Ever since updating to jelly bean, my phone has been extremely slow. I haven’t had the issue with capitalization of words or my address book but my phone doesn’t want to run in 4G and half the time it doesn’t want to run period.
    Droid Razer Maxx

  • I have a galaxy s3 and since the update my phone sometimes go crazy!!!…my text messages disappear and appears…restart by itself sometimes too!!

  • Jon Johnson

    No problems but Google Now is a battery hog.

  • This phone wont run apps correctly and it takes me an hour jus to type my msges right this msg took 20m

  • Sean Carey


    • Sean Carey


  • daemonswolf

    having same issues. might restore my phone to factory defaults to remove the update. lose customization, but i’ll have a useable phone.

  • Deege

    Have a RAZR MAXX. Not having the cap problems yet, but noticed on the calendar there used to be an option to “go to” a date, so you could jump ahead to list a future event. Can’t find it now, and I really rely on my calendar!

  • grell8087

    Battery life is HORRIBLE!!!! No world clock or weather widgets and of course, forget tethering!! Thanks a lot and way to go Verizon!!!!

    • mrlane

      Same problem here!! Went from 22 to 24 hours between charging to 10 to 12 after the update

  • Matt

    Moto Droid 4, Wifi not connecting

  • Guest

    The voice is not working much, and the speaker keeps going out. and my the volume is lagging bad. and the screen loads slow. yeah, i keep getting drop calls.

  • Randall Henson

    The voice is not working much, and the speaker keeps going out. and my volume is lagging bad. and the screen loads slow. yeah, i keep getting drop calls.

  • Mike

    I still have my Alarm & Timer app but I can`t find the timer anywhere. It only opens up some convoluted alarm page.

  • Sam

    The simple and therefore popular Speed Dial feature, which
    was available on Droid 4 with JB 4.0, has been removed in 4.1.2. Unbelievably
    dumb / user unfriendly product management or incompetent QA if an oversight. Regardless
    of cause, the recipe for losing customers.

  • johneddy

    I’m not dealing with a jellybean issues but my Motorola phone had problems with the ice cream sandwich update. I cannot get jellybean and that’s fine. However I was a big fan of android phones but thanks to Motorola I am going back to iPhone on my next upgrade. Very disappointed in Motorola. Phone freezes up after the ice cream sandwich update. Locks up constantly and has to reboot constantly. Even something as simple as updating an application makes the phone reboot. Three factory resets have not changed anything. I am not happy with it. Everything changed on this phone and I’m suffering until I can upgrade in October. Unfortunately this experience is forcing me to move away from android.

    • Disappointed.

      Did you install the jellybean upgrade and you are not having issues? Or did you not install it at all? I refuse to install it in my phone after the ice cream sandwich fiasco. Just like you I’m waiting to upgrade to NEVER deal with Motorola bullshit again.

  • I think I got stuck with a black jelly bean. Kiss my @$$ Verizon. What the hell is UR problem not getting any at home so U decide to screw the people who keep U in business. ©0©k $u¢k€®$!!!

  • My RAZR Maxx has been sluggish and losing connectivity with WiFi/4G. I called Verizon today and the lady said they had a software update, to fix a lot of issues, scheduled to be released April 19th. Not that I believe it but just thought I would share what they told me!

  • My Razzr Maxx HD is working great. I have yet to experience any problems. Only one dislike. Im really not digging the way it shows my picts. I like the old way.

  • DroidRazrMaxx_user

    Glad I read the comments before installing the update… I’ll hold off for now. While I am and probably always will be a devoted Android fan, I’ve never had an Android OTA update go smoothly. I always have to do a factory reset after, and even that fails to fix all the update issues.

  • swa610

    yes phone sucks now. apps not working, or stop working. problems getting email. texts not going through. battery draining more quick. service dropping or getting stuck in 1g. have to shut phone off to get service back. google search not working. frustrating. pictures going to wrong folders. jellybean sucks. hope they fix this.

  • swa610

    volume issues too. as well as keyboard issues. didnt have problems before.

  • Ryan

    As far as the update goes, it’s awesome. I really prefer Jelly Bean over Ice Cream Sandwich. But yeah I’m not one of the lucky ones. The new update has decreased my phones speed DRAMATICALLY. Before, apps would open themselves and i would just used the clean up button on the running apps using GO launcher ex and after a few clicks they would stop opening themselves. It seems that when I do this NOW… the apps open themselves up again later and cause my entire phone to just crash when i try to turn the screen on after it’s been off for a while. Just today I was listening to music. During one of the songs it would lag as if there was a connection error, cutting in and out repeatedly for a second or 2. Then when the next song was about to play.. it didn’t. I turned the screen on and the phone crashed. Verizon, seriously, fix this shit.

  • trex

    RAZR Max HD no problems

  • tbacken

    Seems my battery isn’t lasting longer than a day and I have the max

    • Blackstarr617

      Likewise my battery is NOTHING like out used to be

  • Vikjia

    I have the Razr and WAS very happy until latest update. The new gallery sucks. Some apps no longer work. Keyboard punctuation, spelling and caps are horrible and very annoying. I am extremely unhappy. I could go on and on. Verizon better fix this quick. I am not paying $100/mo for this crap.

    • I agree… I was very happy with the RAZR until this latest update. The new gallery is NO good. Verizon needs to fix this and quickly!!!!

    • Vzw Care Rep

      You’re paying $100 for phone, txt, data. Verizon has nothing to do with the update. The manufacturer is the one that will fix it once they have the new update. As for getting your money’s worth. Call in and verify you’re on the right plan. If you are employed check to see if your company offers and employee discount.

  • tj

    Incoming call continues to ring after answered

  • crr31c

    all the same issues, was a great phone, now nearly useless, I have spent 3 days and countless hours just to try and make my phone usable again, and most aggrevating of all is i set my alarm for 5:30 AM for work the day before i updated, and now my alarm clock is missing but still goes off at 5:30 AM every morning and I cant dissable it, ready to throw phone in a garbage can, I am stricktly against Iphone, but droid better get this in order and quick or I’m gone.

    • Jason

      The alarm is now under clock in your apps

    • Its in ‘clock’ in your apps menu. you should see you alarm in there, clock that, it’ll take you to your alarms

      • Michelle

        When u click alarm under it says your alarm time push that and it will go to your list hate the update!!!!

      • Dee

        Thank you! Stupid but thank you sharing how to find it.

    • You are correct — Droid needs to fix this new update and get corrections done soon or I will also “be gone.”

      • Vzw Care Rep

        …the updates are pushed out by the phone’s manufacturer. Verizon is the network equivalent to the gas in your car. You still have your photos and you are crying because they are now separated into folders? lol, what’s your etf looking like?

        • if you go to clock, then the clock will come up on your screen
          if an alarm is set then there should be a little thing saying so under the time. click that and it should take you to the alarms.
          inconvenient, I know

        • Eric

          That is a cop out VZW! Being the biggest carrier gives you clout with manufacturers to influence decisions and fix or prevent flawed OS updates. Please care for your customers, don’t hide behind Motorola made me do it.

        • gulfvet90

          ….crying because they are now separated… This is how you talk to clients? I wonder what your supervisors would say if they knew you speak to clients that way

        • katiebugwho

          Some “care” rep you are! After all the money I paid for the phone and the bill that I pay each month to Verizon, my phone should work the way I want it. It seems that with each update, the phone lags and freezes up more often. I’ve also noticed the battery drains more quickly than did before. The photos being in a bunch of random folders is an inconvenience, especially since there seems to be little rhyme or reason for why the pics end up in their respective folders. I’ve never encountered such an ill tempered Verizon
          rep, I’ve always found their customer care reps to be a notch well above other wireless carriers, (especially AT&T!!) but I guess you’re the exception. It’s funny but if I represented the company I work for in such a way, I’d be fired.

          • Belinda

            They blamed me for everything that went wrong after update! Verizon even blamed me for using apps that are rated highly especially when getting me to buy the phone just for those APPS! Im sick over the gallery change & 2000 lost photos! I loved my razr maxx…since the updates – I’m just disappointed in money spent for nothing! No customer service at verizon now days! I’m pulling all my lines and going elsewhere …where somebody knows what they’re doing!

        • Belinda

          I lost over 2000 photos – many of which were of my son who passed recently! Lost music, can’t use speed dial & the gallary sucks now! I thought I was the only one to lose photos….no replacing those! Everything was great until this updates.

          • Lowell Staveland

            my phone just won’t work now. It just updated today and the process stops at any action, restarts then stops. It won’t connect. paper weight. Heading to verizon.

          • its called drop box idiot. learn how to use technology.

        • Chris

          I lost 2000 photos bud…your reply please….

        • ericp

          First of all, no one’s “crying”… if we wanted our pics separated into folders, we’d do it ourselves. We all pay out the ass for these phones and service. If idiots like you want to make unnecessary changes to millions of peoples’ phones, you should also give the option to go back if we don’t like it. Obviously, a LOT of people don’t like it. And to sit there and come back at someone with a response like a smartass teenager is pretty pathetic.

        • FUCK YOU CARE REP, we pay your salary. We don’t like this update, fix this shit or we the CUSTOMER will find another service. Asshole

          • Dxander

            You must be stupid. Google puts out the version of android. Motorola tweaks it for the phone, and it is sent out. Verizon, nor any other store that sells it, has anything to do with it. Its like blaming walmart for Lays making a bad flavor of potato chips. You sir, should go fuck yourself. instead of blindly throwing around your insults. No body cares who’s salary you pay. And you do not pay him directly. so kindly shove off. Go ahead. pay the $200+ fee and leave. No one will care.

        • I Spit Jelly Beans

          I’m reporting this statement to Verizon. Either you’re quitting soon, or you’re the idiot you’re supervisor overlooked.

        • Edward Harris

          I don’t thik this JERK Is a Verizon rep!

    • Nick

      I dont even have the “Clock” app listed in my apps since the update… it was fine until yesterday when my alarm disappeared. Weak sauce.

    • Guest

      In the apps menu open clock and it should show the alarm set under the time … just push that to adjust alarm settings

    • Vzw Care Rep

      apps > clock > Alarm

      • Elizabeth

        rep…it’s not that easy. Before the update u could do that. Now when u click on alarm clock it doesn’t go directly to a screen that shows the times. it shows u the time in numbers the date and a stupid little clock with the words “set alarm” next to it. Just like everybody took me a couple of tries to realize that I had to hit “set alarm” It’s not intuitive anymore….

    • The alarm clock function on the phone in the clock app. It should ull up a transparent screen with the clock and alarm clock option. You tap the alarm clock and then proceed to edit alarm clock settings.

    • If someone didn’t already tell you, you can get to the alarm by opening the clock. There is a small link below the clock.

    • Nicholas Merryman

      Go to Clock to set alarm

    • ladybug17

      You Can Access Your Alarm Through The Clock Open It And ClIck On The Little Alarm Clock Symbol Under The Time. Swype And Typing In The Browser Is Terrible Now.

  • tessen

    I have a Droid Razr MAXX. I notice overall slowness or lack of responsiveness. Want my gallery and music setup back as before. I downloaded a widget or two, installed and nothing… some good. Some bad. Apps lock up. Terri

  • dabear

    I don’t like the way the punctuations are no longer available above my keyboard when I’m typing.I do like the pause feature to the voice typing. my battery seems to last half as long it did before. I have lost some features of my apps that I don’t appreciate it, overall I am NOT happy with the upgrade, I would like toturnback the clock.

  • Jeff

    Group texting wont work anymore. Phone locks up with black screen during calls and voice mail. Tech support has no answers as of now.

  • kourid

    That update was a mess. Where is the alarm clock? Why can’t i find sleep by holding down the power button?

  • dblhelixman

    Smartactions are essentially useless as attempting to change ANY option crashes smart actions & the change does not occur, like changing the TIME of any event, screen brightness, optimizers, etc.Attempting to change any aspect of display options causes a crash. Attempting to stream AV data to an external device on my network either wirelesy or using the HDMI port causes a crash. Caller ID when calling from any number on a multi phone account displays ONLY the primary account holder’s: info., all other phones on my account with different phone numbers and names show up as ME calling. WiFi bombs. It activates, shows a connection, but data stops flowing. All WiFi devices on my net connect between 250 & 300 Mbps EXCEPT the RAZR maxx which peaks at 65 Mbps. This is plenty fast but data does not traverse the WiFi connection AT ALL. I have tried every setting imagineable to no avail. ICS functioned acceptably. I wish I’d left well enough alone. And Verizon’s 4g LTE network is a JOKE. I am lucky to get 2 Mbps down & 400k up. I suspect this is because I am a grandfathered unlimited data customer who is being “punished.” My 3g connection was faster and more reliable. These issues plague both phones on my account. I can’t even stream LOW resolution YT videos without CONSTANT buffering and indefinite stalling. If I had to hazard a guess I bet this “upgrade” is more for providers than end users in that it gives them more control over phones than ICS and might allow them to control all sorts of device parameters. So, if I had the option again I WOULD NEVER INSTALL JELLY BEAN. Oh, you will lose your speed dials. Instead there is an app named “direct dial” in the app tray which can’t be placed on any screen. You drag the app to a screen then the contacts app opens & u choose a contact which then appears on the screen. It is CUMBERSOME because you have to repeat these actions for every single speed dial. Plus, it sucks up a lot of real estate. For all these issues Verizon’s pat answer is to do a full wipe and factory reset, which means either having to root and use titanium backup, or piecemeal backup as much data as possible then photograph all ur screens then note apps and settings for each folder. For me that’s a hassle because my phone is HIGHLY customized. End statement – DO NOT PERFORM THIS UPGRADE: N
    UNTIL Verizon gets its act together and fixes these CRIPPLING bugs. Maybe they should invest some of those tax rebate checks to since they less than zero federal taxes, and put the money toward functioning updates rather than additional revenue squeezes.

  • maggie

    I no longer have my speed dials

  • I have no problem with it. No issues at all. I like the notifications. Was hoping for Motorola Rings to be included but will go with the generic version. All my apps work. Personally, i think the gallery is much improved

  • Cristian

    I want to destroy my phone.
    It looks ugly.
    I hate Android update 4.1.2.
    Isn’t work.
    Who build this want to destroy Google !

  • Ed

    On Motorola Droid 4, semi-colon key on physical keyboard now produces <. Timer went away, had to download separate app. Response sometimes a bit slower, battery seems to drain faster.

  • Nic Ortiz

    I hate the update. Phone is lagging now, bad battery drain when I’m not even using it, and I can’t control the flash modes in the camera. Phone was perfect before and now it almost sucks.

  • Carlos Lopez

    An immediate problem I detected was that the video size in my news podcast shrank (used to be full size of screen) and quality sucks.

  • vipex3284

    I have had no problem except maybe a little less life out of my maxx love Google now and the only downside I can find is that it forces u to use Google music and has no music player of its own now

  • pissedoff

    I am an owner of a Droid4. This update completely sucks. everything on my phone has changed – display, apps, widgets, keyboard functions not working properly (auto correct/shift button), and most importantly my battery won’t charge past 20%. I’m extremely fed up with my phone already, and ready to toss it out the door.

  • ugot it

    I have a samsung galaxy 3 that has jelly bean and it runs perfect. I liked motorola untill all the issues with the razor,along with verizon denial of having issues. Both motorloa suck along with verizon. As soon as the contract is up with verizon they are done. I will switch to another carrier. Good bye verizon.

  • Scott

    Not too many issues on mine, RAZR MAXX, changes I can get used to but now my biggest issue, ALL apps lag from time to time, including me typing right now, longest lag so far, bout 7-9 seconds before it gets back to normal, this message has had two pauses, bout 1-2 secs each, ohhh, now three. These are my real issues

  • Devious

    it works but all my contacts are split, and I had thousands, now I have tens of thousands, UGHH…. try to call my wife and I get the phone number does not exist, because I did not select the right contact out of the 20 I now have for her!!!!! And no Facebook pictures on the contacts any longer….

  • on Droid 4, after update I lost all the Facebook contacts’ pictures (including the contacts I had merged with Facebook) — even after redoing the Facebook contact sync

  • Dee

    Sucks! My phone freezes now, my emails no longer come thru even after refreshing. Problems sending and receiving SMS And No delivery reports. I hate this update.

  • I like the look of JB very much, but it would be nice if it did not randomly restart every 15-45 minutes. Occasionally, it just shuts off and the only way I have found to get it to wake back up is *Power*+*Volume Down*. Battery life seems a little worse, too…

  • mark

    Sluggish. The phone switches from silent to loud for no reason. And it feels like a lot of my apps and functions have been infected with a ‘let’s become totally erratic and unpredictable’ virus. Does the expression “beta testing” mean anything to these guys? They should be completely embarrassed. Why is there no official comment on this from anybody?

  • Chuck

    I hate the new gallery, it randomly just got rid of my apps on the front screen, and worst of all i don’t have any data connection when not connected to WIFI… WTF! Did anyone else lose data service. All i got is one little white bar, no 3g or 4g

  • zakatackk

    having problems with the 4.1.2 update on the DROID 4… camera not working – gives external memory or SD card errors… lost functionality in direct search (D4 has a fold out QWERTY, and pre-jelly bean you could type from any screen and it would search phone + google, now it searches for first letter and automatically pulls up results, you have to click in the search bar to type the rest of the word)… lost some icons on the home screen (including Chrome- delete and recreate shortcut to fix)… built in alarm app changed to “clock “app and downgraded (additional click to view alarms, lost timer feature).

    I was just in India for a month, where every time I whipped out my Motorola, I would consistently hear how all Indians hate Motorola. Being on my 4th (buzzing main speaker, quiet main speaker, faulty 4g connection (antenna?)) I am starting to understand why.

    C`mon Google, Motorola is yours now, try to make them suck less. P.S. more phones with keyboads

  • Ex-Droid fan

    Before the last upgrade (downgrade), I was very happy with my Droid Razr….. now….. I can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can dump Verizon and Motorola and get an iPhone 5. Not a big fan of Apple but, Verizon and Motorola’s updates have ruined my Droid.

  • Android 4.1.2 Update = EPIC FAIL!!! I ignored / bypassed update prompts for over a week. Yesterday I was swamped in my office, picked up my phone to check a contact and ok’d the update by mistake… everything is different, the ONE and ONLY thing I’ve found that seems to be positive is speaker phone…I can actually hear it loud and clear now. Everything else just BLOWS ~ people are telling me texts I’ve sent are ‘blank’, the camera constantly changed views etc when i tried to use it… that really hacked me since I was at my Son’s school music program. Total crap.

  • schmag

    Update sucks so does Motorola can’t access my corporate email

  • Todd

    A few apps are erratic. Kindle app just show splash screen then back to menu, can uninstall it either. Battery life worst, not making it through the day any longer.

  • I can not access my photo albums!!!

  • ehuang99

    The most obvious shortcoming for the new 4.1.2 update are: power sucking, and the sleep mode is no longer available. Anyway to go back to the old version?

  • Sylvain K

    magnetic bearing stcuk on 0o, google map GPS location was not working until I used ‘My Tracks’ to enable Google location.
    Any fix/hint to get magnetic bearing workign again would be appreciated

  • Mr. V.

    RAZR maxx , nothing comes up on my notification bar and permissions change on my apps by themselves, and I look in my data usage and it says most data is consumed by deleted apps W.T.F. ?

  • Dean

    Several problems here. When I get an email/text/etc., the little
    indicator light flashes red (like when the battery is low) instead of
    green. 4G connection is very spotty whereas it used to be very strong at
    my work and at home. Wi-Fi will turn back on when I just turned it off and it rarely works.
    The battery is draining extremely fast, about 50% faster. K-9 email
    doesn’t send my emails most of the time, some kind of java error pops
    up. I can adjust the volume, but the on-screen volume indicator/slide is
    either at 0% or 100%.

  • Ehaley

    Completely lost my music icon.

  • Jamie

    My sticky notes are gone I used them for everything all the info gone made a mistake in my alarm clock chose the android tone my hand slipped hit the always now I can’t change it this os is beyond the DUMBEST thing they could do or more so the lowest thing they could do to get the populous to buy the up coming price of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    If this doesn’t get fixed, i will change phone manufacturers and service providers. Totally unacceptable.

    • Vzw Care Rep

      lol, yes that makes a lot of sense to change service providers since they have nothing to do with the updates. I will get fixed. It’s just of matter of time before Motorola pushes out a new update.

      • Not a verizon cust yet, but looking hard. Are you serious? Every service provider takes the update from the manufacturer and tweaks it…Really hard to believe you when you say V had NOTHING to do with the updates

  • Jen

    My music icon is gone, Facebook Messenger doesn’t notify me when I get a message anymore, My calendar is missing some events I had in it before. I wish I could uninstall this update!

  • zyla_go

    Oh, thank God someone else is having problems since the Android 4.1.2 update on my Droid Razr Maxx. I completely loved my phone, now I am so mad I wish I could undo the update. I lost my timer, I lost my playlists AND the songs that were in that particularly one. The worst thing is I group text a lot and now there is no way to select my group to send them a message. I have to put in each individual name every time! I’ve tried everything. There are a few things I like about the new update, but the Bad way outweighs the good!

    • terv4me

      Same here! Thanks for making my Maxx a Brick.

    • Vzw Care Rep

      All your songs are still on your device. Try a third party app like ASTRO file manager. Happy hunting.

      • Cammy 806

        Oh you are an asshole, aren’t you. If someone doesn’t report you I will. Copied your “helpful” and “professional” attitude, think I’ll go ahead anyway……


        • texiep

          My guess is “VzwCareRep” is a troll. Probably not a Vzw employee.

  • zyla_go

    Oh, yeah, and the other horrible thing is that it took away my free mobile hotspot ability!

  • jpc

    All video playback is broken. YouTube or just browser video locks up the phone. Is there a way to roll back my os? This new version sucks

  • Problem is with sync. I sync contacts from Gmail, LinkedIn and Facebook. Now some contacts are repeated dozens of times. My contact list grew from 1,800 to several thousand. I think this accounts for the sluggishness.

  • VIPLimousine Nevada

    Lost my alarm app on the screen and in the apps settings. But the alarm still goes off at the times I set it for. My Gallery got rearranged and pictures that were erased popped up again sorted into categories like “texted”, “shared” and “edited”. Some pictures were previously deleted and “not” to be seen again!!!!! Loved this phone, now its a trouble maker and paperweight.

  • Jason Stahl

    I updated the other day and noticed today, i have to pay for my bluetooth tethering now. I’m already paying $100/mo for service and i occasionally use the bluetooth for my tablet or laptop when i’m away from wireless. not often enough to pay an additional $20/mo for a 2nd data plan. 2 data plans on one device? Verizon can take their update and stick it in an inapprpriate area. Now my Android is just as useful as an iPhone. Now I’m probably gonna have to hack my phone to make it a useful tool again.

  • kaci

    All my apps are gone but the app store shows that they are still installed..also have a very annoying ‘safe mode’ in the bottom left corner of my phone and it gets in the way of the keyboard and everything

  • Roxanne

    This update has been more than awful. Texting is a pain. My pictures are TOTALLY screwed up. And an entire album is “missing” I can’t organize anything !!! WHAT IS GOING ON ??? I so expect more from Verizon

  • bruceh54

    Everything seems to work, but get several random resets every day. Extremely annoying, as the phone worked great before update. RAZR Maxx HD. ;-(

  • Mike g

    I have a Razor MAXX and lost speed dial and my accu weather widget

    • lamb_onehundred

      iTitan weather app working well

  • rj

    got a new camera icon but lost all pictures in my gallery,lost post it widgets,lost contact pictures except for 2moved contacts around..not impressed and very upset.. don’t they test these updates before sending them out??

  • Chris

    Since doing the update on my RAZR, I have no issues in fact, it seems to have made my battery last ALOT longer…

    • Bruce from NC

      Chris — I am wondering if it has to do with if the update is installed with/without an SD card present at tht time of the update. I had removed my to backup while the update was occuring — and put the SD card back after the install. Actually for the first day or two it seem to run fine but since– I have had major battery drain issues. Did you have an SD card present when you performed the update?

      • Kathie

        I know you asked Chris but I had my SD card in the phone when it updated and I have nothing but problems with this update. I was pretty sure the battery was draining quickly but thought I slacked on charging with the Easter holiday keeping me preoccupied. Keeping an eye on that now to see if it is me or the update….fairly certain it will turn out to be the update though.

  • DCE

    Nothing works the way it used to even the timer and alarm clock… how necessary was that to remove?! Contacts in quadriplicate, can’t assign speed dial numbers… make it go away.

  • Shaine

    These companies need to stop updating peoples’ phones with this crap until they figure out what issues they’re going to have first. They should have tested it on every model of phone that runs on this Jellybean crapware and paying customers like us wouldn’t have to deal with this BS.

  • rick

    My RAZR is fine. I’ve had jelly bean since it snuck out around Christmas. My wife’s RAZR just got the update yesterday. Yes, a few looks are different but I’m fine with it.

  • Bill

    Very glichy…notification sound plays as ring tone for only one contact.

  • Broken Heart

    Stickie notes…GONE. Alarms original icon….GONE. Battery life…GONE. I like the new camera icon ;-D I usually wait a few weeks before updating to avoid suffering bugs. This is ridiculous. I was so in love with my Droid RAZR Maxx. The love affair is now officially OVER.

  • Denise

    This sounds like the crap that happened when the icecream sandwich came out my phone was a mess and it took me two weeks to fix every thing i will not update this one till they fix it ! This really is crappy of them! Way to go Verizon

  • Dave C

    The alarmdoes not offer the option to turn off or snooze. It goes off at 3:00 and I have to power off the phone it slience the darn thing.

  • Karen

    Most Gallery folders and albums were lost in the recent update. An online chat said they would email me a long list of instructions to fix, but it hasn’t happened. I am more than un happy.

  • jtwigg

    Sucks, can’t set a ringtone, when my phone is suppose to be using the one I selected, it uses the notification tone, my speed dials are gone, apps not working…if you get prompted to update don’t do it!!

    • grpaly

      my phone attempts to ring sometimes then stops or dosnt ring at all.

  • Smooth B

    I cannot connect to my router at home. Works ok (was better connection before) at work. I think it cannot connect to a WEP protected network. Anybody else have this problem.

  • Jack F.

    I did the upgrade earlier this week. My weather app and sticky note app did not update, and I was unable to turn on my Bluetooth. Every time I turned on Bluetooth, within three seconds it turned itself off.

  • Linda

    My camera on my RAZR Droid is wacky, all the icons flip sideways and upright continuously. The phone is sluggish, blank for a while after going to the home screen.

  • cathy

    Sux gallery in 8 different folders,can no longer move mail to saved mail,ruined a great phone,now it sux

  • cathy

    Phone went from great to useless

  • Lifes-a-journey

    Having many texting issues since the update on my Droid Razr. The texts just sit there unseat. The keyboard sometimes gets huge and then small. My online photo galleries are gone. Many quirky issues though I haven’t seen it reboot randomly like it did previously though I have had to force reboots several times a day to get it working properly again.

  • Jason

    My battery life went completely to crap it doesn’t even last a day now anyone find a fix for this yet on the razr

  • Swampy

    Latest update to Jelly Bean sucks. Lost some apps I liked. Now key pad slow in responding to touch. Try to use Google search and keypad almost useless. Other apps have been affected running slow. Phone went from extremely fast to very slow. Phone sucks now. Version please fix this!

  • jkk

    Razr Maxx:, Bought 5/2012. On 50% Of Placed Calls, The Screen Automatically Blanks After The Send Button Is Pressed, And You Cant Reactivate The Screen Again By Pushing The Main Side Button. This Means You Cant Hang Up On THe Call, Even If Noone Picks Up, And You End Up Stuck Making A Looong Voicemail, Basically Until You Reach The Voicemail Length Limit. Obviously This Totally Screws You Up FOr USing google Voice. Not To Mention My Keyboard Setting Got Fucked As You Can See Here…The Swype Settings Are Set To Leave An AutoSpace And To Cap Only The First Letter Of A Sentence, But It’s Not Doing It. Someone Pls FIx Asap. I Also Dont Like How ThIs Update Pushes You To Use Chrome For everything- Its Super Slow On Maxx

  • Jon

    How do you edit videos now?

  • yoder

    I’m having problems with the screen jumping around and the stops working ….. not happy

  • Q.Webb

    This Update Has Caused My Phone To Have A Multitude Of Problems. Apps Being Deleted,Force Closing For No Reason. My Biggest Peeve Is Now iI Cant Listen To Music And Use Other Apps At The Same Time.

  • mzblueyez

    I agree w everyone! I’m a RAZR owner & it was working perfect no problems no issues til this update. Now no battery life & camera want work or want show my pics on my SD in my gallery. VERY DISAPPOINTED w update.

  • Upgraded via Zip since my phone is rooted. No problems so far other than inconsistent battery usage. Sometimes battery life seems great. Other times it sucks the battery down and I have no idea why. No contact duplication problems. No connection problems No dropped calls problems. However, bluetooth connection to my car stereo is definitely much worse. Lots of noisy static before the connection settles down. Overall, I can’t see why Verizon issued this upgrade. Don’t see any pluses and a few negatives. I suspect a nefarious reason to be revealed in the near future. Absolutely hate their bloatware, hence the rooting.

  • 1. Random volume changes. (i.e. I listen to Digitally Imported at night, randomly turns itself up 3-4 volume clicks)
    2. Browser no longer works when using FaceBook (i dislike the app) when trying to leave a comment, using Swype, spaces no longer happen between words, and every one was Caps, same anywherein browser. I. Hate. Google. Chrome. Which just so happens to be the only thing that remedied that dilemma. firefox and dolphin had same issue as the stock browser.
    3. When i hold my phone between my ear and shoulder, i all of a sudden sound muffled to the other person.
    4. WTF happened to alarm clock? I now have to go to one screen, to go to alarm clock, and then all the options are gone?! I liked increasing volume!
    5. Swype is now just crap. Slow, misspelled words, punctuation errors..

    Basically this update screwed my phone. Pissed off. And vzw pretty much told me to get in line with everyone else. The people at the store had to do a google search to answer my question. AND STILL DIDN’T FIX ANYTHING! Worthless. I’ll go to StraightTalk for unlimited whatever for $45/mo when my contract is up. Speaking of which, anyone looking for a somewhat working razr? ;) lol jkjk but this update seriously pissed me the fuck off! I wanna go back to whatever ‘sweet tooth confection name’ that one had

    • completely disgusted!!

      SamE Problems EveryoneIsHaving. InBrowser SwypeIsUseless Auto-Caps No Spacing(AsYouCanSeeHere). no video Editing, camera Sucks,I CursorSkipsAround TheWhole Time I’m Writing AMessage ANd Cursor Arrows Don’tWork PrOperly!, YouHave ToPush An Extra Button To CoPy Or Paste, Erased All My Notes With 2YearsOf important Info OnThem, NoTimer, Removed Weather, MyTasks, Can’tHanG Up Calls WhenScreenLocks DuringACall, ContactsAre All Separated Into IndividualEntries!
      justLook This Comment, It LooksAsThough An Idiot WrOte It, This Is RidiculOus! I’M So Ticked Off, Just Leave My Phone Alone! This Is Why PeopleAre So ParanoidAboutUpdates!!! the Notion That This Update WaS Tested Is A Joke!!!

  • chris

    WheRe Do I Start….. I Can’t Send Out A Group Message Any More Through A Group, I Have To Type Out Every Person Individually. The Gallary For Your Pictures Is All MesSed Up And Pictures Are Now Mixed Up In The Wrong Order. I Can’t COpy Any Pictures From Facebook On The Internet Or App It Self. I’ve Never Had To Plug MY Phone In So Many Times, Seems Like The Phone Is Always Dying ToO Fast. This Typing Bull Crap Was Never So Bad Where It Jumps From Place To Place And Auto Caps At BeGinning Of Every Word And In The Middle Of Words, Auto Correct Keeps Putting In The Wrong Word And I Fix It And Go To Move Away And It Auto Corrects To The Previous Word Again. It Lowered The Volume Automatically On All My Apps So I Can’t Hear It As Clear (Sucks On Pandora Real Bad). It Shows I Have Voice Mail When It’s Empty. I Finally Figured Out Where The Alarm Is Now, Just Seems Like They Went BackWards In Making This Phone Easy And convenient To Use. Some Of The Apps ARe Hard To Find. I Haven’t Noticed It Any Quicker Like Their SAying As Well. Very Disappointed! Fix These Problems!!!!!!!

  • Barry Forgeng

    I have a Moto Razr and my battery life has decreased at least 25-30 % since the 2.1.2 update. It was bad to begin with but now is horrible. Also, when in a auto dock Bluetooth does not work sometimes. I can make and receive calls but the audio is lost. I says it is connected but I can not communicate.

    • Barry Forgeng

      I mean 4.1.2 update

  • chris

    Problem I am having is with testing. When I send message it shows that it is continuously sending and sometimes it is sometimes people deceived the message plus the one I resent thinking it didn’t send. Did soft reset fixed it briefly until it went back to doing same crap.

  • TJ

    My phone has been nothing but glitchy. Calls cut in and out, my contacts don’t update properly and a lot of my customizations aren’t working. A good example would be individual ringtones for my contacts

  • krzymike

    I have the Razr Maxx on Verizon. Prior to 4.1 upgrade, my voice mail loaded quickly. After the upgrade, voice mail displays a message “Please Wait… signing in” for over 5 seconds. It is a noticeable slow-down.

  • sammie76

    This update is horrible. I’m having all the same problems as everyone else has said. Plus its not sending like 2 out of 5 texts. How can this be fixed or uninstalled ??

  • Janet Siedschlag

    Got a new Droid RAZR M a week ago today–it was great. Then the update came, battery drained quickly, performance terrible, and last night it died completely–shut off and will not turn back on. It is now a brick. going back to Verizon store today.

  • G_Rossney

    I’ve been having issues with my phone rebooting randomly. Also, I’ve noticed that when the phone is in the Navigation dock and connected to my car via bluetooth. The voice dication and google now voice search functions do not seem to work. The screen stays stuck on the “getting ready”.

  • goodie23

    Droid 4 – My Gallery is GONE and the new albums and layout suck. Also despite selecting to store photos on the SD card they still go to internal storage. When you try to move them in the settings folder under storage the ability to move items is no longer there. It’s a good thing these guys aren’t pushing out updates for nuclear missiles!

  • kp27604

    Just recently updated to Android 4.1.2 on my Droid 4 (Verizon). Now I have to hold the shift key, instead of press & release, when I need to capitalize and/or use a symbol (@,$,etc.). Also, the auto-populate (word prediction) feature doesn’t work. I expect to find more things along the way.

  • Abby

    Folders & Albums in Gallery disappeared when Android 4.1.2 was installed on Razr. After two chat sessions with Motorola, I was sent to Level 2 Technical Support for help. This rep pulled up my phone and found the pictures, 1000+. They are in total disarray!! No order, no folders. She told me that even though I have the 1000+ pictures, the folders and albums are lost. She then walked me through process to make new folders… ONE PICTURE AT A TIME!! She told me I could select multiples to put in folders, can’t do it. She also told me that this is Google’s problem, not Motorola’s. The whole thing is CRAP!!!!!

  • Kim

    I lost quite a few apps that I used on a regular basis. I’m not happy with the update at all.

  • Jon B

    I have owned the RAZR maxx for several months now and have been overall disappointed with it except for the battery life. Just recently got it working halfway decent again and this new update has rendered it almost totally useless. Internet takes 5 minutes to load a page and everything is sluggish. Email doesn’t sync, apps aren’t working properly. I absolutely hate it! I literally have to just sit it down, walk away, and count to ten to prevent myself from smashing this thing to pieces. Verizon is really dropping the ball here. I’m sure I’m not the only one getting tired of paying $100+ a month for service that I can hardly even use, then calling customer service and getting no explanation. Straight talk is certainly looking more and more appealing. Couldn’t be any worse than what I deal with now on a daily basis. If you haven’t updated yet, DON’T!!! You’ll regret it. Do they test this stuff?

  • Matt

    This update has really screwed up my phone. Before this update I thought I had the best phone in the world; After the update, I think I want to throw it out of the window of my car on the highway. The best music, gallery and messaging apps I’ve ever had are gone! For the music: I cannot see the lyrics, I cannot click the artist and be connected to last.FM or whatever to see pictures, tour dates and other sings by that artist. For the gallery: okay, the new album layout it alright, BUT, the process to do anything in the gallery is definitely more complicated now than ever. Finally I have yet to figure out if it’s just my messaging app or a overload on the RAM but I will try to use my messaging app sometimes straight from the unlock screen and the phone just freezes half way faded from the lock screen and Facebook forcing me to reset my phone. There are a few other problems I’ve had so far just without the space to explain but I would love to just change it back to what it was.

  • tj

    I’m not sure what actually hapened with this udate, but I sure am happy to find out I’m not crazy….there are others who hate this update as much s I do.
    Any way to reverse the damage?

  • Anyone remember the 007 movie where the media guy was releasing a new update for computers, and it was full of ‘bugs’ so customers had to return their stuff n get it fixed? Hmmm….

  • dave

    What a joke . Now I can’t use my corporate outlook email because it made it dissapear. Lost my ability to check email until Monday when I visit IT. Also picture albums are impossible to navigate and text messages are hard to read while walking. I think this sealed the deal. I’m going with a Samsung. Jelly bean up our ass Motorola

  • Ltlldy

    It’s awful. I loved my RAZR Maxx and it’s only six months old. Don’t these people test these updates before they release them. The phone I’d glitch it lags. I lost the beautiful weather widget that was stock with ICS. My BIGGEST COMPLAINT IS THE GALLERY! what im the heck did they do to it. It was wonderful with zero ICS organized offered so many features. Could scroll down and pics grouped by month was user friendly did I mention organized! This update has ruined my favorite part of my phone and that’s the Gallery after all we use our phones as cameras constantly a good viewing gallery is essential and ICS gallery was set up perfect. It had options to view online pics that’s gone. . The pics are now grouped in godawful albums that are so unorganized and not nice to look at. Compared to ICS and this update gallery is a joke. It’s like they went leaps and bounds backwards in the gallery section. I can’t complain enough i hate apple but i love pics with my camera and organization and if they don’t do something about the gallery I’m going elsewhere. Not to mention all the other buggy glitches that need fixed. Just trying to write this has taken forever because of the unresponsiveness of the keyboard. I want ICS BACK PLEASE! OR AT LEAST GIVE ME ICS GALLERY BACK AND MY WEATHER WIDGET! how do u root a phone could I get ICS back that way?

    • Roozter

      Loss of the weather widget is VERY irritating!

  • charmball

    The update sucks i can’t press and hold to save web pictures the battery life is horrible now….and half the time my aps don’t work ….please go back to how it used to be….

  • Robert Schulingkamp

    OMG! Immediately after the update my Bluetooth voice dialer hanged to the crappy Google voice. IT NEVER WORKS! I say “call home” it dials (doesn’t even confirm) something entirely different. Motorola had me do a factory reset, which of course then required me to re-establish my entire phone settings. The issued remained. Motorola told me to “deal with it”. Will they pay for my driving ticket when I can’t use my hands free to dial?

  • Lil Demise

    I Noticed A minor Problem With The last Update not Wanting To Capitalize The Letter I, Now It Won’t Space, CapitalizeS Everything, Won’t Space But Claims It’s Automatic, Contacts Have Split, Apps Just Suddenly Close Or Act LaGgy, I’m Missing A Person On My Emergency Contact List, The Volume Is All Over The Place (Received Calls Are So Much Quieter), I Used To Have Multiple Alarms For The Week Sometimes MoreThan One A Day And Now It SeEms I Can Only Do One At A Time. There’s More But I Can’t Stand Typing Like This. Damn It Verizon, Fix This Now!

  • Joel

    I’ve been having a ToN of issues with texting and Bluetooth. It won’t connect and stay connected to my 2013 Subar, and my texts hang…it’s says they’re in the process of being sent, yet they’re really being sent. This sucks.

  • Shelly

    This update causes my phone to lock up all the time. I never had this issue prior to the update.

  • lisa

    I had a weather widget now gone. A few other apps are also gone..I went to play a video from youtube and it was skipping and loading iss

  • Mark

    Just went to JB 4.1.2. I like choice, so I hate Apple, but my Droid Moto Maxx, now cannot send a group text and the battery life now sucks. Steve Jobs is laughing from the grave. How about group texting guys??? Are u kidding???

  • faydra

    I don’t mind most of the changes, but I can’t use my galary app. It opens and closes right away. Also, occasionally while texting, random letters and automatic sending occurs….grr

  • Kevin

    New update is crap

  • Liz

    Since Jelly Bean update, cannot send or receive picture messages whatsoever.

  • Anthony

    Not sure if it is just me. Every time I use my WiFi for some reason proxy settings always turns to manual And I have to turn it off every time just to get internet connection.

  • Cyndy

    Can no longer send photos! Error messages every time. Battery can hardly hold a charge even in sleep/battery saver mode. Dropped calls everyday and screen “freezes” often. Very disappointed!

  • Justaguy

    Since the update, my reception is worse, the volumes turn themselves down (missed a few calls and alarms), but the worse is that when I send a text, it will not always completely send or it will show it that is trying to send when it actually did send. I would say now I have to resend or retype over half my messages, which is very frustrating for someone who really only texts. My phone also does goofy stuff while I am making a call, like beeping, or the screen goes blank and I cannot do anything.

  • blewis1041

    It messed up Swype and got rid of speed dial. What were they thinking?

  • Misery loves company. Battery drains fast (Google Now seemed the worst culprit till I turned it off); random reboots; wifi connects some places but not at home; TextEntryWouldLookLikeThisIfIWereUsingMyPhoneInsteadOfMyMacToPostThis; notice volumes scrambled (I overlooked text notices for a day because volume was 0); ugh.

  • james allen

    this update frickin sucks. my phone wont do speed dial anymore. it drops calls, and speaker sounds like shit. i have the razor maxx and i could do emails,texting, games and calls and battery would last two days and now it will just last a day. i hope they send out another update that corrects all these issues. will we know when one is available? anyone have any info on a fix,

  • John

    Yep, Gallery gone, lost my Notes app. and my email won’t refresh anymore. Sure I will be finding more problems.

  • hooksmee

    Speed dial was erased and an unable to reset. Pages open and close for in reason. Very slow it or no response or erratic behavior when moving from one page to the next. AM VERY UNHAPPY

  • The Doctor

    So far, I have lost (dropped) calls, I cannot use the voice recognition feature and this causes me issues on the road, the alarm/timer feature I was so use to went away and I had to download a timer as the N.”new” alarm clock feature did not have one, I have to go thru 20 steps it seems like to find a single pic, I have yet to find my vids of my daughters birthday. No matter how many times I reset the screen time out feature it never turns of before 5 minutes or so. The only thing that I have noticed good, when in the travel cradle on my dash and I hit “home” it does not go back to not cradled “home”. Other than that, they have screwed up my phone. I do not know who the testers were fro this in beta but they need a good ol’ fashioned barn burning butt busting, period!


    Since update my phone is also sluggish, my battery wouldn’t charge more than 40% when it was plugged in ALL night. I did the volume + power button reset and a battery calibration and it charged to 100% while the phone was off. Battery died after 7 hours of the phone being on, and the majority of that time it was in my purse, no apps running & display on power save mode. I hate this update, my phone is now a piece of garbage & I have the droid razr maxx.


      Forgot to add, many of my widgets and apps are missing off my home screens. Downloaded android assistant to see why my battery was draining so much and device.service is ALWAYS running at a high percentage (usually 30+).

  • John Haugen

    I really liked my Droid RAZR max until today. Since the update nothing is working right. I have lost apps and I can’t get my email to since. Now I can’t get the phone to turn off. Ice Cream Sandwhich worked great. Now my favorite phone totally sucks.

  • Nick Fletcher

    No more GROUP TEXTING!!! This is BS. Whoever pushed this update should be fired. Send us the original version back. These updates are useles.

  • brisk

    Does Kindle no longer work either?

  • Jack

    Has anyone heard a respone from either Motorola or Verizon?

    • Kathie

      Verizon blames it on Motorola and Motorola claims it’s just an inconvenience and we’ll get used to it. Yeah I’m sure I’ll get used to having a useless phone and I’m sure I’ll enjoy paying over $100 a month for the useless phone.

  • skootter2

    Totally screwed up my phone. Low volume on calls, erased most of my apps, flash stays on when camera used. Apps that are still left freeze. Verizon tech support blames me for not liking the interface? Called several times, phone exchanged and finally got answer that they will be pushing update to fix the issues April 4th, 2013.

  • Garrett

    Having dial tone issues. I can’t access my voicemail, can’t go through automated callings or anything that relies on pressing the numbers.

  • zack

    Battery life sucks, keyboard has all sorts of issues, web pages are having loading issues, if i have headphones in while watching youtube or netflix the movie will pause randomly and sometimes the music player will start on its own, and it constantly asks me which app i want to use to open a webpage or video with even after i hit the “always” selection multiple times…..oh yeah and the spelling suggestions above the keyboard used to be handy now it only guesses a word when you’re a single letter a way or so which renders it useless. Just a few complaints but other then that it works great!!!(sarcasm thanks for ruining my phone android people)

    • Kathie

      have the same problems and more. didn’t help when i was told that i’ll get used to it. ready to run this piece of junk over and buy a samsung

      • zack

        Typical corporate response “well you’ll get used to it” i had my cable company pull the same crap on me and i cancelled my contract with them I’m about ready to do the same here and get an old prepaid flip phone, everyone remembers those they are the phones that NEVER broke!

  • Kathie

    this update has turned my phone into a useless piece of junk. just spent 90 minutes on the phone with verizon and motorola and I have gotten nowhere. I just want it back the way it was last week. I am ready to ditch this phone that I loved a week ago.I want my notepad and alarm icons back. I want my photos the way they were, I want my shift key to work, I want to disable the swipe to answer phone calls. I hate every part of this lousy downgrade they forced on us. Call motorola at 1-800-734-5870 and tell them. They seem to think this is not a big issue and just a little inconvenience.

  • mike

    yes. my biggest issue is no group texting. I have two base ball teams and it really affects communication

  • javi

    This string is amazing. I only got the phone about three weeks ago. For some reason, the update didn’t occur until last night. I immediately hate the new texting layout, I typed in “my droid updated by keyboard and i hate it” and it brought me here… What a mes… Any word on how to fix this stupid thing?

  • I loved this phone until I got the update now its crap. My keyboard ap doesn’t work, it’s dirt slow, my keyboard is finiky and worst of all it freezes or stops responding on average 4 times a day and needs to be restarted. Unfortunately I don’t know when it’s frozen so people calling me don’t get through. Also my one and a half day battery life is gone. Now I’ll be lucky if I make it half the day with out needing the charger. I need this gone ASAP.

  • Ian

    I know myself and some others are having issues with the texting. The green arrow stays on like its still sending and won’t go away until you send someone else a text. Then the new text keeps the green arrow on it until you send another one and so on and so forth. Plus people are sending me texts and my phone makes it look like I sent the text to them. This update is horrible.

  • JohnB.

    Yep. The WIFI on my Razr Maxx stopped working immediately after the 4.1.2 update. Spent an hour at the store with the technician. Hard reset temporarily fixed the problem, however problem returned within about 30 minutes and now WIFI no longer works. Back to the store tomorrow.

  • Rascal11

    Received the Jelly Bean update recently and ever since my razr maxx is screwed up. Does not send all texts, has issues with wifi and apps like gasbuddy. Among other issues, others are having. Update sucks. This is breach of contract on Verizon’s part. Since when do we have to “deal with it”, when Verizon, and Motorola, have obligations under the contract. They should have to change monthly bills by deducting the days that certain service is not available, or the time it takes to receive a working phone with access to all services. Just my two cents worth.

  • John Welty

    The text input problems are my only complaint. I have to close and reopen the Swype keyboard in the middle of large entries to see my changes at times. Very slow. Its worse in some apps than others.

  • courtenaynj

    On/off/sleep button no longer working. Can’t turn the phone off. Only way to get it out of sleep is to open slide keyboard. Shift key not working right either. Now I have to waste a morning at Verizon store…thanks Motorola!

  • AFab

    I have a RAZR and after the update my phone has gone to sh*t. I have called Verizon many times and done a system reboot on my ohone , but nothing has changed. They offered me a replacement phone, but its a Samsung which is not equivalent to what I have now by far. I declined. Not sure what’s I am going to do, but paying for a smartphone and not being able to use it isn’t working for me either. I wish I could undo this update.

  • Doc

    I would like to add that the WiFi range has been reduced as well. My phone is constantly losing Internet access since this so called update!

  • Louise

    I text a lot and suddenly the use of the keyboard is unpredictable. If I use the backspace, the thing jumps and duplicates letters where I don’t want them and nothing I do can fix the mess they made of the text. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, I’m having issues. I wish I had not updated. The phone was so terrific and now it is a problem. It even rebooted in the middle of a phone call yesterday!

  • Booker DeWitt

    Randomly won’t send texts. I’m switching to sprint

  • griever

    How funny I thought I was the only one. No gallery, camera is shot to sh#$, the alarm is in a “clock”app, some of the widgets are gone, and my 4g connection is now 3g or slower since I updated to 4.1.2

  • oztrawski

    I’m fed up with the jelly bean update and I have only had it for 3 days. My whole entire phone slowed down. Not only that but it takes my phone 10 times longer to send text messages, even in areas that they use to send instantaneously. And if they do send my phone will tell me that its still sending. I’d rather have a track phone than this mess.

  • After update I have trouble controlling volume. Now the system volume and ring volume are tied together, before they were not. Minor issue but a real headache every day!

  • PFar

    How do you disable the annoying sound when using the keyboard? Now that I’ve updated the phone, I can’t find how yo turn the noise off.

  • Paul

    My Night Sky program “stutters” and there is no way to transfer photos from internal memory to an sd card anymore. This update sucks!
    Like Don says, how do you dump this garbage and go back to my old phone???

  • Dino

    WorstUpdateEver! I NowHateMyPhone IMayHaveToLeaveVerizonAndAndRoid! JustLookHourItReasonedHere! Grrrrrrr

  • Meridith Ferguson

    I hate this update!!! I cant send videos anymore unless I take the new video right then! My texting is all messed up, I cant tell what was sent and what wasnt, and My Gallary is messed up! FIX IT!!!!!!!!

  • abigee73

    Really like this phone before, but now I am having issues with my work email. All my settings are the same, but i have to restart to get my email every morning. NOT IDEAL! I rely on this for work, and was hoping not to get another phone…

  • Lisa M

    I was hoping that bluetooth connectivity issues with my Nissan Altima would be fixed, but they haven’t. Bluetooth worked great with Gingerbread, when Razr upgraded to ICS it would’t stay connected to bluetooth. I accidentaly upgraded to Jelly Bean and it won’t work again. I spent many hours troubleshooting until I singled out it was the operating system. I could not go back to earlier version per Verizon, so I had actually bought a used razr that still had gingerbread and all was well again until installing Jelly Bean, ugh.

  • Kazzy-SD

    After the update, I get this notification every 5 minutes about an email that wasn’t sent 3 months ago located in outbox. I couldn’t delete it or stop it from notifying me. I turned off notification and it stopped notifying me. Now I try to turn it back on and I get no notifications for email. I’m with everyone that before the update the phone was good now it sucks.

  • I’ve had some of the same issues the below people have had: Capitalization, sluggish, nowordspacing, phone not allowing 4-digit passcode to enter when on the charger, bluetooth no longer works, multiple contact names and worst of all, I cannot receive phone calls. The person calls but you cannot hear them and they can’t hear you. You have to put them on speaker phone to answer the call. I worked with Verizon tier-2 tech and they tried several things which didn’t resolve my problem (safe mode, recovery mode). They want a factory reset now. I don’t think iPHones have these sort of issues. When my 2 years is up, I’m switching to an iPhone.

  • Update… I discovered that one of my other paired bluetooths was ON but on the charger in my house. It was answering but I couldn’t hear the person talking unless I went to speakerphone. This issue still occurs randomly but not chronic like my issue this morning. All of the other glitches I mentioned are still there, even after the tech reset the phone cache.

  • Kevin K

    Many undesirable changes with this update on my Verizon Droid 4:
    – suddenly, text messages alert with both audible and vibrate simultaneously
    – can no longer snooze when calendar alerts pop up
    – lost ability to Join Conference from a calendar meeting
    – lost the weather widget that was on my home screen
    – no longer have an option to tether form the Mobile Hotspot function (have to go into Settings -> Tethering & Mobile Hotspot)
    – using slide out keyboard for texting leaves the Choose Input Method indicator showing in the status area
    – Caps Lock light no longer lights up when Caps Lock is active
    – Shift key now has to be held down to get the uppercase/alternate symbol; previously could press Shift key and release, then press desired symbol button

  • Preacher

    Yes , I Can Not Add Speed Dial To My Contacts

  • Jennifer Sanders

    I hate it! My pics aren’t set up the same and it will not allow me to set up in the timeline format, when My Gallery is exited and re-rentered, pics default to albums. Having probably with phone speed and internet speed/connectivity. Hate the new text formats, harder to read. Problems with making/receiving calls. Phone is slow and making unwanted calls. Do not like the widgets…lost many of my old widgets. I have always loved my purple droid RAZR and since I updated it yesterday, I hate it! Fix it please!!!!

  • Kc4sbd

    If they dont fix it fast Im getting an iphone or samsung

  • lost in space

    since my update my voice dialing feature is now some google crap…an angry electric computer voice screams commands into my blue tooth nearly deafening me each time. to tolerate it i have to drop the volume so far down i cannot hear who i am talking to…..that is on the RARE occasion that it recognizes who i want to call. when i doesn’t (almost every time) it barks like a bitchy school teacher to get my request figured out….i am like WTF! verizon chick said after two hours of trying to fix my phone after one replacement attempt..”..your phone is not replaceable because it actually does work….just use your key pad instead of voice dialing” i not so calmly explained that MY phone…..the one i paid for was blue tooth able….after this down load…it is not. she said it is Motorola’s fault…..i said verizon let motorola use their network to get to my phone….update me to an iphone….#@#@#$##$. she called security. i think i am, going to take a dump in their store.


    Not sure if its the Update or a problem w/ Google calender app, but I never had any problems prior to UPDATE. The calender app had a “default 15 min” reminder. which could be customized to whatever length of time was desired. Prior to UPDATE, and after the “15 min” reminder of a scheduled appointment it would give the option of “dismiss” the notification or “snooze” the notification. The “snooze” would re-notify every 5 minutes until “dismissed”. Now, since the UPDATE, there is “no snooze”. please advise of any information to fix this problem, thank you

  • I have a JVC KWAVX740. Recently My Motorola Droid razr upgraded to android 4.1.2 jelly bean. Now I can’t receive calls on the car stereo. The Bluetooth audio works. When someone calls it wont answer and I have to turn the Bluetooth “off” option on the phone to answer my phone. Any advice?????”

  • Mas_Tacos

    Where the hell is my music folder? Do they even run these in a development stage? This update is horrible….I try and add an email and it closes automatically wth….

  • tortuga

    My phone worked perfectly before this update. Now that its updated my phone locks up on the locked screen I’m getting black screen of death! Its starting to really make me angry I’ve done factory resets and everything. I just want to go back to what I had before this update.

  • I reset my phone and then everything worked correctly again. Old down power and volume up on the phone and it will reset. Same as taking out battery

    • lamb_onehundred

      I tried that and I do not have the app problems everyone else seems to have but Gallery is still a mess, timer-still gone, shift key still doesn’t work, and it keeps asking me which browser I want to use…

  • lamb_onehundred

    The biggest issue is my Picture Gallery. I had all my pics organized into nice albums. I could go directly to the one w/my new niece and show her pictures. Now, I have to hunt them because they are in this album and that album and oh- there’s some over here in this album! and I can’t create new album.
    The shift button doesnt work unless I hold it down when I’m typing – that’s a pain.
    I did find my alarms but the timer is gone- and I really liked and used that feature.
    one of my email addresses would not sync. I had to delete and reinstall it. and I also receive notification of an email that ‘hasnt been sent’ and its OLD (and it WAS sent).

    But I’m glad I’m not alone in my misery… :( someone mentioned there might be a new update today 4/4/2013 to fix these issues? I’m afraid to update now- this one went SO well… :-/

    Please verizon – takes these complaints to heart! FIX THIS MESS!

  • lamb_onehundred

    OH! Also, every time I want to open a link it asks what browser or software I want to use – always, just this once, never – and no matter if i choose ‘always’ it still asks me the next time.

  • Wendy Young


  • oldmanklc

    Its Slow, Borks Animations, AndI HaveToEventually TurnOff ThePhoneAndReboot ToGetIt ToBehave. RightNow, It Doesn’t EvenSpace TheWords Consistently WhenI Type! It AlsoCapitalizes Every Word Boo Matter What I Do. Sometimes, I Can’t Even Unlock It AndMyOnlyRemedy Is To Reboot. TheLeast Vz CouldDoIsLet Us Roll Back To 4.1.1. ThisIsterrible

  • Jay Nicoletti

    I called tech support to find out if I could remove this disastrous update. The tech confirmed that they had received a lot of complaints. Thanks, morons, for the lousy job of testing out the update before you released that plague on us. I never thought I’d say this, but I may break down and switch to an iPhone.

  • PenisPhoneHaver

    No timer, no speed dial…what the fuck

  • Floridarain

    What the heck? My Droid 4 was working just fine, had it customized the way I liked and was used to. The Update OS messages started appearing in March, and the first few I hit “Later” on. Eventually I succumbed and let it update me to 4.1.2. Now my World Clock was deleted by the update, battery life is NOT what it used to be, and Verizon support has no clue why the clock widget disappeared…their comment “Well, Motorola pushed out an update and they may have an issue”. I want my old Droid 4 OS back!!!!

  • Mike

    I too am tired of.forced updates. Each time something goes wrong. This time with jelly bean I have no connection for any streaming radio or podcasts. I am seriously tbinking of an I phone. I love my phone but not the constant changes they feel they need to impliment on our behalf. If they’re reading this: I like my phone the way it was!! It worked just fine that’s why I bought it!!

  • Bret

    My phone keeps crashing now. I can’t even listen to two songs!

  • Micah

    I don’t like that browser options have changed. I used to be able to “quit” to avoid having the internet running in the background and using battery. That no longer exists. Ugh.

  • Brian

    I came to a cross road in life when picking a smart phone. My wife went with the i phone and I with the droid…ever wish you could go back in time to change something?? This whole thing pisses me off. Updates should be helpful. The only people getting helped by this are the router manufacturers. I read that one solution is to buy a new router. Take $50 off my bill and I will….jerks.

  • Steven McConnell

    I see everyone is having problems with the phone since the update. Is anyone else’s phone constantly crashing? Ever since the update it crashes at least once a day. If it doesn’t crash, on one of those lucky days, the frame rate will give out and id be lucky to get 5. I have to soft reset at least once a day, and if the phone crashes hard I just have to wait for the battery to die then restart it like that. I don’t really care about the aesthetic changes but all the crashes and frame rate problems have really made this phone unusable.

  • Flyin Lass

    is there way to remove the upgrade? It sucks big time!

  • John K

    Was great….now a paperweight—- Verizon help desk said I’d get a call from Motorola — NADA!!! So much for billions spent by Google for Motorolla— bad marriage!

  • sss

    My folders in My Files were deleted. I cant find them anywhere

  • NotHappyVZuser

    Yes I am. At first, no more wifi connection at home (worked great before). When I called VZ tech support, they transferred me to Motorola. Their solution? Get a new router! Verizon basically told me it was Motorola’s fault, and I would have to wait until it was fixed. I also have random dropped calls, battery life horrible, Bluetooth randomly won’t connect, and apps don’t work. I’ve been loyal to VZ, but I’m shopping now – this was a piss poor decision!

  • pissed in san diego

    how do I get foxfi to work again? Verizon said they have cut off free wifi apps for good on all accounts with the new “wonderful” update I did. I have the razr maxx…

  • Frustrated in NYC

    My “smart” phone just got dumb. How convenient & impressive was it to print anything I wanted from my phone…. without warning that capability was snatched away by Jelly Bean. There are some basic things that should be kept no matter what. All this little junk they add can be cute & fun for kids, but come on Verizon, Motorola & Android, get real – adults need functionality above anything else.

  • I installed the update when prompted, however, after installation, it keeps prompting me repeatedly to update! How can I get this to STOP?! I have already tried rebooting the phone but it still keeps prompting me!!! UGH!

  • Kekoa

    The updated erased apps for me. I’m almost seriously considering the iPhone now. I can’t find certain apps. I can’t even find my ringtones now.

  • jon

    Anyone having a hard time group emailing?

  • carol

    I am not the most savvy on these phones but I don’t like what’s happening with my phone…the battery doesn’t last..I am not notified when I get an email until long after it happens..and it constantly tells me I have no internet access. When is something going to be done about this, any idea?

  • drewmorrell

    Jellybean Update Sucks. Group Text Selection Is Not Available And My Battery Life Is Horrible.

  • i a phone call screen goes blank cant diconnect or wake phone no way to diconnect hate this phone


    Overall I like the update as it has sped up my Samsung Stratosphere2. however, I am having a problem with capitalization. if I hit the capitalize button it sticks and either everything tped thereafter remains all caps, or I need to hit the capitalization again to turn off caps lock. pretty annoying but I like the update overall (although I’m looking forward to a patch…)

  • RGSMich

    I lost speed-dial–long pressing just dials “2” and waits for the other 6 to 9 digits.

    I lost timers in “Alarm & Timer”…just isn’t there.

    “Alarm&Timer”, instead of taking you to your alarms, takes you to a screen that shows the current time and next alarm in tiny print. You click the tiny alarm to get to your alarms. BRILLIANT interface change. (Bonus brilliant change…you then click “up” to make the times go down, and “down” to make them go up. If I wanted “inverted controls” I’d set them.)

    Several apps just terminate, and take you back to the home screen.

    Other issues involve shorter battery time and “hot phone” issues.

  • Harold

    Looks like everybody feels about the same. I used to love my droid RAZR max with all my heart, now I fucking hate it with a Passion. Autocorrect capitalizing everything? Gallery is jacked up? Say I text 20 different people. Then I want to delete those texts and start new CANT DO IT. Messages will delete but not the names out of the inbox. Does anyone know how to fix this is so text me please 4193079123

  • RTWright

    All of this complaining here will not get this fixed. You’re all on the wrong site. Get on Motorola’s Twitter and hit them with these complaints. Android has nothing to do with the resetting of your settings. That’s the OEM and Carrier, mostly the OEM from what I’m seeing here. But complaining on THIS site will get you nowhere fast. I’d be on Motorola’s website and twitter and letting them know how I feel there. I can at least say that Samsung did no wrong with their update to the GSIII for 4.1.2.

    Another would have been to ROOT the device and install a ROM that is much better than stock 98% of the time anyway. But I’m not sure of anyone’s experience levels with that here and would not recommend you do it without a lot of reading up on it. But my GSIII is Rooted and I’m a lot more happy with what I have now, definitely better than ToucWiz. I seen an article here that showed the Razr series having their bootloader unlocked so it’s a start!

  • UnbiasedObserverOfTheObvious

    Bad software. Hangs browser, flaky wifi. Cannot disable cell radio and still use wifi which kills battery in no-coverage areas where I have wifi. Makes phone ugly and unusable. BAD VERIZON. No more business for you.

  • steve

    It destroyed a perfect phone if they do not recall it I will not re up my 3 phone with Verizon or Motorola

  • melvin

    I lost all of my contacts and cannot use my Bluetooth since the upgrade on my Samsung galaxy 2. Help. need a fix or back the update down.

  • doc

    It sucks ….lost my timer which I used all the time ….need to leave well enough alone….setting alarm also sucks …older version better …what moron is in charge on making these changes…maybe he works for apple….

  • John D

    voicemail does not enter password automaticly like it did before. Too many changes that don’t work. If it aint broke, Don’t fix it.

  • Shirley

    My phone is running very slow don’t like the update

  • Anna

    I hate the update. Makes me want a new phone. Nothing works anymore I can’t even send texts. I’m really really unhappy with this.

  • Brandon

    Phone is extremely slow now. When clicking on some of the apps, it stalls and then move the app to another place on the screen. Piece of crap update!

  • Guest

    I haven’t really had any problems with my MAXX since the update. I was used to this os because I have it on my Nexus 7. However one thing I did and I suggest that all of you try this is to clear the phone cache. I suggest that you google ‘how to clear the cache of my ** phone” since I don’t know if it would be the same between different phones. I do this after every update and probably every few months. You should see a big improvement. Good luck!

  • It sucks big time. My bluetooth works with calls but not with Audible. phone is dreadfully slow. lost my foxfi wireless hotspot capabilities.

  • Can’t customize alarm ringtone and preset ringtones don’t wake me up that well. Contacts ar messed up. Other things suck too.

  • My RAZR totally bites ever since the update! I’ve tried everything!

  • Awful. It made it so I can no longer use a music track for alarm or ringtone. You’re forced to choose the built in ring tones. My alarm this morning defaulted to the cesium beep when it used to use a nice, calm music track. Lots of my saved terms in my dictionary appear to be missing, so I’m getting auto-corrected up the wazoo (incorrectly, I might add). Why are they doing this?

  • Another issue: I cannot seem to get the vibrate when typing to turn off. VERY annoying. I want my nice silent keyboard back. :(

  • jay

    I have never posted to one of these but wanted to warn everyone!!! Had to have both mine and wife phones replaced after update. When i receivedmy replacement, it was on old 4.0. Works great. Hers already had jelly bean on it and still doesnt work. Razr owners, do not update to jelly bean!!!! You will have issues!!

  • matty

    What i hate i cant silence my audio if i put in silence before i can but if i do i can hear my text messagd sound instead of it not on silence. I miss when i could put sound off and everything is quite not now. Just my text i can hear even on silence mode.

  • Garrett

    Gmail.comI Went Thought This With The Samsung Nexus. Now I’m Being Haunted Again With My Razr Maxx. As Much As A Hate To Do It, I Will Be Getting An Iphone Next Go Around.

  • Garrett

    please excuse the text glitch at the beginning of my previous comment

  • topher

    RAZR maxx owner,
    I have severe screen lock issues . At random times the screen touch sensors will not work at all, some times takes 20+ manual restarts to get it to kick it and function. Never had the issue before the update either . I don’t know what to do

  • do na

    I have lost to put cell in sleep mode. My father is very I’ll so I need to keep cell on all night.other proproblems as listed below. Go e fro. Love to frustration .

  • katie

    since the update my internet only works if i turn off my wifi even though my wifi signal is perfect.. good thing they just made me get rid of my unlimited internet -_-

  • well at least i am not the only one with issues.. once again you have twits who have to justify thier position in a company by developing something that poeple dont want.

    hint to the nitwitts.. stop all the crap we own the phone not you.

  • Danny D

    Has anyone else had trouble connecting their phone to a pc? I have tried everything buy dove the update no pc won’t recognize my phone

  • katie

    since the update my internet only works if i turn off my wifi even though my wifi signal is perfect.. good thing they just made me get rid of my unlimited internet -_-

  • Eric

    I have lost my bluetooth function between my car and the phone ever since the update. Love the Droid family. But not a happy camper currently.

  • SFNative

    The only think I like about it, is that now I can find pictures easily in the Gallery. The parts I hate the most are the changes made to the alarm clock (which I use a lot for many things) and my email! The email won’t refresh automatically anymore even though it is set to, and not all of the mail is coming through. Hate, hate, hate! >:(

  • Bob Van

    Ya, I see I’m not the only one with RAZR problems after allowing the update. Everything is slower. My voice mail takes 6 seconds to get to now. My volume indicator doesn’t move. The ‘play music’ EQ sliders don’t move anymore. Overall functionality is way worse.

  • Rick

    I’m having big issues. I hate it. I can’t group text. When I open up the web browser and try to click on a new link, it won’t open. I want my old software back!

  • Doug

    Yes I am having that same problem. At home and else where I can connect to wifi, but when I get to work I can now longer connect to the wifi that I used to before the recent update.

  • mao

    I was fine with my Razr Maxx until the update. Now my phone crashes all the time. I also noticed that a lot of new apps were installed that I cant remove. Its bad enough that my phone came with apps that I cant uninstall but to add new ones after my purchase is shameful. I don’t want my phone to be filled with apps that I don’t want or use. If they want to install new apps with the updates, we should be able to uninstall the previous apps, trade new spam with old spamware. I called Motorola but maybe I should call Verizon.

  • joe b

    Sucks pretty much says it all… I can no longer send a group text which would allow 20 texts at once… I was told that i can now send 10 at a time if i do it singularly…. Does anyone know of an app that will allow group texts???

  • My Google voice dialer worked great before the update now it WON’T RECOGNIZE A SINGLE NAME NOW. ITS JUNK!

    • Patrick Byrne

      I agree. VERY DISAPPOINTING! I also love how it automatically connects a call to an errant contact that it thought you said. Fact is, it wasn’t even close in the first place and instead connects you with some random contact you wouldn’t necessarily want to speak to in the first place. Before this “upgrade”, the voice recognition was flawless.

  • An update is supposed to upgrade or make things better 4.1.2 IS A DOWNGRADE! Its JUNK! DON’T THEY TEsT THESE UPDATES


  • prn2000

    I have had many of the same issues as described in these posts. Voice quality initially was very poor after the update. It has now improved. The battery life has decreased. WiFi doesn’t work – It will not connect to any network. The WiFi can see detect the network but never connects. Apps are not updating or completely changed or useless like Gallery. Facebook doesn’t work as nicely as it did and doesn’t integrate with the other apps anymore. I do not like me photos being split into albums. It has affected how I connect to my home computer at home and away. I’m not really liking the new displays either. I guess this is another reason I really don’t like jelly beans. I contacted Verizon who pointed the finger at Motorola. Motorola told me the WiFi issues were because my router is outdated. I don’t think they have the right to determine when equipment they do not own or have to replace becomes outdated. My router is provided by my internet provider and I don’t think my internet provider or myself should have to pay money for a new router that isn’t broken and worked just fine with this phone and still works fine with all other gadgets just because Verizon, Motorola, and Android decided to limit how WiFi can be used and to increase their bottom line with people now having to pay for data for stuff they could do for free on WiFi prior to the so called upgrade. Motorola now is telling me they will let me know when they know anything new – I’m not holding my breath. Android – haven’t been able to get to them yet. If I wanted a company to shove an operating system down my throat, I would have went with an iPhone to begin with. I am done with these 3 companies when my contract is up if there is not a quick resolution to this. Hope they enjoy their profits while they are still there.

  • paul

    I no longer have the ability to send group e-mail with the new update. Who in their right mind thought it good to remove this feature ought to be looking for work. I used to use group e-mail all the time. At least several times a week if not several times a day. I am ready to get an iPhone…unless I will have similar problems with that…any way to in do this recent update?

  • Margie

    Please help us!!!! I hate my phone now. Where are my pictures? Battery drains quickly. Its always on WiFi and can’t get internet I hate I hate I hate it please fix it.

  • brandonkrause

    Droid rzr. I’ve had it since Feb last year. Ics was the best update as far as functionality. Fdr the phone because of jb. Didn’t fix multiple issues with bluetooth, lag, wifi, ect. Got sent a refurbished phone and updated it to jb immediately.
    It’s not the phone it’s jb. Was very firm with verizon, they sent a galaxy s3. Will have it tomorrow. I will never buya moto phone again or anything with the name on it for that matter.

    Jb moved the bluetooth button in call screen and now phone is dangerous to disconnect Bluetooth while driving because of location and tiny window to revert to hand set. Bluetooth constantly unpairs when streaming music. Phone is laggy and making me really mad right now because I’m trying to type and it just isn’t working.

    They killed my gallery, now 1800 pictures and videos are scattered through multiple folders which i can not customize. Battery now gets about 4 hours during the day while i listen to music at work. If i put in airplane mode it last a little longer. I hate iphone but at the moment i don’t know what i hate more. Jb or iphone..

    To aggrivate matters worse Verizon and moto push jb 4.1.1 to my phone ( the one with all the problems) and 4.2.2 was released in feb (the one with all the fixes). Over Android. I’ve had to learn this phone 3 different times in 14 months because of updated os.

    Do you know why iphone is so successful? Because if you pick up a first gen iphone, the look and feel use exactly the same as a iphone 5. Keep alienating your customers google and Verizon. that’s how you make money.. Not!

  • Nic

    Ugh. Facebook app no longer works. This sucks.

  • Disappointed


  • Joann

    I do not like this new upgrade. I lost alot of features I use on a daily basis. My smartphone is now a dumbphone.

  • Melissa M.

    I have had my Droid Razr for nearly a year and since receiving this update it no longer holds a charge longer than 8 hours with little to no usage (call time, text msgs, apps, etc.) I’m also finding that the network is not available for a majority of the day. The battery charge used to last an average of 14 hours with normal usage and I rarely, if ever, had issues with the network availability in the past. The only change I’ve made to my phone is the android update.

  • My message s are distorted now too,my Google voice for my Bluetooth WILL NOT recognize ANY NAMES THIS UPDATE SUCKS 4.1.2

  • youknowimright

    Yeh They Got Me By Surprise
    Chrck This Out It CAps First Letter When I Manually Space Too Wtf
    IHate It
    I Think They Released It To PatChi Exploits Such As The One That Made Foxfi So Great
    I Woke Up With The Updste Popup And Thoughy Hell Yeh,Jellybean
    Then Realized They Broke MY Favorite App
    Foxfi Has Already Fixed This
    So My Theory Is Verizon Intentionally Broke Broke Some Features We Got So Used To Such As A Swype Board That Functions Properly Or How About Being Able To Clear All Browser Data At Once Instead Of Each Separtely They Will Soon Release A Patch
    They Served One To Devs Such As The Foxfi Devs,And They Have Now Served It Back
    Now Verizon Can Study How They Broke Security This Time And Release A Patch That Fixes Things You Desperately Want Like Swype.
    While Blocking YOur Wifi AGAIN
    expect More Broken OS updates As They Step Up The Battle To Fight Devs That Make Useful Apps That Verizon Would Otherwise Charge You Monthy For
    I Miss My X

  • After the update on my Motorola Razr, the Browser would capitalise each word in a sentence automatically. It did not happen in other apps, for example Chrome. To stop this happening I had to uncheck “capitaise first word” in Swype settings (though the problem happened even with manual text entry). Goto language and input settings under Swype. This fixed the problem, but now of course I have to manually make first words of each sentence as capitals.

  • Lydia

    After the recent update to my Maxx I’ve lost access to my favorite app “my music”……does any one know how I can get it back?

  • What happened to the print option? I can no longer print emails or anything. The gallery is the worst!!!

    • I just found there’s no print option now. I swear I find something new every day that is wrong, different, or just plain missing!

  • Kyle

    I have a DROID4, running 4.1.2.

    I have issues with my certain keys on the keyboard not working. Mainly the shift key, enter key and the symbols key.

    A real PITA when you actually try to type a competent sentence up.

  • b

    My alarm used to have the option to gradually increase the volume. With the 4.1.2 update I now only have the option for a set volume. I set it loud to make sure I hear it but it kind of scares the crap out of me every morning. I am also randomly missing calls. I hear no ring and there is no record of a missed call. I have to watch for the voice mail icon to know if someone called me.

  • dr. j

    i just updated because i was bothered by it every twelve hours to do it. i hate it. it completely ruined my gallery of pictures. my contacts and favorite lists are a mess. it was fine how it was. i sure hope i can fix my picture gallery. :( if anyone knows how to change it back. please post.

  • This update sucks!!! It deleted some of my apps, others don’t work, and now I don’t have the capability to print to my wireless printers (or any printer for that matter). It also took all my contacts and separated the ones that had more than one number listed for them. I hope someone is going to fix this soon before I run it over with my car so I can get a new one without the update!

  • Byron

    I can’t any non Google apps to accept my voice and I’ve tried maluuba skyvi and dolphin browser and I’m running 4.1.1 but when I went to att I installed the apps on their phone and it did the same thing I’m using a galaxy s3 not that that should matter. None recognize my voice only Google apps not that I’m really complaining it’s just annoying.

  • Androidgirl

    It Definitely Sucks! I Can’t View Any Of My Photos. I Use SwypeTexting And It Isn’t Even Working Right. As I Type ThIs POst, You Can See The Obvious Problems I AM Having And ThIs Isn’t The Half Of TheM!

  • JanC

    Apparently my razr maxx m is not receiving calls from others my friends say when they try to call me they get this weird noise instead can someone tell me how to fix this?

  • Lori



    My volume settings do their own thing, after I set them.

  • NotTheSamePlainJane

    I’ve had my Razr for a little over a year now and I use to love it; now I just want to smash it. Ever since the update my homescreen keeps freezing and so far the only way to resolve it is to completely shut the phone off…EVERY TIME! I’ve

  • chris

    I agree.This update has been a step back. For me the WiFi is slow which is very frustrating. It would be like Verizon to slow the WiFi so we all have to use their data more. Ugh!

  • bahrta sai

    I got my maxx with ics, but received the update soon after so I can’t be sure the update was at fault, but my battery life hasn’t been nearly as long as promised. with charges throughout the day it’ll make it a day, with moderate use. Verizon gave me the same “tips” I already knew, none of any help.

  • Deedles

    So glad to see I’m not the only one hating the recent changes. My biggest complaint is the loss of Moto print (it was a reason I chose my RAZR. I have a Canon printer that I love, and now can’t print just anything as I could before. I can’t save a pic by just touching it anymore,My Gallery & My Music are totally different now. My battery doesn’t even make it through the workday (just sitting in my bag!!) I loved my phone, and now I can’t stand it. I understand updates, but this is crazy. I want my old RAZR back

    • Roozter

      There are some free apps that can help with this. Google also has one. Check their products listing.

  • dhrj

    galaxy s 3- internet not working. any app of internet

  • I’ve been very happy with my phone until the new update now I don’t have some of my apps and my play store won’t work at all I can’t even re-install them.

  • Larry

    They need to send out an uninstall for this. I loved my phone before. Now weather widget is gone, gallary is all messed up, and all the same problems everyone else is having. VERIZON NEEDS TO FIX THIS!

  • chuck

    where did the countdown timer go?

  • Lynn

    I lost the weather app that came on the phone. I could get extended weather forecast on it. I want it back, I have another one but it doesn’t work the same.

  • phil

    My texting isn’t working. Half the texts I send stay as “sending” with the little green arrow, and sometimes they go through and sometimes they don.t

    • phil

      One of my texts that my friend sent me even relabeled itself as my text. wtf

  • Dani

    It drives me insane. I feel like none of my text messages are going through. The stupid green sending arrow is always there and now in getting pop ups that multiple SMS are trying to send. I seriously just want to go back to the update before this because I strongly hate this.

  • ok so i udated and there are issues and they cannot fix it? is that what im hearing?

  • Cicely

    DataCapitalizesI Updated My Phone Now It Doesn’t Space Stuff Out It Capitalizes Everything And My Data Doesn’t Work

  • Cicely

    It Apparently Switches Around My Sentences Too

  • bowser

    Its a piece of shit. Even the new color scheme in the text modules, so damn ugly. And the whole system. Slow, slow, SLOW.

  • Maru

    If it ain’t broke… Don’t F*ck with it!

  • Kasey

    Just upgraded to 4.1.2 on my droid 4 and the shift key is not working properly. I am royally pissed off about this because I use the physical keyboard basically every time I send a text message. In order for the shift key to work, I have to hold it down while pressing the ‘!’ or a letter. It is seriously inconvenient and I certainly hope it gets fixed soon or I’ll start using a different phone.

    If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know! Periodically the shift button will work like it used to but it keeps going back to me having to hold it down.

  • idave

    It messed up my
    touch screen . It pushes what ever itwants when I type. Or when I click aan app it picks a different one. I’m pissed

  • Belinda

    Im just sick over last update! Everything is messed up now! Cant use speed dial anymore, changed photo gallary, 2000 pictures gone- many of my son, who died recently! Lots of music GONE! No control over anything anymore. I want it all back like it was! This is beyond horrible! ! Help!!

  • yani

    i hate the update. How the heck do i edit my photos now? it was easier berfore. i hate this update.

  • Michelle Harper

    i agree with you guys! this new update SUCKS!!!!! i want my phone back, i can’t do anything, and it has “blacked out” several time, i have never had to restart my phone so many times in just a few short day’s! the phone freezes, locks, black out’s etc….contract is up in July, may be time to switch carriers!!!!!?????

  • Timbot

    In addition to problems that others have already stated, my problem is with texts that I send. When I hit “send”, the text shows up in the window as it should, but the little green arrow shows. You know what I’m talking about, the green arrow at the bottom of the text that indicates that the text is sending, but hasn’t yet been sent (you know when it’s sent when it says “sent at…”

    Well, I believe those texts are actually being sent, but it still shows the green arrow. It doesn’t show as being sent until I send another text to the same person. So annoying!

  • Gary Norvell

    Google has taken over my phone! When I got the update, it hanged numerous settings as well as ending speed dial (something I depended upon greatly). I also have various apps that no longer function properly.

  • kikosan

    Really sucks and it’s slower. Dropped calls all of the time. More of a downgrade than an upgrade.

  • Gary Geiger

    My contact list is all mixed up and out of order. Some are alphabetically by 1st name, some by last name. Lost my sticky note widget that had important info; lost the increasing volume on my alarm clock; my location always gets screwed up; my battery doesn’t last as long……I AM PISSED!!!!!

  • Bonafide

    Never again…put upgrade off for a week, was tired of the notification showing up,,,you think my smart droid would know I didn’t want it after so many later inputs…guess there’s still room for learning…especially me. I caved installed jbeans and now can’t find my …music, timer, notepad. And Voice Search…quickest best finder of everything,,,,maybe I’ll go apple…thanks for nothing!!! Wish I could turn back time!!!

  • George Jetson

    I am not tech savvy. The only way I have been able to print since JB update is to save item to phone and then later open HP print app – retrieve item – then print it.

  • Sprung Stuff

    Resetting now like clockwork after the contacts sync. Not to impressed. Was happy until this update.

  • Chris

    Update is loaded with problems. Why not give a damn choice if the user wants up update? I’ve lost over 2000 pictures. Verizon is a joke. They even went so far as to change how the shift key is used. Why!?!?!? Now when my battery is below 10%, I have no media sound even if its plugged in. Who makes these idiotic decisions?

    • Chris

      Oh yea, in the My Music app which has been replaced with some other crap, the free internet music stations are gone.

  • vikingdudefloyd

    is there a way to get it to stop setting the ringtones to a default tone instead of the ringotne I have chosen? I have to keep changing mine back every couple of days.

    • graply

      i wish mine did that cause mine will not ring at all anymore

  • David

    I used to be able to download pictures off the web by long clicking the picture. After this last update, it won’t allow me to do that any more. Tried all the settings and it doesn’t matter. Plus my shift button and caps lock only works about half the time now. I thought it was my phone but it’s not. It’s the software. I have the droid 4 with the sliding screen for a full keyboard and I have to close my phone to push the @ sign while entering my email address to post this comments. No big deal, just a pain in the ass.

  • Don in FLL

    Lot’s of problems after the android upgrade! I used to love my phone, but I’ve decided that I would never again buy an android phone. I keep finding more apps that disappeared or stopped working. Even when I download apps again they still don’t work. This really sucks – I used those apps all the time! Before the upgrade the phone seemed to anticipate what I wanted to do and brought up the right screen at the right time. Now it’s constantly bringing up the wrong screen which is more annoying than if it didn’t change the screen at all.

  • Dave

    ThisIsHowMyKeyboardTypesNowOnTheNetButNotInApps… NoSpacingAndObviouslyCapsEveryWord

    • Dave

      I bet jelly bean was the government mandate to enhance their spy network… and I had to use my mic for it to type like this…

  • Dave

    just Trying The Enhanced JB keyboard off Google PlaY.. at Least It’s Auto Spacing Now…Lol

    • Dave

      Auto caps off… oh well…

  • Walter

    I used to get sms messaging via bluetooth to the radio in my truck. Lost that after the update. Any suggestions on how to get it back? I have the Motorola Droid Razr.

  • pissed off

    i hate the updates…last one icecream sandwich f*8** up my phone and had to get new one… jellybean took off my speedidal anddd f**8* up my gallery …..again, shpuld be a choice, not made to upgrade

  • ericp

    I’m with everyone else… I absolutely hate that things get changed and all screwed up on my phone after another stupid update. Update some bugs, but stop changing all my damn settings and getting rid of the useful things on my phone!!! My keyboard is constantly screwed up, autocorrect sucks and why the hell would you get rid of the ability to transfer files from the phone’s memory to the SD card?!?!?!?!? It all makes no sense. I want my phone back. Pretty soon I’ll get stuck with an iPhone if this crap doesn’t change… any way to get rid of this update???

  • Tony 129

    I’m read to can this phone as well. Since JB was auto up loaded, voice recognition dialing doesn’t work w/ or w/out blue tooth using contact name, or saying the number. Almost has caused accedents. Widgets have disappeared, and apps run differently. Verizon and Motorola need to fix, or I’m going to Apple w/another carrier.

  • I am having problems with many apps and wish I had not updated. Can you go back??

  • I am very frustrated. I try to open apps that worked a few days ago and I get an error message that Unfortunately (then the company the app came from) has stopped. This is happening to most of the apps I try to open. Not OK!

  • HHHHHAAATTTEEE ITT!!! Apps force close all the time, forget about using google search bar, cant type on browser without all the words running together, It I had the money I would take a sledge hammer to my phone and get an iphone. This update sucks!!!! I want to uninstall it NOW

  • anybody now how to uninstall this turd???

    • Dave

      no…I tried I called Verizon Motorola they will not do anything about it

  • dam thing is a flippin joke ever since i have had problems accessing pictures and all kinda bullsh*t

  • Robert

    I always wait to install updates. I don’t know why people want to download an upgrade as soon as it is available. There are ALWAYS problems with these updates. You should wait at least a couple weeks before downloading and installing new updates to you phone for this very reason.

  • Adam

    I have all the same issues listed below, I loved my phone and now its slow and it sucks!! I cont believe the update took away the speed dials!! WTF Fix it soon or we will all go to a different carrier and phone! we don’t care who’s fault it is just get it fixed fast!!

  • Bubble

    For sure I do not like this update why didn’t you test it first before you forced the upgrade.When will you put out a better version? Many of my settings are gone, so disappointed.

    • Bubble

      My phone never crashed when I searched something not it crashes 70% of the time.

      • Bubble

        Please tell us how to go back to the old version.

  • Spit Jelly Beans

    NEVER – EVER will I update something until I hear what others are saying 3 months later! I was like, WOW, I’ll have the latest data phone like other people. But then this happens. My phone drags just like they show in the commercials when comparing one carrier to another and how one guy laughs 2 minutes earlier than anyone else. I have Verizon for Pete’s sake!!! I should be lightning fast on my Razr. What the hell did you jack-asses do to my cell phone?!

  • Jim

    I had all my photos arranged into separate albums… now that is all messed up and put into different albums…which I hate. Is there any way to set up the gallery like it was before?

  • Terri

    the automatic push stopped working with my gmail account, any help with this? I have the Droid razer maxx hd

  • My phone was great til the update now it sucks. All the apps are slow, it barely plays videos. It brought back pictures and contacts that I deleted long ago. Why aren’t they doing anything about this?

  • Chris

    My phone stopped ringing. It no longer rings for any incoming calls after the update. And youmail no longer works.

  • Judith

    Ditto : Please repair this update. GALLERY APP IS TERRIBLE.
    Have lost many valuable photos. Can this be reversed??

  • ems56rn

    The most annoying is the display brightness. I keep setting it on Manuel, and before the day is over it goes dim and has switched itself back to automatic brightness. I HATE it.

  • Javaman

    How can we print from our phones now? Verizon Rep told me to contact Motorola or check a forum. They were of no help. I used to be able to print email attachments, etc and now I have use my laptop or plug this this phone to it. Useless!!

  • 4 biken

    I hate what they have done to my pictures. Takes forever to find them. I have all the same other problems pluss the pictures I had with my contacts went away. My phone also now tells people that my phone has been disconntected or is no longer in service. The ones that know better keep calling until it goes through. I wonder how many calls I have lost because of this. I wish they would figure out a way to change back to my old app. I hate this one.

  • Tony Belvedere

    Can’t hang up. Screen goes blank when the phone call is still ringing and the screen goes completely black with no way to get the dial pad back so you can hang up, or press anything. Screen also goes blank when I’m listining to a voicemail, and there’s no way to get the screen back on so I can’t press erase, or save, or anything. No matter what I do…I can’t get the screen back on. End up having to remove the battery so I can use the phone again. WTF!!!

  • mrethian

    Ate my weather widget and preventing me from adding widgets to my droid bionic.

  • nandoryj

    I used to have tons of apps now I am not able to use most of them because of this update

  • kevo

    This is ridiculous. 30 days after release I upgrade coz Verizon pushed it. Lost my speed dials. Lost my photo app. Several other apps no longer working. What ever happened to testing before release?

  • Steve

    Ready to shove my phone up someone’s ass…. This update sucks!!!!

  • razred

    Since The Upgrade, I Have Lost My Data Connection. It Will Show THe 4G Icon But Only When Wifi Connects, But That Is Just A Lie. It Never Connects. Also The Swype Settings Change Randomly For Different Applications, Like The Capitalization Here.I Have A Motorola RAZR Cranberry

  • D-rock

    Can you fuckin dick licking faggots at verizon not talk shit and fix this problem we pay for your salaries and you condescend to us like we are the problem. fuck yourself “care rep” fix the problem with my phone that I paid a shit ton of money for.

  • cgjcj2002

    Phone freezes, apps slow or don’t respond. Google searches slow. RAZR maxx is horrible after jelly bean update.

  • Nat

    I absolutely HATE the update…It makes my phone nearly unusable!

  • ho my God my phone is a complete trash ever since I updated this version apps doesn’t respond please help me restore my old versions but am so sick of this

  • Russell

    Forced to update last night.
    Lost all my music files. Tried browsing the phone from a computer. They’re gone.
    Battery drains like mad. Went from 10 hours with usage to about 3 without usage.
    Followed the wonderful suggestions to do a hard reset. What a joke. lost everything for nothing. Battery still drains like mad. Display is using about 50% of my battery.
    Nothing else running because… Oh yeah, had to do a factory reset so there is noting left to run.

  • I had apps disappear. Most annoyingly, my downloaded alarm clock app disappeared but the 3 alarms I had set at moment of update still go off and there’s no way to turn them off or change them. Frustrating.

  • Eric

    About a week after I did the update to Jelly Bean, all of my apps and customizations got erased. Pain in the *ss.

  • It’s been a month with no update from Motorola. This is getting ridiculous.

    My symptoms are:

    1. My camera “won’t initialize”.
    2. The phone slows down over time, eventually requiring a restart (it didn’t before)
    3. The text is auto capitalized on internet forms. Spaces aren’t auto inputed with “swipe.”
    4. It takes forever to connect to wifi and when it does, the signal is horribly weak. Sometimes it doesn’t connect at all, resulting in a huge uptick in my plan data usage.

    … the least they could do for us is roll back the update while they figure out how to fix this. A month waiting for an update is not acceptable.

  • Powman

    This update removed working widgets and programs (with no notice). It has WIFI spontaneously turning on, causing existing queries to hang – because the phone no longer saves wifi passwords. When apps try to access the web via the wifi, The phone has not way to authenticate without human intervention, so the queries (and the applications) HANG.
    Added to the extra effort re-installing all the apps that vanished with the update, I am not a happy camper.
    This is not the service I expect from Verizon or Motorola.

  • DonFL

    Have the RAZR MAXX. Since the Jellybean update, voice input does not work unless connected to Wifi. For example, when texting and pressing the microphone I get a long delay then a “Server Error”. Also my 4G signal is constantly cycling from zero strength to full strength. Raw download speed still appears decent though at 6mbps.

    I called Verizon who told me to do factory reset. If that fails, I am SOL and need to buy a new phone despite the fact the phone was working fine prior to upgrade. I suppose I may try rooting it at that point.

  • angry droid user

    Garbage!! Everything from the pics to web browsing and especially music now suck! Do they have these updates for a reason or is there just a couple of techs with a deadline to meet? If I could afford it id never use this phone again.

  • Terry Kalil

    I agree with all of the negative comments Since I download the OS I have most of the same problems on my maxx . I phone here I come and also goodby verizion who can not deal or respond to the issues..

  • Neecys Necessities

    I thought we were having router issues, but apparently it’s partly the phone! My phone lost its sync with my car, it stopped receiving WiFi at home, but still gets it at work. Ultimately I had to re-install our wireless printer since we had to change our wireless settings on the computers. It’s so far been a 3-day odyssey to get this fixed and it’s not fixed yet. This is critical since my business runs online so being down is not an option. My situation isn’t as dire as some who’ve lost precious photos, but honestly roll outs should NOT be done until the kinks are worked out and all possible hitches have been fixed so people are losing vital parts of the lives!

  • One unhappy business lady

    I will never be convinced to buy Motorola again even if Google has bought them. I agree with others, Verizon has the clout to stop this nonsense, they can quit carrying Motorola. It would certainly show they might care a little about the customers who pay very large dollars that now give crappy service from a phone that doesn’t work properly. My 2 yr contract is about up and I will be gone. Who can be contacted that might actually make something happen or convince us they care. I had a great Rep in the store but he was unable to fix this. I now hate my phone. Good bye Motorola, Good Bye Verizon. The last Droid update was crap too. We might be a few but we have mouths.

    • grpaly

      dido, i was a firm believer in motorola and was a return customer, but i’m done. this is crazy. bad business. hard to believe they are not reaching out to assure this will be corrected. They’ve destroyed their buyers phones some of which are just out of warranty but still under contract.

  • Kate

    Agree my albums wiped out with photos scattered in albums I didn’t set up, all mixed up. Is there update yet? is there way to uninstall update?

  • mrokobo

    Terrible update. Can’t send mail when on 4g. Wi-fi is ok. 3g ii oki. That last sentence washy supposed to be 3g i ook, butah it keeps changing it. Terrible, terrible update. I’Ll be switching to iphone

  • any one else having issues with the phone glitching, then completly turning off, saying its dead, when its not, then not charging? also having issues with getting service when it finally does charge and i turn it back on.

  • Brad

    MY Phon Runs Slow. The Screen Blinks Allot. Can Take Up To 10 Seconds To Open Apps. Frustrating When You want To Get A Quick Picture. Plus It Screws Up My Typing Like This And Just CapitalizesEach Word.

  • david wolovick

    The update disabled phone “favorites” as far as I can tell. Recent calls go to favorites but I can’t set my favorites. Does anyone else have this problem? Also, before the update I could set my alarm to go off with increasing volume – now it only can only go off at one volume. Updates are not supposed to reduce functionality.

  • sn0wkitten

    Experiencing many of the issues below, but now also have the lower half of my screen flashing blue/something of a strobe effect -good thing I’m not prone to seizures….

  • JMW

    Best phone I ever owned until the update. Now no group texts ( how do you leave that out!?) and my emails no longer push to my phone.

  • Elisabeth

    Loosing spaces in between words on the web & every word is capitalized! grrrrrrrr

  • urgedcoast3

    I have the droid 4. The new update sux. HATE IT!! I have to hold shift with one hand and use the other to use emoticons. I ccan’t connect to any WiFi anymore where as I could with the previous version. And my photos are being lost or deleted on there own.

  • Dee

    My biggest issue with this update is that it now sucks the life out of my battery. I can’t get it to save a charge. I have all of the battery saver suggestions in place and still, a dead phone. Doesn’t do me much good dead. Also where did my alarm/timer go? Another thing is that I can’t figure out how to have it detect in pocket stoarge and it goes into sleep mode. I finally figured out the other update which killed my phone and had to get a new one and I’m right back to square one 4 months later. Guess the only good thing that I can say is that it didn’t kill the phone and I had to get yet another replacement. Please fix!!!!!

  • Kletus

    The update was unnecessary and only caused problems. Its not the first time something like this happened. I hate to admit it but I’ll be switching to an IPhone.

  • SoCalDesert Jake

    After the automatic update, thanks for the warning, most apps that I was aware of did not function correctly. The apps would freeze the whole OS. The phone would have to be powered down and started up minutes later. Several system freezes would not allow the phone to power off. FRUSTRATING! The keyboard voice input does not work. I called my provider who advised the phone needed a hard reset. ARGH!!! I had to delete all information, including downloaded apps, from my phone. Of course a few folders were salvaged but text message history GONE, my favorite apps with my information GONE, the once familiarity personalized use of the phone GONE, using the keyboard in text messages, email, and user name/password account information was a NIGHTMARE! Swipe was USELESS. I was forced to use the Android keyboard according to the second of seven reps I spoke with that night. I informed the rep the Android keyboard is not responding to keys pressed. All settings for the keyboard were misconfigured. I am through with having to accommodate an uninvited update that caused me mental anguish. I spent over five hours total on the phone with the provider trying to solve the new update bugs. DROID FAILED MISERABLY!!! I pay more than most other providers and I expect to get what I pay for. QA should be held accountable for the programming and authorized release. The update was a HUGE MISTAKE that must be answered for. Investors will be made aware of the nationwide anguish over the product. Why has there not been any public announcement? or recall? or reimbursement for lost information and hours speaking to your call center reps that were, no fault of their own, completely caught off guard. UNETHICAL to say the least. Regret will be at your doorstep in the morning with news cameras and reporters dying to get your response to a problem that was brought to your attention weeks earlier and nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, has been done to resolve the faulty update.

    Completely disgusted,

    (now to call up my local news stations on the television and radio to report)

  • Neil

    Got update pushed this morning. Now my apps location service does not work. Google Maps tells me it needs to be turned on. It is turned on. Even switched it off, and back on, agreed tot he terms, rebooted, still doesn’t work. RAZRM

  • cindy

    The update doesn’t allow me to use my stock phone camera or any camera app. I paid waaaay to much for this phone t not have the camera work.

  • Martin

    The most noticeable effect of this update is to prevent me either sending or receiving picture texts anymore. In anyone can help restore this essential function I would be most grateful. Any chance of Motorola recognising what they have done?

  • Heathet

    I am FURIOUS!! I avoided the update because the ICS update burned up 2 Phones that then had to be replaced. Last night I was not being aloud to add a phone number to my contacts & I called Verizon. They walked me through A lot of steps which then Included the Jelly Bean update. No sooner that it instalded, EVRRYTHING that mattered was either Changed or Gone! Widgets, GONE! Photos Messed Up! Phone appearance Sickening! Then to Top it off, My Phone Starts Heating Up & CAN’T Connect to WiFi! WTF? I was advised to get a patch from Motorolaso I was transfered by Verizon to Motorola & SURPRISE!! NO SUCH PATCH & ALOT of BS!! This is my 7th RAZR in 6 months & I’m FED UP! With Verizon &Motorola!

  • Marcus

    it messed up my wifi capability after the first month! now my data bill is probably going up -___- yeah THANKS motorola i am going to Samgsung now.

  • Painfully slow after the update. Some widgets disapeared…

  • Dani

    Totally sucks!! My play store app won’t open at all!!

  • Steve

    after the 4.1.2 android update. my Razr seems to loose the data and voice signals and not reestablish them for a long time, i circumvent it by going to system settings and put the phone in airplane mode. When I take it back out of airplane mode both data and voice signals come back up,

  • Nicholas Merryman

    I have droid 4 on Verizon and phone is, at times, slow. Phone is especially slow with multiple apps open then phone freezes or automatically restarts or phone has to be soft reset. Thankfully Im due for an upgrade and will proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S4 at end of May. Today, April 25, 2013 is first day you can PR order S4 on Verizon

  • My screen keeps jumping. I hate it. Driving me nuts

  • Ty

    I need help. Ever since the update, my texting has stopped working. I cant go on facebook, twitter, ect if i dont have wifi on and no matter where I am, the 4G connection doesnt work. I cant text, I cant call or anything. The phone will restart itself and go really slow and a bunch of stuff. What do I do?

  • countryboy96

    texting wont work really at all and half my apps dont work !!!

  • PreferDroid

    1. I can’t send texts to pre-loaded Groups, like my son’s soccer team parents. I can send a group text but have to put each name in individually.

    2. The text messaging no longer syncs with my Ford Flex. I used to be able to listen to text messages and respond with one of Ford’s canned responses – Yes, No, see you in 10 minutes, etc.

    3. Voice command no longer works.

  • I have no ring tone or notification sound all the rest works fine although this update is annoying hopefully this update is fixed or reversed


      exactly what mine is doing. i’m afraid to load anymore updates.

  • Jake

    I can’t get any of my “favorites” to have their pictures display. They do show up under my contacts, however, but in the Favorites widget, no pictures will display. About 30% of the time, I will attempt to send a text message, but the little green arrow that shows that it’s sending will not go away, and the message will not send. My photo’s are the same now, and it’s pretty difficult to find any pictures I have/had on my phone. I REALLY hope they fix some of these problems with their lousy update. I’m not impressed. Use to be proud Droid Bionic owner.

  • Kara

    Yes problems all the time with the date pisses me off all the time

  • SuzieSaturn

    My Search Button Doesnt Work. :( Fuggen Lame. Razr maxx

  • narelle perry

    these are the problems i have had since the JB4.1.2 update on my XT910
    1. i lost my phone app and my people app and had to use call buddy to make calls and send sms

    2. after a factory reset i got those apps back but the play store app
    stopped working so not able to replace the apps i lost with the reset

    3. the phone continually reboots sometimes for hours and i cant turn it off it turns itself back on

    4. one sms kept repeating itself for 2 days i got the same message
    about 30 times then all of a sudden that stopped and i got all the sms’s
    this message was replacing but they were 1 and 2 days late

    the phone is about to get sent back to the service center again.the
    last time was just over 1 year ago with a different issue and that took 2
    months to sort out i am thinking about another phone when this one
    comes off contract which is a shame because when the phone is working
    properly i love it

  • narelle perry

    now i’m having issues with the bluetooth conection in my car

  • Guga

    Happend to me too! I’ve lost My Gallery widget and the input method to write was from the Motorola. I prefer that method than the swype or the android input. The speed dial it was a nice functionality, and I’ve lost too.

    The notification bar, when you push bottom, doesn’t show the wifi status. This was very useful. And others functionality.

    I hope they fix that problem.

  • david presler

    i have also all of the above

  • Jesse

    I’v recently started getting complaints that my voice is unclear/muffled on the other end of calls. I didn’t make the connection at the time, but it seems I started hearing this complaint more once I updated 4.1.2

  • some update came this morning … (JB4.1.2) – and now other people cannot hear me properly on calls. I am using Galaxy S3.
    Why are they not testing the OS before releasing it?

  • disgusted

    also hate it and hate that you can’t reset. Google Voice never available moto cast can’t print

  • Joanne

    Updated to Android 4.1.2 and am horribly disappointed that a feature in the alarm clock app has been eliminated! I can no longer set my alarm to begin ringing (with whatever ring I have set) softly, then gradually increasing to full sound. I always woke just as it began ringing and was able to turn it off before it was loud and unsettling. I have found nothing in the new version that I think is
    worth losing this feature for. Want to go back to previous version but am afraid factory reset will return it to the really old version on the phone when I bought it a year ago. Anybody know how to change it back to the version just prior to this one?

  • rainmaker191

    YES ISSUES!!!! Dropped calls, continuously alternates between “obtaining ip address” and “authenticating.” Will not connect to any wifi network. Will not sync files with my Galaxy 2 tab via bluetooth or wifi (yes I’ve checked the settings lol). Plus working memory set is always at least 50% occupied eveb when no apps or widgets are running. Other than that stuff its a great
    phone but this is getting annoying.

  • Everything I Type Is Capitalized And It Will Not Automatically Space Between Words, I HaveTo Hit The Space Bar Between Every Word. If I Backspace ToEdit A Word ItWill Automatically CaPitalize Where I Backspace, ThusThe “P” In “Capitalize”. It’sFrustratingToHaveToLearnThePhoneAllOverAgainAndDealWithTheErrors. Annoying!!!!

    • jericko

      Try downloading the Swype Beta. It will fix most of these issues.

  • Jenn

    I had to exchange my first droid razr because of freezing issues and lagging. I got another one and since the update my phone is constantly freezing, the screen freaks out and when I click on an app, it opens a different one. I can’t even use it when it is charging…it’s ridiculous!!!!! I am so tired of Verizon turning out crap phones and crap updates! It’s BS that they will not comment on everyone’s complaints….I guess it’s “all in our heads” or “we aren’t using it correctly”.

  • Simon

    Somebody has a solution for my razr? It keeps restarting in a loop for 2 days now…….there is not a single econd to use the phone caue it doesnt boot that far before it starts up from the beginning again.

    It starten not straight away after the update so i am not sure where the bug is, but all apps are of the google play store!


  • alex

    Sound keeps changing back to default

  • jeff

    New update suckz

  • Rmorgan

    I have a Samsung s3 since the last update I am having problems as well my phone is dropping calls all the time, one in two calls are dropped after 3/4 seconds in to call.

  • wantmyoldphoneback

    My phone will not connect as a hotspot. (using hot spot and mobile internet and tethering to help others with key words). It says Internet sharing disabled, Security Policy with a red circle and black exclamation mark. Verizon cannot figure this out. it is not antivirus because I don’t have that on my phone. Swype is also gone.

  • Tim

    the only problem i’m having after the update is that my battery drains 5 times faster than it used to (I’m not a heavy user) After a full charge my phone would sit overnight and only use 6% after the update it will use as much as 22% WHILE IDLE! that’s crazy.

  • trey

    OK I havemt had any major problems with this new update. not anything big like losing photos and alarm clock prbs but I have noticed yes the battery drain quicker and the phone is now sluggish. I liked the first jelly bean update but not this new tweak. And worst of ally ear piece is now totally useless. it won’t work and all only speakerphone works. And sometimes it just drops 4g.

  • ron

    updated with jb and lost all pics in gallery.Anyway to regain pics or am i _____!

  • Leona

    I have the Droid RAZR M, and I’m having issues as well. The calendar app isn’t working properly (it sometimes shows the color of an item, but not the text), my circles widget randomly resizes itself to be very small and I have to restart the phone, and some other things just are buggy and flaky. I wish I could remember more specifics off the top of my head.

  • jman451

    Guy with alarm issue. I would have thought by now this was common sense . Touch Ur clock on Ur home screen and it takes u to Ur alarm clock. Lol. All other issues r miner. Major r dropped calls ,calls not coming threw and having to restart phone. Other than these no issues .

  • HopethruGod

    I have been

  • HopethruGod

    I thought Verizon and Motorola had finally gotten it right with the release of the Droid 2 and Droid 4 and their accessories, but once again, they have shown to be completely out-of-touch and with a complete disregard to their customers!
    Once again, they have forced updates onto us, without first sharing with us what the changes are, screwing up defaults and functionality, forcing users to spend hours trying to figure things, with no one to take responsibility to help us, and with no option to back out to the previous settings.
    Instead, they just finger point to each other, tell us that is the way it is, and how we should not have accepted the update (that they always encourage us to keep up-to-date)! And the backups they charge for, are not true backups, only restoring some things, but not everything, including our default settings and the text messages that we pay for.

    In the past, to force the release of updated products onto customers, without any consideration to how the updates would affect them (functionality, training, time, etc.), without notifying them of what the changes are, or what to expect, and the ability to go back to the previous release, would have been frowned upon as completely irresponsible and unacceptable, and with complete disregard to their customers!

    Maybe it is time to

  • Sleepless in Seattle

    The update also reset the “Emergency Alerts” (WEA) settings (to all on). I got n Amber Alert at 3:30am this morning (honking loud vibrating warning) from Kalispell, Montana (I am in Seattle). I knew about the settings because they sent two consecutive middle-of-the-night avalanche alerts during winter that only concerned people in very remote mountain areas (it was a TV news story, they were working out the kinks)…and had turned off all of those settings.

  • jake

    Same exact issues. Apps freezing or force closing. Loading slow. Speaker barely works at all since update.

  • no longer a fan of motorola

    My Battery Drains So Fast That Now I Have To Carry A Charger With Me, Also The KeyBoard IsWack, Many Flaws Look It Capitalize TheFirstLEtter Of Every Word. ThIs Update Sucks

    • jericko

      Try downloading the Swype beta. It will fix most of the keyboard problems you’re experiencing.

  • franky

    I love my phone now I cannot stand it. as much as I hate the trendy iPhoneI will most certainly be going back with them if this does not get corrected

  • Casey Parlier

    I have the Samsung Precedent, by straight talk, (android version reads 2.2.2 (in Settings>about phone>Android version)) I currently lose my music, videos, pictures, and sometimes my apps. I try to fix it, and when I turn my phone off it is all gone, or has been reset. I found all music within several different files. I synced my pics/videos, but I love my music. “Google Play Music” attempting to save or bring it to order everyday is a pain; the reset each night (removing the tag edits, music player crashing, disorganizing my files with duplicates, music that already had tags turned into numerals) is insane. I am close to getting Apple and just using a flip phone!!!

  • Kevin

    I hate my phone now. I am considering breaking my contract with Verizon to get away from it. I will never buy another Motorola product again.

  • Kristen

    So I loaded 4.1.2 last week and have been having issues ever since. I have the Droid Razr M, No 4G connection EVER, cannot upload pictures to FB, beginning to have problems with my screen freezing at times and I can only imagine what else will start happening now that I’ve read what other people are experiencing!! Really, REALLY frustrating! NOT good Verizon and Android!!!

  • Bud

    If I send a pic via email the person on the other end can’t view it in Outlook as could before

  • There is no longer an option to have no screen lock it is greyest out and says disabled by administrator encryption policy or credentialing help me stop this? Any ideas?

  • SLB

    I have a razr maxx and it has been terrible since the update. My contacts app freezes up almost every time I use it. Also the dialer. And the battery drains too quickly now. I also miss the speed dialer feature. I have considered changing to iPhone this summer when I am eligible to upgrade, and I have NEVER wanted an iPhone. But my husband’s iPhone works so smoothly, and it almost never “fails”; I am really tempted. So are all these complaints going to Verizon/Android people, or are we just venting?

  • I have the RAZR MAXX and my phone is glitchy and I have had issues with dealing with the loss of simple short cuts and slowing my device way down with this piece of shit update. Fix my phone or give me a new one you cheap bastards

  • Emod153

    Phone Is Sluggish. Caps Every Word. If I Don’t Hit Spacebar EveryWOrdRunsTogetherLikeThis. If I a Word Wrong And Try To Choose The Correct One, It SendS The New Word To The BeGinning Of The Line, In The Middle Of The First Word. For Example, chEck Out The Beginning Of ThLineis. Ugh!! FixSoonPlease!!!

    • jericko

      Me too! I fixed this by downloading the Swype Beta. Still has some quirks but at least most issues are resolved.

  • Loren Chapeau

    The Motorola Droid Bionic is also having issues. Music won’t play, playlists exist but are empty… I’m sure there are other issues I haven’t run into yet, but just thought I’d throw this out there.

  • sharonasunshine

    I curse the day I did this update. I need an iPhone! My otherwise awesome Bionic is crap now! Alarms don’t work properly, ALL my work that went into my photo albums was completely erased, contacts were duplicated (some as many as 15 times!) It’s now slow as heck! Please give me back my old version!!!

  • frank

    Since my update to job 4.1.2 on my RAZR my text messages are hanging and sometimes sending and sometimes not. Some of my contacts duplicated and my alarms are not functioning!!!

  • James

    ( RAZR MAXX ) lots of issues since JB Update! Battery drains way faster, the media volume automatically turns itself down and let’s me know its harmful to play at max volume for extended time periods 8( Even though I’ve got it plugged into a sound bar w its own volume control! It also is really glitchy when I search online. It erases my search!

  • shazbot

    My phone won’t update to 4.1.2, reading the comments below. I am lucky it failed from my root. I will stay on 4.1.1 as it is working perfectly. :)

  • DDS

    The update has taken away my ability to view my texts thru the bluetooth in my car. Not acceptable!

  • pissed off customer!

    If my texts are more than 3 lines long ,aka more than 10 words which includes spaces, they will not be sent! I cannot send pictures anymore either! My droid RAZR was great until the last upgrade!


    When I receive or when I make a call my phone locks/the screen shuts off. If I call someone and they don’t answer I will leave them a really long message. So basically, I cannot hang up on the person I am talking to. They have to hang up on me… Very annoying! Please fix this issue.. ASAP!

  • Mad customer

    I’ve had the same issue for 2 weeks now. My android keyboard has stopped working and I am not able to get on to my Nexus 7. Also, my google Play store stopped working so I can’t download anything. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!!!!!

  • Joel

    Volume continues to constantly increase so whenever I use my phone it is constantly beeping and I have the volume level popup all the time. It also says my SD card is blank if I have it in when my phone runs out of power. The card then will work in my tablet but not my phone for exactly 48 hours

  • thatcokid

    I can no longer read/send Text with my Ford Sync…. This SUCKS. No notifications via the car or anything like normal since this update…. I wish I would have known the issues I would not have updated…. :(

  • Dave

    This is crap I can’t even use my phone to call out. It works but the receiver can not hear me. If I get a call they can. I need my god dam phone but don’t have the coin to go out and buy 1. Does any 1 know a phone number for australia. Need this fixed asap.

  • stewart

    Do not Receive all my text messages. Fix it are im taking Motorola to court on false advertisement charges and treason. I am serious.

  • Rider

    Stewart I am a attorney in Virginia I will look into this accusations you are making. There are some Laws on the Books about Organizations ignore are lie to the mass of there customer’s.

    • RightInTheGrammar

      Sir, you really must be a very good attorney, since your grammar skills never cease to impress me.

  • Escondido

    I’m an IT person, and my wife had this issue. I tried a bunch of things, but one thing that appears to have worked for her phone was to delete all her wireless settings (“Forget” the settings), I then shut off the phone, pulled the battery, put the battery back, turned on the phone, then set up her wireless for our local network. Has been working great so far (few hours).

  • Escondido

    Just to clarify, this is with regards to the wireless not working, not the other problems listed. And this is with Android 4.1.2.

  • jericko

    Very unhappy with this update. Miss having speed dial (I still try using it because I forget it’s not there). Swype was not working properly until I downloaded the Swype beta (which still has its own problems). Phone is very sluggish.

  • NO4615

    So unhappy with this update. I can NO Longer send a group email from my phone which I relied on heavily. I never wanted to go with an iPhone but am now considering it or just waiting for the Galaxy S4 to be more affordable. I have had all motorola phones but this has done it for me. How they didnt test this out better is shocking!!!! Obviously several departments were asleep at the wheel on this one…. I cant wait until August when my contract is up…..

  • tb015

    Razr Maxx HD 4.1.2 – Very recently I can’t access the internet via 4G with full bars via any app. 25 min. on the phone w/ Verizon with no success. I am trying again. My phone worked fine for weeks, then poof. It is also draining the battery by trying to constantly connect. We’ve cleared every cache, rebooted multiple times, reset something on their end, all to no avail. – tb

  • jerseybex

    My phone was working fine but now since the update it “flickers” every once in a while. I have noticed it happening in a few apps

    • H0lgar

      Same here! And it randomly freezes on me and restarts.

  • only a 3G user now

    Well my phone is far from perfect since the update. The biggest issue is I no longer can connect to 4G. This make my phone very slow and kills the battery. I have tried factory resets and new sim cards, but no luck. Have tried to escalate through Verizon, but they really do not seem to care. I guess I have to look to move my business somewhere else.

  • blondie

    I can’t send a picture via text message when my Wifi is on and I can’t reply or send Group messages when my wifi is on. If I turn off Wifi the messages all go through fine. I guess this is their way of forcing you to use data.

  • When the Droid Razr first released it was awesome. In fact, it was the best phone on the market. Until…………..the update. Motorola, what is up with this? Phone is pretty much worthless. You can get around this phone and get a new one/ different model. It will take some major complaining and threatening to Verizon. I called vzw, talked to rep and we went through every aspect. Then was connected to tier 1 tech support……went through everything! Nothing helped. Then I talked to a supervisor. Ah, some resolve. I simply said to the supervisor that it is verizons responsibility to provide services to there customers and working equipment (being charged for your phone per month). I also stated that it is in fact a breach of contract on their part since they cant render these services any longer. So therefor cancel my services. After a bit of back and forth motion and sticking to my arguement…….the vzw supervisor knew my arguement was valid. Guess what phone i have on its way……at no charge……Droid DNA! This is just a replacement. My upgrade is in a month so Hoping the S4 is on vzw by then :-)

  • My phone has pretty much become a paperweight now! I was LOUD in the
    waiting room, figuring that other people need to hear about this.
    Anyway, nothing works, and I reminded them that I BOUGHT this phone!
    What I have now, is not the phone that I BOUGHT! My alarm clock went
    friggin haywire on me, great time for the updates, while I’m sleeping!
    Great time to affect my alarm clock! Thanks alot! There should be an
    uninstall, so that we can take it back to the last functionality. Might
    be a way to resuscitate the customers. I am trying to uninstall Google
    off my phone. Google is great on a computer, but not on my Razr. It’s
    sad because I got it the day that it was released in my area, and I
    swore by Motorola! ….until NOW! I complained so loudly, that they also
    gave me Motorola’s customer service number. Verizon is responsible for
    their updates, whether it be that it is Motorola’s, or Google’s. It’s
    Verizon’s bad, and I am one of the customer’s that is almost willing to
    go back to a simple phone. I have a Kindle, a laptop, and a computer. If
    this is the best that they can offer me, I will look elsewhere.

  • jen

    Razor Max thinks it does not have internet connection, when it does, and I’m not using Wifi. On fact, I using it now to type this message.

    It is preventing me from sending and receiving text messages. I did a text to myself to test and it is recv’d to me as an unknown sender and there is no message.

    I have done a phone recovery and wiped the cache, rebooted and nothing changed.

  • Nick

    Texting is hit and miss. Some messages will send out, others will suddenly stick in sending mode. Have to delete the message and then retype it to get it to send. It’s really annoying.

    Another thing with this update is they got rid of the increment volume increase for the alarm clock. What the f were they thinking with that one???

  • Wendy

    Very disappointed in the Razr Max HD. I received my first one in February and already had to replace it because when I was talking to someone (have only noticed it when I am calling someone on a land line) I am told it sounds like I am dialing someone. Also have had problems sending text photos, freezes up and the only way to send them is to turn the phone off and back on before they will send. The other problem, which is VERY annoying is that when I am talking to someone, all of a sudden I can hear them saying Hello but they don’t hear me. Of course it is always when you have been waiting on the line forever for customer service when this happens and you have to start all over. This “replacement” seems to be worse then the first one. I wish I had my old one back. They obviously didn’t spend a lot of time trouble shooting this before it was released.

  • Laura

    Experienced similar problems after forced update. Have had success with repairing damage so far by wiping the cache!

    • Brenda

      Did you have to clear the cache on each application?! That would take forever…

  • Brenda

    Does anyone know who to contact on all of these issues? I am really frustrated with the update and how much it has screwed up my phone. The keyboard is extremely slow and freezes at times, I can’t send group texts and am not getting some of the text people send me, the alarm is set to one volume only, I can’t delete texts and the internet has frozen on me a few times. Can a person revert back to the prior version? How do we know if anyone at Verizon or Motorola are even working on this? Do they send out a notification so that we can at least read about which features they are “updating?” If anyone can help w/ any of these issues, it would be greatly appreciated. I am ready to throw the phone out the window and really considering not renewing my contract when it expires.

  • peter

    i used to be able to print from my Verizon Razr Maxx..but with the update, i can’t anymore..does anyone have suggestions?

  • Nette

    AH! Maybe that’s what’s going on with my phone. It randomly shuts down: 4 times in one hour tonight. Haven’t noticed issues with apps or messages but would have blamed them on user error anyway. But this shutting itself off (actually when I press the “on” button and unlock the screen) is REALLY ANNOYING!!!!!

    Wish someone had a solution.

  • Ticked…

    Love my Razr..hate Motorola update to 4.1.2. Screen flickers, apps freeze, it reboots spontaneously, battery drains incredibly quickly and takes even longer to charge back up.When I try to uninstall any programs it just hangs…end up having to shut it off and reboot. Took sim card out… yet it still says its connected and appears to be using my wifi connection time as data against my plan..not GOOD ! Check your data usage folks before you end up with a humongous bill ! They need to fix this update TODAY !!

  • mandab

    My phone sucks ever since the update! My keyboards reaction time sucks. My screen freezes on almost every app, especially tango and facebook . I don’t get any emails on my phone. My battery drains so quickly even when I don’t use my phone. GPS can’t update my location, home screen will be blank…and today the icons are blinking like crazy. And it drops my calls. I thought something g was seriously wrong with my phone and wanted to get a newer one. Hubby got fed up and went with the Samsung Galaxy, but his problems are no where near as bad as mine. Hope this gets fixed soon!

  • mickey

    i have a razr maxx and now i cannot delete text messages by group fully (the messages delete but it does not remove the group). also, starting a few days ago, certain text messages will not send (green arrow still below the text message) and when i resend it in a new text message, it goes through. i am sure sometimes those messages that look like they did not go through in fact went through. i am missing my stopwatch — and the widget that has both time and alarm no long exists. i had to get a separate app to combine the two. Sometimes my keyboard stops working and i have to shut down the text app to reuse. My battery life is still okay, not as great as it once was but I would assume that this also happens with time and usage.

    • mickey

      just deleted my text messages through handcent program. had to get it to make my life easier. this is such a hassle. does anyone know if they are even going to update the phone further or is this it?

  • HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mine is doing the same crap with text messages, will not send it and you cannot delete because “the message is being sent”

  • aj

    My rzr wont text internet now sucks phone screen is stuck horizontal cant make calls or end.them unless the person that called hangs up and none of my apps work anymore also keyboard is slow and my battery is drained in about an bour even if i don’t touch it

  • Kevin the Frustrated

    Check your outgoing messages with friends as well. I tend to send long messages and I have been told by friends that they are not being received fully. This never used to be a problem and I am going to assume its this new update.

  • Evy

    Tons of forced closes, and overall system sluggishness. Google Now and voice commands lag horribly. I hate 4.1.2

  • gerdan

    ola gente que baixaram o 4.1.2 perdemos o que tinha de melhor os widgets como previsão o tempo e outros

  • gerdan

    hello people who downloaded the 4.1.2 lost what was best widgets like weather forecasting and other

  • NMGoose

    I have the Razr Maxx. It was working just fine when I first got it and it did everything I needed it to but when I downloaded the update it all went to hell. My apps were changed, some deleted all together and are no longer available on Google Play. It also played havoc with some of my person contacts. I deleted some and I had to re-enter. The pictures for my favorites no longer show on my home screen and they did previously. Also, no to answer a call I have to go through a series of icon just to make the connection as before all I had to do was answer or ignore the call. I am not at all happy with the new update. I would like to have it removed.

  • Devon


    I have a droid 4 with verizon and it as been acting up for about 2 1/2 to 3 month now i wasn’t making a connection. But i thing it is after i authorized an update. I have been loosing signals some apps dont work proper and sometime not at all, i also lost my temperature widget i had on my display and cant seem to replace it. My cousin is on the same network same plan with a I phone but he is not having trouble as i. What can i do?

  • sei

    I have the droid razr maxx hd and my husband has the droid razr. Our WiFi wont turn on at all. The Smart Actions are not working properly… the location trigger is wrong but when I’m on Google map I’m shown in the correct location. Also having trouble sending group text messages.. they don’t go through

  • Elena

    Text Messages Not Being Sent. Pictures Automatically Split Into Several Albums. TriPlicate Copies Of Pics Now. Swipe keyboard autocorrecS correctly spelled words. automatically turns up notification
    sounds. have to keep turning down sound. Etc. Etc. Etc……..

  • Brentley1986

    Not only is this update messing things up for the Droid Razr & Razr Maxx, but my Droid 4 seems to be experiencing problems as well. I used to be able to surf the web at Verizons “blazing fast speed” before the update…. Now I can go from 4G Lte to having no service at all in less than 2 seconds and when the service does come back, it is 3G with maybe 2-3 bars at its best. But, it doesn’t just stop there…. My phone is constantly going in and out of signal. Even while I’m sitting still!!! oh yeah, to add to it, my phone doesn’t like sending text messages anymore either…Very very poor upgrade if you ask me…. Give me Ice Cream Sandwhich back, give us all an updated version of Jelly Bean, or send us all free signal boosters for our home. There is no reason we can’t get something done about it. We pay for “the best” coverage in the nation. NOW it’s time to prove it….

  • mr.banger5150

    I can’t open camera file in gallery. I can’t use editing. My phone calls people from numbers I called 8 years ago that are not even in my phone over and over on its own. Some lady I dont know got 39 called from me at 3 a.m. and it was every 3 min on the dot. The other time was some guy every 5 min on the min for 2.5 hrs. What is the problem with a multi million dollar company and the most expensive for service not fixing the damn issue. We pay in average 140$ for there crap and do they give the credit back for the problem until fixed? NOPE. so we pay for a service and phone to work and pay for it when it dont. Is that Fair? NOPE

  • Eddie Roper

    I had a perfect HTC one x before the jelly bean upgrade. Now my WiFi does not work. I am absolutely livid about it.

  • Josh

    Droid Razr Maxx- My home screen keeps locking up periodically almost every time I use the phone and I have to hard reset the phone to get it to work again, numerous apps including Facebook, Instagram, and a few weather apps I use a lot keep crashing…. I went to Verizon and told them about the situation and they said all you have to do is hard reset the phone and I just looked at them and smiled and said way ahead of you, and of course they offer me to buy a new phone haha…. I paid really good money from my phone and I don’t appreciate it doing that, they need to either fix the problem or hook me up with a brand new phone that won’t have problems at all ;)

  • disgusted with android

    This update is a total freak in’ mess. I’ve been having most of the issues the others have commented on, but my latest issue is that my home screen contact shortcuts have kept their pictures but changed their numbers. Really, wtf? Love speed dialing my wife and end up calling someone I did business with 5 years ago. Idiots.

  • Terrie

    My Max HD shut off by itself and will not start up timely .I panic before it finally starts. Awkward performance. Always updating. Need to find out how to make it stop.

  • Ed

    My problem is the delay when typing a text message or surfing the net. The screen freezes browsing is slow only works when it wants to.

  • Sandy

    My droid razr died! Cannot make calls, incoming calls go instantly to voice mail. This phone sucks! It is fully charged & keeps turning itself off & on. It worked fine for 3 months the past week strange things happened.

    • eli

      it happened the same to me, but it started after the uptdate to android 4.1.2,

  • Elizabeth Luckett

    i did a factory reset on my motorola verizon driod and when it was done this actavation thing came up. i do not wanna activate it . HOW do i get it back to the normal screen

  • lisa

    mY “notes” app with . ALL MY IMPORTANT STUFF is gone. How can I retrieve it. and when I unlock my phone it just shuts the screen off. Have to press top again then try faster……

  • Josh Belin

    I can barely hear my calls on the earpiece or speaker but other than that everything else works fine

  • Sue Belrose

    Mine is stuck on an emergency call screen…Verizon tried to help…nothing worked. They are sending a refurnished one to me, as I had purchased this phone second hand. With help from my son, I was able to wipe my info clean before I need to send it to verizon.

  • andrew

    I can’t print anymore!

  • Update4.1.2BLOWS!

    Unable to do anything really anymore. Pandora does not play, just spins, unable to load the play store, again just spins, random Hex errors, this update of 4.1.2 has been basically the death of my phone!! other than making and receiving phone calls this has become completely useless!!

  • mark

    Bluetooth jaybird f4 connected “no media”

  • scared to send pics

    Pics all over the place not in right albums and seem stacked when you click on pic another one comes out like whole diff album.

    • Linda

      Let me know if you find a solution. All my albums were deleted and photos are arranged in new albums based on how the picture was received. Yikes!

      • Dee

        I had my granddaughter’s pictures in order from the day of her birth to the day of the upgrade. The are now all over the place.

  • joe smith

    My phone is loading a lot slower now in comparison then when i had the last update. I cleared excess materials and still lags. kind of annoying

  • Over This Phone and Verizon

    Mine is now….

    Randomly POWERING DOWN when using browser/Chrome apps
    NOT PUSHING TEXTS…. or if lucky
    …..sending inceredibly DELAYED TEXTS
    DROPPING CALLS and then powering down even with ample battery power

    Verizon no help at trouble-shooting

    …..between that and a dead computer last week….about ready to join the Mac/iPhone revolution.

    P.S. On positive side voice recognition and Navigator, GPS dependent features/apps have been running much more smoothly. Use daily for commuting and exercise

  • TERI

    My RAZR MAxx Now Doesn’t Send Emails. Doesn’t Put Spaces Between WOrds When Typing, CapitalIzes EveRy Word, Randomly Shuts OFf & On, My Txt Msgs Are Not Readable On The Recipients End. I Have Been Refusing To Update Since I Saw What Happened To My Husbands RAZR Maxx BuT It Updated Itself Overnight. I Use Swype & It’s Lagging When I Hit The Spaced Bar, It Tells Me TheRe Is No Need To Hit Space Bar, ButThisIsWhatHappensWhenIDon’tHitTheSpaceBaR..GreatWorkMotorola&VerizonMyRAZRMaxxIsNowAUselessPieceOfJunk!!!!!

  • Guest


  • TERI


  • jimit

    how to stop page song?

  • Guest

    Yes phone seems to be moving in slow motion no matter what I’m doing at the time

  • Jaime Feldman

    Slow phone and won’t stop texting people that I’m ” in a meeting”, this isn’t funny.

  • ykcobraeyes

    No longer have the “exit” option when I’m surfing news in Google…have to hit the back arrow all the way back to the Google homepage!

    • ibush mann

      welcome to the iphone jungle!

  • Elizabeth Sanchez

    I Have the Droid Razr Maxx (4 problems)
    Just this morning i tried listening to some videos, and music but My sound wasnt working. My volume is all the way high! I have no clue why i cant hear my media sound at all?
    Secondly, my Web is slacking. When i want to trype something it freezes, then types what ever it wants ? Plus its soooooo Slow!
    Also, ever since i updated to jelly bean my phone has been getting all these problems + more!
    And Lastley, my my Menu options sont allow me to manage my internal storage. I have no way of moving my storage space. So im left with No memoru!

    • ptb

      You can move the media from the internal storage to the sd card now thru the Files app.

  • 1) My screen’s slow at opening when I touch it
    2) It’s starting to freeze, especially when I unlock the screen there’s a yellow strip on the side as if it’s a double page
    3) My music has started skipping during songs which is annoying when you’re on a long drive.
    4) Also, apps force close quite frequently

    Despite all these recent issues I really do love the phone!

  • bob smoke

    Updated a few days after the update came out. Just a RAZR. But my phone will power down and act like a dead phone at random times. It is really slow to unlock the screen. Problems charging or holding a charge. And when filling in forms online is impossible. The text is something I didn’t type or no text at all. I didn’t update on my own. It updated by itself. I usually read into the update before I jump off the high dive. This is crap. First time on this site and thanks for the information.

  • bob smoke

    And my phone also goes from 4g 2 bars. To 3g 1 bar. To extended network all within minutes. This isn’t what I am paying top dollar for.

  • charlie

    So far my phone seems fine. I just have the RAZR. But its ongoing cause I can’t get the vibrate of the keyboard and I have tried everything! But I don’t know. I hope my phone doest start to be all shitty and stuff.

  • Droid razor m. Apps shutting down like twitter, email camera and etc.screen shakes .dropped calls and dropped 4g to 3g. Slower to boot up. Battery going dead in 2 hours. Did factory reset and all sorts of stuff with tech support…nothing has fixed it. My phone is rooted so I was able to fix the signal and 4g issue with root app… screen does shake still. Battery life is back to what it was before update… lasts all day. Hope to get this crap fixed. Nothing like typing a text or on here and the screen shakes and everything is jumbled mess.

  • Mark Pinkston

    I was always able to send video msgs on my droid 4. But the past 2months I can’t, even a 5 sec videowon’t send. Says file to big. Never had this problem before. Settings used to have a MMS video setting now it doesn’t have it on video settings. Ready to leave Verizon cause no other smart phones thru other carriers are having this issue..dont know what update may have.fu..ked this up but it sucks and I’m not paying. 147.00 A month to have this bullshi…..t problem. Fix this issue or I’m leaving to go to my girlfriends carrier. They say its cause the resolution can’t fit the via msg but she has same 4g video resolution and can send via msgs just fine.

  • Betty

    I get a red X symbol when I try to send a group text, and the text is not sent.

  • Dia

    My phone freezes almost every time I take photos, or browse through the photos :(

  • Kristen

    I’ve been having a lot of problems with my Droid razr Maxx hd! Since the update, I’ve had 3 times where I don’t receive text messages and then the people call me and ask why I haven’t text them back. I’ve had to restart my phone and then like 20 messages all come at once!! This is getting annoying!!

  • josh

    problems with the droid 4 also…cant group text, missing text messsages

  • Mary

    4.1.2 on my Droid Razr Maxx has caused tons of LAG. Never had this problem before the update & I am hoping they fix it soon!

  • Dain Mdz

    It simply freezes too much, gets very hot, the battery dies in half day & Hands free bluetooth ain’t working, now I have to keep on my ear my phone to talk. Oh & I don’t get the inbox facebook on time. Past that, I love the actualization

  • Dain Mdz

    Oh, I have the Razr i!

  • Steve Tracy

    can’t play songs with my alarm anymore when I’m playing my songs to my bluetooth they skip I’m constantly getting booted off my apps the phone has a tough time picking up on the Bluetooth on Own Can’t play songs for my ringtones I just want the old version back

  • mike tagnesi

    Piece of shit! IPhone here I come

  • Herb K.

    I agree with Mike – android is really starting to piss me off! Aren’t updates supposed to be improvements? Nothing is more annoying than apps suddenly not working they way they had before you updated.

  • alan m

    Alan M.
    Did a stupid thing today and upgraded to new version. Now navigator is not working and problem is with the location services saying it is disabled when it shows that it is enabled. How do I get the older version back? I can’t find my way.

  • Aaron N.

    I have had a droid from the first day they came out but after the problems i’ve had with this latest update looks like im finaly gonna jump on the iphone bandwagon.

  • Chris M

    I have a Bionic which just updated to 4.1.2 a week ago or so. I only have one issue in that I no longer have a sleep option when I hold the power button down. I only have power down, and airplane mode now. I used to have a sleep function where it would go into low power, basically like shutting down, but it would turn on much quicker. Any idea why it’s gone?

  • mrgreen1269

    Mine won’t sync gmail account at all it gives me a can’t connect to server, not a reliable connection. I have full bars and a stable 3g connection, flashed for cricket, rooted, running 4.1.2….. and suggestions or help would be appreciated.

  • The Mainexile

    The only problem I am having is calls are no longer clear. It’s like the volume is turned up too high and everything sounds fuzzy no matter the volume setting.

  • St. James

    After updating my phone became sluggish, apps are freezing all the time, battery life is way less then it was. Phone just runs Slow. + i keep losing connection and wifi is spotty.

    • dradel

      I had to get a new motem. The update made a lot of motems obsolete they have a list of them that are no longer compatible with the razor since the JB update.

  • Rob

    Update is real bad. Like the sound of DROID, but may change to different phone as it does not hold battery life, music sucks, phone doesn’t ring while listening to music, sound of music drops, but no ringtone. Apps disconnect from internet, and lastly made a really cool phone, not cool.

  • kenewport

    Question. Is this weird stuff happening to my phone because Google bought Motorola? Now my charging icon isn’t working as it use too…so many little bugs. Hope it saves my phone battery usage.

  • lindasdroid

    What do you mean, did we update? Is there a choice? I can’t add an appointment to my calendar now because it says there are no calendars on my phone and I need to add an account. When I try to add my account, it says it’s already there. Still can’t add an appointment!! ARGH!

  • heathr

    Wtf happened to my photo albums? I can’t locate pics now, can’t create an album to upload to Facebook? Guess I’m gonna have to go back to an old fashioned digital camera??

  • Richard Kitchen

    My charger Stopped working,My screen ceases to work when i get( a blackberry charger) to charge it! WTF?!

  • pommymommy76

    My phone resets all apps and settings to generic settings. All my alarm tones are gone and have been replaced by a handful of tones. My ringtones reset daily to a generic ring. I am so mad. Why have a smartphone if it doesn’t behave like one? It’s been doing this since March. <>

  • Christina

    Had my Droid razr m for one day and now it will not turn back on.

    • mike s

      Reboot—hold power and volume keys for 10 secs. pause. then hold power key.

  • RJ

    Have Droid Bionic – lots of problems. Widgets don’t work. Google TALK is gone and is not supported. Hate this update – nothing but problems!

  • Austin520

    Took my gf razr md into the store and they told me just to go threw asurion and pay 100$ (for shitty refurbished phone) and we told them no fkin point if we bought the phone for 50$ and after seeing all of this I relize its the update kuz the phone was fine a few days ago I have the note 2 and love it highly recommend to any and everybody

  • Emma H

    got my update last night and while some minor changes are fine, a lot of them i hate like changing my contact book to white and blue and leaving my call log black and blue same as SMS, also some apps wont turn on, its driving me mad I HATE IT!!!

  • Robert S

    Bad update, or dose it mean a down grade, problem since update

  • chris

    Droid RAZR on 4.1.2 Internet connection turns itself off….. its still on in my settings there is just no data connection when I try and use it….. I have no way to make it come back on I just have to wait until it does it … ridiculous! Lol

    • Plugone

      mine does this too, but if i go to settings—more—-mobile networks—-then check the data enabled box, it comes back on.
      My phone will also go into silent mode on its own….

    • NaomiH

      Same here, I frequently have little to no signal at all and get annoyed having to either reboot the phone or go in and ou tof airplane mode to regain signal.

  • deb

    I loved my D4 before update. Now considering changing. PLEASE fix it. Now keyboard lite does not work, texts do not send, have this screen keyboard taking half my vision even when on querty. Punctuation not working, vibrate on silent not working, pics went random, icons dissapear. This is NOT the phone I loved. FIX IT or lose loyal customers. At least give us hope for a fix or option to remove update.

  • veryfrustrated

    Help! PhoneWasGreat…UntilTheInstall. nowWhenITypeItDoItstsOwnThing. BlankFieldS. InsertsRandomLetters. Unresponsive. Help. I CanBarelyUseMyPhoneNow. ThisSucks!

  • Jp

    Can’t sync email accounts.
    The accounts option under settings is no longer there

  • ard

    Every time someone calls me my volume in the earpiece goes to a very low level, I have to ask them to hang on while I adjust it. I have set all my volumes to max and even did a complete reset on the phone but it still has this stupid problem. Did not have this issue until the 4.1.2 update.

  • Dr Mark

    Since the recent OS update, My Verizon Motorola Droid Razr is not able to synch either of my email accounts via “push” and more often than not , an error message pops up saying that email is not working when I try to synch my accounts manually. I tried deleting and re-adding my accounts mutliple times without success.

  • Jen

    Ever since the Jelly Bean update (4.1.2) a couple weeks ago, my Droid Razr M isn’t able to sync my email accounts, says the email is not working and the phone constantly shuts itself off and turns back on…..drops calls and freezes up. I have reset to factory initial settings and did the hard reboot without any resolution to the issues. No help from Verizon either….frustrating!

  • Randy

    What a piece of crap!!!! My razr maxx will NO LONGER print, it freezes up EVERY TIME I look up anything! Thank you update! I use this phone for business or used to! Damn disappointing! Verizon won’t do anything, So It’s time to find another service and phone!

  • adsokitti

    It has Linked All My contacts Wrong, The PictureS Will No Longer Show On The Favorite Contact, (Doesn’t Even show All Fav Contacts) also wants to Capitalize All My Words, and Does Not Automatically Space Them when Using Swype On Google.

    • adsokitti


      • adsokitti


  • Ravohart

    Ever since the update, my phone has been having sound, it will throw these little fits where it won’t let me turn up the sound while listening to Pandora and watching YouTube or Netflix. It randomly restarts itself and sometimes doesn’t display new messages, but says I have read the messages. This is very disappointing.

    • Ravohart

      *sound troubles

  • Dave

    After this update, my phone sometimes answers and makes calls autonomously. The contacts are screwed up. It rearranged my “favorites” and put contacts in the favorites that were never there to begin with. The GPS button disappeared. There appears not to be a way to disable the haptic feedback, which is extremely annoying, on the unlock screen. If you open the phone function, the contacts menu is not available. I regret ever consenting to installing the update at all. Very dissatisfied with android OS right now.

  • Chuck

    I have a razor maxx. A couple of days ago I noticed that I can no longer access my apps. When I press the apps icon on my home page it takes me to my apps page but it only shows the verizon apps. If I go into manage my apps they are all there but they no longer appear on the apps page where I can access them. I’ve tried everything I could think of but cannot access them but I know they are there. I’ve even downloaded a couple of new apps just to see if they would appear on the page with the Verizon apps and they do not. But again, I can access their info under manage my apps. HELP!!!

    • valapsp

      After opening the app drawer at the top left you’ll probably see “Verizon wireless”. Tap on that then select “all apps”.

  • valapsp

    not able to receive calls and texts most of the time. using my phone on a GSM carrier. so basically now my $700 phone is useless.

  • LK

    i have a LG Optimus L9, only problem so far is that i can’t open Chrome

  • imogen harris

    I can’t send messages. it comes up with a massage saying can’t send the message. failed. ever since I got the update and I can’t turn back.

    • Landale

      I have a similar problem. When I send texts, it doesn’t register as having sent the message, even if it is actually sent (and the only way I know that is because someone responds). It’s very annoying. So far, that’s the only problem I’ve had with the latest update, but this is ridiculous.

  • Mitchauer

    After updating from Sandwich to Bean, settings will not open!

  • Really lucky I guess.never had a problem. although I’ve recently heard of a sulfur problem with all 4g Android moto’$.What’s this about???? ANYONE?????

  • Hey guys if nothing else…think I’m crazy..Buuuttttttt, flash your phone to page plus,drop your contract and pay 55 a month for 2gb and unlimited everything. there is a gal on e bay who can flash for 45 bucks from YOUR OWN COMPUTER… don’t even send it phone is running the update perfectly… her eBay name is qualitycricketphones..check her out…and good luck to you guys:)

  • Shay

    My sisters button stopped working! She cant even turn on or off her phone… The only way she can turn it on is if she plugs it into a charger..

  • Jasmine

    My locked screen isnt working correctly keeps freezing. Can you make it a new locked screen?

    • GW

      Had mine for 2 months now. Never worked right from day one. Missed the 15 day exchange. I will NEVER get another Android phone again!!!!

  • Tom J

    Can’t print, can’t find Motoprint app.

  • becca

    Yes, now my phone is very buggy – lots of VERY slow action, when I try to switch apps, etc. Delays long enough to make me hit a button a second or third time, and then it catches up.

    I use the Motorola dock, and like it – but now it says there is no music on my phone – but the music that’s there (and plays correctly if I open Google Play directly) is the same music that’s always been there.

    Seriously – very slow, very buggy. Lots of crashed apps. I almost went last weekend to try to return the phone.

  • janja

    how to put music on new version of android from my mac ??? please help =/

  • jim

    RAZR MAXX Texts not going through sometimes. Ive tried the reset. Signal drops frequently. Lag with full 4G. 3G seems faster. All since the update. Still take it over any other.

  • mike

    Update has rendered 3 droid RAZR s unstable and borderline junk in the process…send text and you wait and wait…then you get a response from person your texting before it shows text being sent…open an app and frequently get a screen that s solid white or solid black but unresponsive…4g slower then 3g…call just drop like you hung up…its garbage in my opinion…

  • HaterOfTheAndroid

    Ever since i updated my phone wont charge dont have insurance and im going to have to wait to get another for 30 days i hate it

  • martin

    Since the update my wife’s Razr M is using massive amount of data. All background sync is disabled without any result.

  • BillBoats

    Outgoing texts now cut off without sending the entire text. Bluetooth seems to have lost its voice quality/clarity. Give me back my old Razr

  • dradel

    I used to love my droid razor Maxx. Now I do not. This update has made my phone unbearable to use. It is slow very very slow, I had to get a new internet model at home so my WiFii would work, I have my own business and I need to text dozens of people on a daily basis and group texting is not working those are just a few of my issues. Motorola really screwed this one up!

    • dradel

      Motem. I had to get a new motem. Not model

      • ichiro

        Modem. sorry lol. and I seriously, have never in my life, until now, considered quitting the Motorola Droid craze i had. I’m even considering trying the Iphone, the least appealing phone to me.

  • THOM


  • mock

    Same story here, last two weeks, terrible reception, super slow and using the battery way faster. Bummed because I like this phone(droid Razer Max).

  • Richie

    Came here to see if I could figure out why I can’t attach a photo to a text on my razr maxx. My problem seems minor now. I get a text notification sound a few seconds after I attempt to send. When I open it there is a red X. All my apps are updating right now, something is up. I mean all of them, right now. You gotta see this.

  • Molly

    contacts have been ‘updating’ for hours, not doing anything, cant send or receive texts properly so the phone has really become useless, loved my RAZR and now i just want to throw it. phone calls are also not coming through, major problem.

  • Dave

    I try to send email or forward email and nothing happens. Go to look in my sent column and there sits all my emails waiting to be sent. To top it off just checking, I get a response telling me email has stopped.< this is happening more often now. I don't get it.

  • xdroidusr

    Same here. Loved this phone until the 4.1.2 “upgrade”. Now have worse battery life, slow or unresponsive apps. Touch screen is less sesitive and inacurate. Can’t add a contact to mycorp (exchange) address book from phone, random apps start upwith phone locked, Google Now nags me constantly even though I’ve never signed up. Other than that … Never thought I’d be considering an iPhone but I can’t put up with this junk much longer. Anyone know how to set up an on line petition to let Verizon know how many disgruntled customers they have?

  • Lori

    I’m going crazy. I downloaded the update, and now my phone is being… weird. It won’t always charge, my computer doesn’t recognize it. My data usage skyrocketed. It’s slower, and sometimes 4g refuses to load. It grew hot when my friend played a game on it for too long, something that’s never happened. Is that software or would heat be caused by hardware issues? And when will they update it? Is this going to be like, a month long thing? Because my battery won’t last a month!

  • trish1997

    I have the galaxy note and wish I had never upgraded the software. no notifications for email, data usage rocketed, my keyboard not acting the same, I have no longer got a picture editor and numerous other things I don’t like, I want to revert back to the previous software how do I do that?

    • Hide Reads

      Are you also getting false text message failed reports?

  • Dumbunny

    After downloading update on my Verizon Bionic I was not very impressed. Since I had already backed everything up in advance of the upgrade I went ahead and performed a factory reset and it made all the difference!

  • don’t like jelly bean

    I have a droid RAZR Max. Loved the phone until the update. Now I have all types of glitches from programs running without my knowledge eating up my data time to not being able to access my corporate email. Verizon had me clean everything, butthat did not help. Than they made me do a hard boot reset. Did not work. I’m still having tons of problems.

  • sue555

    droid bionic, ever since upgrade to 4.1.2 a couple of days ago, I cannot turn off ‘safe mode’ so it never powers down, did recommended and even took battery out. grrrrr…

  • Justin

    Owned the Droid Razr MAXX HD since release week. Absolutely LOVED it… UNTIL the 4.1.2 update. To start with it pushed the OTA update w/out prompting me (first time I’ve EVER experienced this); I happened to be in one of the only areas where 4G was incredibly weak, so it was bouncing between 3G/4G. Lucky I caught it at 3% (fully charged just a few hours prior) & was able to plug it in. Since then I’ve routinely experienced a plethora of persistent issues: GREATLY diminished battery life: 2-3 days moderate usage (couldn’t even kill it if I tried in a day) have devolved into ONE day of light/moderate usage; phone will show ASTOUNDING amounts of awake time during extended periods of the screen being off, draining as much as 43% of the battery overnight alone; multiple (grouped) text messages not being received, only one random line going through, or messages showing the ‘stuck in transit’ green arrow permanently; almost constant screen lag (was incredibly fast prior to update); apps routinely freeze up in MUCH greater frequency, requiring a force close; phone calls will occasionally bring up the canned text response screen automatically (‘can’t talk now, I’ll call you back’, etc.) impeding me from answering. These are just the issues off of the top of my head – there are a few more. Now I’m a tech guy that likes to fix my own issues, but after months of trying just about every possible solution I’m convinced that this was just a HORRIBLE, GHASTLY update that needs to be fixed ASAP, as in RIGHT NOW.

    • Justin

      Product Disclosure: I own a Nexus 7, & have previously used an HTC Incredible for almost 3 years (GREAT phone for the period) & a handful of lower-tier Android phones ‘donated’ for testing. Prior to that I came from a BB. Own and use Windows, Linux, & Mac operating systems. I’ll never say that this would turn me into a Mac fanboy (love the Air & have always used iPods), but this catastrophe is leaving a horrible taste in my mouth regarding VZ, Motorola, & by association Google. I’m still a hardcore GOOG fan & user, but this is ridiculous.

  • Cheryl Knight

    Go Justin! I just bought HD Maxx from Costco May 13,2013. Absolutely loved it! Since my phone updated I have experienced all of the problems Justin described! Battery life ruined and phone getftg very warm (not even charging when this happens). Tried LTE on/off toggle app (works to turn off 4G) but made no difference. MOTOROLA…VERIZON….HOW HARD IS IT TO CREATE AN APP THAT WILL UNDO UPDATE? IF ANYONE DEVELOPS ONE I WOULD PAY FOR IT…I DONT WANT A DIFFERENT PHONE…JUST WANT MY ORIGINAL BACK! HELP! MAY 17, 2013

  • Matt

    I’m having a problem that wasn’t mentioned so I don’t know if its happening to others as well. I have the regular RAZR and when I have a phone call going my lock button won’t turn on the screen. Either the other person has to hang up or I have to turn off my phone and turn it back on. Is anyone else having this same problem?

  • Foot

    Issues? ISSUES?! Where do I begin? Freezing with a black screen? Check. Touchscreen randomly not working. Randomly losing app/game files. Sound not working (occurs most) Check, check, and CHECK!

  • Foot

    For the sound issue: I’ve figured out a workaround until they hopefully fix this with a new update(or until I get an iPhone *sigh*) If u notice you’ve missed a call even though your volume is up or sound isn’t working for apps/music do this and don’t rub the back of your phone as others have suggested! Go to system settings/ sound/volumes and move the sliders until u actually hear an audible tone. U must go into settings and not just use the volume buttons on the side of the phone! I thought updates were supposed to fix bugs not create more? Jeez fix this crap!

  • jim Kendrick

    since the update their are apps that will not work and they did before the update

  • arcaggelos

    Droid RAZR, severe lagging, freezing and home screen force closes. Phone is nearly unusable. If there is no fix coming they need to flash us back to ICS.

  • jaydlyn123

    Ugh! Yeah, hate the update! I can’t just hit “shift 1” for an exclamation mark anymore…I actually have to hold the shift key and then hit whatever button to make a symbol (!, ?, @, 3; “, etc…) which is stupid because I only have a shift key on the left side! I can’t delete threads of texts without freezing my entire phone. It now takes 10 minutes to delete a thread of texts even if there are only 2 messages! My phone overheats now, the battery dies in a few hours even if I’m not using it, I have to hit delete twice to delete one character, and the damn thing now puts words together and replaces those two words with a longer word that it thinks I meant even though I’ve turned autocorrect OFF. It puts periods in random places… I hate hate hate this stupid update! Take the damn thing back!.

  • Betstalks

    Since the update my voice command has stopped working. How do I fix this?

  • DAG

    having problems txtin 6&8-digit pone numbers like radio stations and facebook and keep getting error codes; i also can’t text MMS messages because it says i need to re-enable data but it used to work and randomly stopped working neeed help asap plz send an answer to

  • mike

    Unable to locate my videos. Stills only. Droid razor x

  • Woodye

    Hate the skype keyboard….toooooooo funky. Has suddenly started calling people after I end a call

  • dismayed dave

    Have a Razr and have not had problems like others, but my battery used to last 1.5 days, now I can’t get more than 12 hours without having to recharge. And 9 of those hours are without using bluetooth, gps, or wifi !! WTH?

    • joan

      Me too. I turned everything off — no Wifi, GPS — battery life is going down. Used to stay above 90%.

  • NoMoreAndroid4Me

    Yes , I have problems since I updated to Jellybean. I’m done with android. I’m tired of have to spend so much time setting up my phone after updates every three months.

  • Bethany Kamman

    Completely lost voice command with the “upgrade”. Phone runs slower, noticing very loud static as calls connect, some trouble sending texts, and some email glitches. Definitely not an improvement. Using Razr Maxx.

    • unhappy

      Me too jb sucks

  • Frustrated Razr owner

    I updated my phone and now it is freaking useless. It is slow and unresponsive. When I hit a key it can take seconds after the key stroke for the character to show up and opening up apps….. well pretty much forget that.

  • John

    Yeah, my Razr i has gone bad too! I can’t access internet without being near a wifi connection. Is there anyway to roll back the update?

  • jj

    This is the last time I buy an Android. Sure, companies make mistakes but if they have any decency in them they will fix their mistakes ASAP…clearly they don’t care about their customers. Since the update my internet is slow, my alarms don’t go off and I missed work once. Texts longer than two sentences don’t send. For the price of this phone and still no corrected update despite all these negative reviews….appauling.

    • Ichiro

      My alarms also stopped working, after saying “UI system failure”. this is bullshit, I need my alarms, i almost missed work today. I have no other alarms of which to speak. They need to take damn responsibility, and make fixing this crappy jellybean stuff up, making it a priority.

  • dan

    Jelly bean ruined this phone…it was so fast before….now its slow, sluggish and almost unbearable.

  • ryderexpress34

    JB screwed my Maxx up too, phone was awesome prior to update. Phone shuts off , loses calls, runs a apps that shouldnt be running whichnis slowing the phone down. Pisses me off all the money we spend on phones and they find a way to make you updrade one way or another.

  • bb

    Same here – camera going wacky was the clue. We need a fix.

  • jacqes

    I am having trouble with my service and my SD card cutting out. I have service then boom sorry no connection and hey no memory card. Dude dude come on the memory card is fine. What the hell.

  • goodfellarich

    My video camera mode doesn’t work at all since the 4.1.2 update. My phone locks up when I try to use the video recorder. Another thing is my text messages often show as “sending” even though they’ve sent, so I can’t tell if my messages have actually sent or not. I’m not happy at all with this update.

  • Petra

    I can’t print anything from my phone or have a timer anymore. I don’t know why they got rid of thoses things. I used the timer a lot to cook with or set a timer for something I’m doing. I can no long print something from my phone to the printer!!!! No need to explain I need this ASAP!!! And I can no longer swype for texting on my phone. I want the ice cream back until they can figure out jelly bean

    • kimberly

      I know I have the exact same issue!!!!! So frustrating!!!!!

    • me too!! I got a “Like New” replacement… It stinks too!!

  • Laura Adams

    My keyboard takes 15-20 seconds to load, and then it only shows half the keyboard for 5 seconds. When the full keyboard finally appears, it still will not register keystrokes for another 5-10 seconds, so all-in-all, it takes from 25-35 seconds before I can effectively enter text. EVERY TIME. Texting, email, browser searching – come ON. I am also no longer able to upload photos from my phone to my computer via USB cable – the computer doesn’t recognize my phone anymore since the jb update. Thank goodness for Dropbox. Haven’t tried printing from my phone since the update. Probably won’t work. My husband’s phone updated 2 days before mine, & he’s not had a single problem with his. One good thing that came with the update: my phone used to transpose numbers – utter hell when entering passwords or phone numbers. I had to tap the search field to place the insertion point after each number. 1-tap-2-tap-3-tap. Grrrrr. It works perfectly since update.

  • dave

    Razor Max update has created a hazardous unsafe condition. Voice recognitin for contacts does not work! When calling from the car it says “speak now” like someone on speed. When to no surprise it doesn’t recognize what is said it says “didn’t catch that” in the same annoying voice. As a result I have to use my hands to search taking my concentration off the road. Before the update it worked perfectly. I have no time for this crap. Next phone will not use android os.

  • Katie

    I have a lot of the same problems as well since the update; my phone runs more slowly, certain apps just act crazy (the Play Music app refused to pause today and started playing again three separate time), and the most crazy making thing for today is that my volume is up and fully working when I get calls, but not texts. It makes the touch noises when I swipe something, type with the keyboard, and even click on an app. I get a text and it’s completely silent. I don’t understand. Also, I can’t send texts longer than four lines. They never send so I either have to type everything out again, or copy/paste and delete half and send it as two different texts. GAH!

  • Bryan

    everything started running slow… its rediculous how they will roll out an update for a year old phone and render it useless, i cant even upgrade for another year, wtf are we supposed to do? pay full retail price for a brand new phone? yea lets just drop 6 bills for a new phone so it works properly after verizon forces an update they know will slow down all the year old phones. stupid.

  • Miyuki

    My keyboard acualy froze! And the voice part didn’t help at all. And, I have no idea how to set my music to my alarm setting now. Plus, it plays the music if I take out my headphones and it was paused. It played “Jitter Doll” super loudly in class when I unplugged my headphones. During a test! I hate it so much!!!

    • Ichiro

      I am also have the issue, where i cannot get any music to my alarm. It made me late work this morning, because none of my alarms went off.

  • sam

    Class action lawsuit… I’d rather let the lawyers have my $$$ than Verizon, and I hate lawyers. My Maxx has sucked shit since the JB update.

  • JofreJKD

    Circle weatger widget on Atrix HD never updates current location and smart actions work, but smart icons never were available to me. My phone is similar to RAZR so I’m chiming in to show it seems to be a uniform issue with Motorola.

  • I am having similar problems. My phone freezes up all the time. The video on the camera overheats the phone. Now I can’t seem to turn it on, like it is completely frozen. The keyboard jams up also. I have one more year on the contract. I hate this phone. What a waste of money! Honestly, I hate Verizon service also.

  • miracle

    Is there going to be a fix for this??

  • Anish

    My phone sucked a lot until I tried a clear partition! It is better but I am still having wi-fi and internet connection problems but it made the phone bearable for time being!

    Turn the phone off and perform Clear Partition. Clearing the partition will remove any temporary files that may be causing the problem, but will not delete your files or settings.

    1) – Power the phone down.
    2) – Hold the volume up and down and power key down all at the same time until
    you see the Boot Mode Selection Menu. This should happen within a couple of seconds.
    3) – Press the volume down key until “Recovery” is highlighted. Press the volume key up to select.
    4) – Wait until you see a triangle with an exclamation point in it.
    5) – Press and hold the volume down key. While doing that, press and hold the volume up
    key then release them. This should put you into the Android system recovery.
    6) – Press the volume down key until wipe cache partition is highlighted.
    7) – Press the power button to select. You will be brought back to the Android system recovery
    utility when it is complete.
    8) – Press the power button to select “reboot system now”. Wait for the phone to boot.

  • london

    I have a weird problem, not sure if anyone else has had this happen but my RAZR maxx HD shows that I have new texts when I don’t, how do I fix this??

  • doki

    Also having problems with my Razr. Slow connection, phone heats up very fast, battery runs down quickly despite keeping a minimum number of apps running, etc. Hopefully they can fix this.

  • Mary Greenspan

    WHEN are you guys going to get this fixed??? Receiving calls I can’t pick up, no longer can receive my emails from my domain name, VM takes forever to log into – Not making my business easy to handle.

  • GK

    Everything worked great until the 4.1.2 upgrade. Now there is a half-second lag between audio and video when I record a video on my phone. This renders the video recording pretty much useless. Common guys how much longer are you going to wait before an update. This will be my last android phone if an update does not come in the next few weeks.

  • I had Google Play card for Christmas it was not working so I figured wait to the next update and I waited it did not work

  • Ichiro Fox

    This is absolute bullshit. My RAZR was absolutely perfect until this dumbass JB update. It replaced many of my favorite apps with crap versions, I cant set alarms, and it frequently removes any downloaded music/ringtones, from the contacts that they are set on, and replaces them with a ringtone that isnt even on my phone, which makes absolutely no sense. It tells me about once a day, that My System UI has failed, after which it just becomes a thin, weighted peice of junk until i reset it. The worst thing to me, however, is the fact that I cannot set alarms. I almost missed work this morning, because NONE of my set alarms seem to be able to have a sound set on them for them to play. I HAVE NO OTHER ALARMS AT THE MOMENT! which means, i am actualy afraid to fall asleep tonight, because i know that there isnt anything to wake me up for work in the morning. Android, you have become a complete, and utter disapointment. Until you can at least take a step bac, and see where you screwed up the evolution of android OS, your phones are worthless. Causing millions of loyal customers to have to go through this crap. I might just change over to Iphone, and I absolutely HATE Iphone. -rant over- FIX IT NOW!

  • missy uneek

    My RAZR updated and I couldn’t stop it. I had an app that worked for using 4g. After update same old problem of only having 3G connection, only now the app I had is gone and updated phone wont let me reload the app. It says ‘incompatible with razr’.
    In addition the few apps I do use- like Netflix – hang up. The browser is quicker some times but half the time pages just stick ‘loading’.
    I also have episodes of screen not responding to touch.
    So far the differences I encounter are problems. Not many pleasant surprises.
    I want my phone back! No fair sticking me with update I didn’t want

  • tjomac

    I tried to avoid the update, but ended up hitting the wrong button as the screen came up for the update at the same time a call was coming in. Since the update my phone cannot hold connectivity, I literally have NO connection at all, and text are unpredictable, some never go, some never received. I had a Motorola headset that worked like a charm, no more. There are other issues, but these are the most major. My phone has literally become useless. I went to the Verizon store and was told “get used to it” and I’ve called Verizon tech support, twice I’ve had tech support promise to call me back the next day, still waiting on those calls over a week later. I don’t what to do next as I’m in the middle of my contract and need my phone to work. Verizon tech told me my phone was broken or had water damage and I should get it replaced under warranty. They won’t accept responsibility for causing the issue, I loved my phone and my headset before this…now what?

  • justin lott

    My RAZR maxx has jelly bean on it and it works perfectly and even so its better than ICS in my phone I just think its operate error in my opinion so those RAZR / RAZR maxx users LEARN TO USE YOUR PHONE .

  • Ed

    The update was absolute CRAP ! , no one put any thought into the ramifications of this update. I bought this phone from Verizon not the software updater. The phone is not the phone I bought. We all should go back to Verizon and ask for a replacement set which meets the expectations advertized at the time of purchase. Applications do not work, email locks up ALL the time text message backgrounds make the message unreadable , but thankfully Verizon is always ” Very sorry for the inconvenience” that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy but the god damn phone still sucks now.
    I cant wait for my contract to expire. I will never do business with Verizon again.

  • Lola

    I have problems because my phone works fine one moment and then freezes and doesn’t respond the next and then I have to reset it again..

  • Steve

    Boost Mobile with an LG Venice I love(D). Immediately after the update the phone went to 1 or 2 bars of signal strength and the battery drain was noticeable. I called Boost and nothing they could do worked. My wife has the same phone and we keep not installing the update so hers is as good as mine used to be. Side by side she gets a full set of reception bars while mine is at two. I really hope this is going to be fixed.

  • steve

    Swipe Sucks As Of 5/20/13

  • chris antash

    During phone calls people are complaining they can not hear me…I have had this phone 5 days…….I want my money back….grrrrrrrffr damn u Verizon….

  • chris antash

    Droid RAZR maxx HD…..

  • John Goff

    latest update has turned my phone into my wife, tempramental, moody, and suffering pms, unresponsive, and slow, put it back to a clean install of i.c.s. please, i don’t feel any pdate will fix this. o2 uk

  • disappointed

    I want my music back! I don’t want Google for anything/everything. Just want em as my search engine.

  • eg

    My internet conection is disappearing every 5 minutes even when im home conected with wi fi… wtf… any chance to update it back:(((((?

  • er

    Phone keeps freezing. Apps keep freezing. Ringtones/My Music were lost–Getting the same issues as Ichiro Fox — that my phone plays random ring tones that I haven’t selected and won’t play the ones I have. I’m not feeling too confident in Android with this mess. Fix it please.

  • Sherry

    I’ve had problems ever since the IICS update, but lately (the past 3-4 days) they’ve been worse, most frustratingly is the ringtone issue. Ever since the ICS update I’ve had ThisStupidSwypeIssue! Fix it FFS!!!!!

    • Sherry


  • superd

    It appears my smart phone has become dumb. My music is all messed up an is not user friendly. my pictures are unable to move into folder without connecting to a PC. Widgets don’t stay on desktop. Choppy calls and texting pictures are not as good. Lots of other issues. Please fix or go back. Google chrome is also baaaad.

  • Shawna Mccaulley

    A lot of my apps stopped working and I now cannot send picture messages…I have to forward them to peopleGoogle chrome SUCKS! I cannot connect to my PC AND my ringtones changed…and some don’t work at all. The phone in general is becoming slow and unresponsive. AND THE MOST ANNOYING PART is that the auto correct is so stupid…I end up sending 3 or 4 texts just to get the right words :( please fix soon or I am switching to iPhone!!!

    • Hollis Brown

      Auto Correct on iPhone isn’t any better.

  • Verizon’s crap

    Screw Verizon…I went through 2 years of crap with the turdbolt…now this crap freezing slow 4g phone…going back to att..

  • WFL

    I’m really disappointed to find out so many other people are having major issues after installing 4.1.2. I was hoping there would be some setting or cache that could be fixed on my phone to make it work again. Apps and widgets needing to be reset was minor inconvenience. Contacts got messed up, too. It’s a big deal that the phone is slow at everything now, from unlocking the screen to typing text, to browsing the web. I hate having to take so long to type (and fix) my notes and messages. But the single MOST frustrating thing for me is that QuickOffice keeps quitting suddenly, and I lose everything since my last Save (which I’m now doing every two minutes or so)! Happens whether I’m using Android keyboard, Swype or SwiftKey. I don’t use the music and video much, so haven’t noticed some of the other problems I read about on this forum. I have only a bare minumum of apps running, but it doesn’t help. It’s bad enough that my brother’s Iphone 4 is way faster than my Razr Max now. But even my wife’s 3G dumb phone is faster for typing and sending messages than my 4G Razr!

  • Madison C

    Ever since the update my phone has trouble sending messages even with full bars, and my data. I have to turn off my phone and turn it on again for it to work for a little longer

  • beulah

    droid 4 here and I cannot send pics via text any longer. they get resized and converted to mms but never send

  • Matthew

    Can’t use speech to text. It comes up with an error saying Google server cannot be reached. Also noticed the phone has been running slower and apps have been crashing more frequently.

  • Tarsmom

    So glad I found this….both me and my husband have dropped calls, aps not responding and the battery life sucks! Hope verizon does something and quick!

    • JDM4Life

      I had the same problems that made my phone unusable, same symptoms with a lot of lag. Did a full factory restore five times and cleared the cache, eventually getting my phone stuck on the fast boot load mode. Verizon tech couldn’t fix it. My phone is not rooted or hacked.. ended spending an extra 70 bucks to get my ROM reflashed as the update corrupted the boot file. Think I’m gonna go to the S4 in a month and a half when my upgrade is available.

  • tbw

    Can’t wait to buy anything different than this POS. Ever since the “upgrade” I keep finding things that are f-d up . Latest is when I press voice commands I get a message “voice commands has stopped.” There used to be someway to send an email and get a help response but now there is no way to even contact motorola. Customer service?? They suck.

  • NM

    I haven’t updated my phone but the battery life is not as good. My phone keeps freezing and the lock button keeps coming up with power off sleep or flight mode.
    So annoying I was really liking this phone as well.

  • dan

    After taking off the screen cover and cleaning the glass with a wet wipe, the screen detects pressure points and touches that do not occur and detect my own poorly, is there anything I can do to fix this? I thought cleaning it would improve it but it seemed to make it worse. I have restarted it about three times by now.

  • lauren

    My screen is stuck horizontal… it will not go back to normal (vertical). Any advice or is anyone else’s doing this too???? Heeeeeelp!!

    • MMS

      I actually know how to fix this one! You go to settings, display, and scroll down to HDMI…if selected de-select it. If NOT selected, select it, then deselect it. The phone will go back to vertical. I will admit you have to do this every single time you reboot — it’s some kind of bug. I went to Verizon for help and they couldn’t fix it at first, then we did a factory re-set (waste of time and energy), and then they went online to one of these forums and found it is a bug in the HDMI setting on display setting.

  • ben

    Moto cast won’t work right wish I could turn back on that update it sucks took my music library away now I have to use Google play gay.and what’s with Google controlling the volume on my music that’s just stupid

  • Rob

    My phone is being very slow and apps are continuously quitting unexpectedly, including my contacts, so I cant call or text. It is also continuously popping up notifications that they arent working…

  • ldp

    was totally infatuated with my phone before update,now I hate it. Wish I had followed the old saying “if it aint broke ,don’t fix it”

  • razr maxx user

    jb sucks Big Time. i Can’t Even Fill Out This Comment Board Correctly Because Of This Stupid Firmware They Tricked me into. beginning To Think Google Sucks Also.

  • Moto User

    Among many other ruined apps, the music player sucks now as well. songs I place on my card don’t show up in the song list. The userface is HORRIBLE, the first screen that pops up when you open the app is some “listen now” bulshet. WTf is this? I cannot delete so-called songs that refuse to play, some just do nothing, others give a msg that they are not know file types or some shet like that, I don’t remember exactly and don’t really fkng care, THEY USED TO WORK! Its a GD google player now, no longer a Motorola player apparently. This phone used to kisk ass, great battery life, smooth operation etc. Now it heats up and battery life obviously is killed, when it comes to electronics, HEAT KILLS. WTF is wrong with Motorola, thay used to care about their customers, that’s why I went back to them after my samSUK experience.

  • Limor

    This is crazy, everything has slowed down takes ages for each application to load than half of them get stuck and shut down.
    Is there any way to do a downgrade?

  • Swanmt

    My phone has slowed down considerably. I’ve been looking at all the suggested fixes and so far have done seen one that has worked satisfactory. Any suggestions?

  • Lizzie

    Ive had multiple issues with this

  • Lizzie

    This update has slowed down my phone with every app! It continuous tells me that I have text msgs that are not sending but once reviewing ALL msgs there is nothing pending. It deleted the alarm app that was preset with the phone and NOW any preset alarms you may have you cannot turn off! Any one know how to fix this?

  • EspoMan

    When are they going to fix these issues? Does anyone know? I am sure both Motorola and Google are aware of these problems.

  • Janis Hillier

    Yep my RAZR HD was awesome… BEFORE the update! Lost all my photos from internal storage and it used to work fine in my Audi Q5 with bluetooth but now it doesn’t answer calls, won’t show me the address book and is basically flakey and a pain in the behind

  • DrWho

    I finally fixed mine – but here’s the story… My Verizon Razr Maxx was great, did everything the way I wanted. Then the update to JB came out. Right away, even before upgrading, my phone started bogging down. I suspect it was a way to force the upgrade. After a few weeks of avoiding the upgrade I accidentally hit the option to proceed, and after that the phone was just a pile of slow moving *&%^ to put it mildly. To try and fix it the first thing I did was wipe the cache partition – I knew that from the last upgrade on a previous Droid. That didn’t help much this time though. So, I struggled through trying various fixes – I’ll spare you the details of each, since none of them worked. So what did work? A complete system wipe and reload, and manual re-installation of each app and widget – not a restore, but a brand new, one-at-a-time download and installation and configuration of each – just like if I’d gotten the phone and turned it on the first time. Yeah, it was a royal PITA, but now my phone works properly once again, and does none of the weird behavior things like it did before. And it’s back to being fast. A few things even work a little better than before. I still miss some of the widgets that Google did away with. And for those talking about Motorola not doing anything – Google bought Motorola, or at least the mobility division that makes the phones. So, both the phone and the OS are now Google.

    • Andy

      Is everything still working great? Did you do a factory restore via the settings menu? When it restored, did it restore to ics or jb?

      • DrWho

        Yes, everything is still good so far. My restore was from the boot menu recovery mode though. When it restored, it restored to JB. Doing it this way is essentially a fresh installation vs an upgrade.

  • caca

    Yes After Upgrade I Hate My Phone. Using GoogLe Voice Mail Its Causingt This . I think

  • disqus_6o5ILLBWOY

    keyboard&apps freezing more&more often;even after factory reset

  • Bsam

    I loved my Razr before the update. After the update it’s become a slow, frustrating piece of crap! EVERYTHING is slow, the keyboard locks up, there is a delay when doing ANYTHING! So sick of it!

  • Littlefish

    my phone says it is charging but it only charges to 20% then stops

  • ihatejellybean

    I was positively smitten with my razar and rarely had issues until the update. After the update, it is sooo slow and unresponsive with delayed text, frozen screens, and most recently all of the app icons on my SD card look like the green robot droid and have stopped functioning. As of yesterday, my razr charges with the usb cord but cannot be recognized by a computer. Motorola shouldn’t veil downgrades as “updates”.

  • grrrr

    i have had mine for two weeks…and twice now…it won’t even turn on!!!! This thing sux!! wish i had gone with the s4 like i was going to

  • can u say iphone

    My Droid Max has become slow, crashes with regular stock apps. Really a piece of crap. Ready to change.

  • Orkyz

    All of my apps now force close, my music can’t be accessed in my music player, it doesn’t always register that I have headphones in and will still play music on the regular speakers, and the browser/search has become ridiculously slow. On occasion the auto spacing stops working and writes everything as one word. The most annoying thing is the texts though. I often don’t get a notification about new texts and they go unseen. When I send texts, they usually have the green arrow next to them showing that they haven’t gone through now. I miss the original software and want to uninstall the update!!!

  • Rick

    My 2013 Mazda3 allows me do download messages to my car and read them. This feature worked for 1 week until the 4.1.2 update was pushed to it. Now it tells me a message has arrived and asks to download. After ansering yes it displays “downloading message ” and then after 5 minutes get the error “download failed” try again later”

  • Damian Mercenit

    updated: I updated and um I don’t know is this how it was before that date but my time on my Droid Razr Maxx um adjust the time on and is not correct meaning when I’m going to app and send a message with an app it says I sent it is super duper late I’m or my friend send me a message and it says he sent it later random time but everything its just like five minutes later but the time is completely wrong so the time on the Android itselfI was wrong in the beginning when it and ice it because the internet time is completely wrong so I switched it manually and it changed but on every app its wrong

  • lonepcfn

    Within the last two weeks, my razr Maxx has taken a life of its own. It will not retain ring tone settings. It changes them at will. When it rings today, instead of the ringtone I have set, which I verified, I get the bells notification tone. I have missed calls because it wont ring or people tell me they get a busy signal???? That makes no sense. Otherwise, it is just acting unstable. I really liked this phone when I got it, but now I am so frustrated with it. I don’t know,maybe test updates before releasing them……….

  • David Guzman

    The phone is closing apps on its own, flash is not working, issues sending messages and phones going nuts.. did full reset and problem still exist.

    • Karly Edgarton

      Same problems

    • Zachary A Clark Sr.

      SAME HERE it sucks ass

  • tjomac

    Has anyone had any help from Verizon (or Motorola)? Verizon tells me I need a new phone and that if I spend $150 (with the insurance) they’ll send me a refurbished Droid Razr, how is that supposed to help? My Razr worked beautifully prior to JB, junk afterword, won’t hold signal, text doesn’t work, lately I can’t even check voicemail because it says I have no data connection. I experience dropped calls, and there are many times I can’t place a call because I have no connection of any kind. Hope I don’t need 911 anytime soon!! I have no idea what to do next, but I’m not spending $150 for another Razr that has JB on it!
    They treat me as if I’m stupid, if one more customer service person tells me that I must have dropped my phone or gotten it wet I’m going to scream. (I know it won’t help, but how many times can one explain the same thing over and over!)

    • Teresa

      I swapped my phone for issues and the one I got is worse. The keep telling me to factory reset and that doesn’t work either. Until the do another update I think we’re stuck. and who knows if that will even help

      • tjomac

        Thanks! that’s why I told them I wouldn’t take a phone, I read about people like you who have swapped phones and it hasn’t helped. I have taken to bashing Verizon on twitter, not that they care with all the customers they have, but at least I get to feel a little better. I don’t think I can wait until my contract is up, that is a long way to go with a phone that doesn’t work.

  • fuckyou


  • Teresa

    I’m having major issues with a lag in typing, Apps keep forcing closed, Chrome takes forever to get to a webpage. I actually had the same problem with my previous driod Maxx and was swapped for another and this is just as bad if not worse which tells me it’s the operating system. IT”S AWFUL!!!!

  • Stan

    I just bought a Droid 4 with the drop down keyboard. It was fine for about a week. I got a software download notification last weekend (June 1), and after the download my speaker volume is very low, even when set on the highest level. Verizon claims I damaged the phone, which is nonsense, and said that even if it was a software error (which it obviously is), that wouldn’t call for a warranty replacement. Is anyone having this kind of problem? This company stinks. Stan

  • gray

    I have the RAZR, and it’s so laggy, especially with texting and apps. I have perfect reception and strong wifi, too. :/ talk about frustrating.

  • Debbie Swenson

    Major issues!! I have hard reset, soft reset and numerous other things to try to fix some of the bugs, including not being about to make phone calls! HATE HATE HATE THE UPDATE.

  • Sick of it all

    I’m not so sure it is specifically the phone, I have an older Motorola Droid (A855) and it is plagued with almost all of the problems mentioned below has been completely useless since early May.

  • Ms Farmer 2 You

    I have gone thru 3 new Razr Maxx since February. All of them have had the same texting issues. I can receive my text messages until about noon. Then no texts all afternoon. 10 p.m. every night I get big batches of texts that have been sent during that afternoon. Motorola has sent me the new phones and they tell me that it is a problem with the phone that they cannot fix, so they send me a new phone. I have contacted Verizon and they don’t want to send me a new phone, they want to send me “factory refurbished” phones. But I say, I bought a new phone in good faith and am paying big bucks to have a new phone, I am not going to get a used/refurbished phone!

  • John w

    droid RAZR with Rogers. after update typing anything is really laggy; phone freezes for seconds at a time. most annoying, however, is the ringer. the first call after rebooting works, then ringer won’t work for phone calls until I reboot again. the volume settings don’t change, it just won’t work. reboot then it works for the first call again. I’ve factory reset, including data wipe. I’ve changed ring tones between stock and custom. I’ve changed ringer file locations. no positive results. rogers says maybe a patch will be released or i can buy a new phone. thanks for the help.

  • dgullick

    Razer Maxx hd: Lost all contacts & will not sync/restore with gmail or Verizon. Gmail shows contacts so they are not lost, just wont sync. Phone also much slower. Any Way to uninstall 4.1.2 ?

  • charlie

    Since this update, my Razr Mazz HD freezes (during calls and while charging), drops calls and randomly shuts down. It’s really irritating since I have already received a replacement phone and that’s all Verizon wants to do for the issue. I contacted Motorola tech support and they were as helpful as teats on a turtle. There is no way to downgrade from the update and from what Verizon and Motorola technicians advise, there is no resolution in the near future. I did find that if you go into settings then choose developer options and check the stay awake option, the freezing and soft resets happen less often.

  • Ray

    I give up!!! Yes, I was anti- Apple, and loved the customization of Android, but this Droid Razr is horrible and no one seems to care or help. This was the perfect phone, but since the update, things work when they feel like it. I have done resets, wipe cache, etc. and honestly if I don’t want a phone that I have to go on boards and search thru countless problems only to go through all the steps above to get my phone working. All those Apple friends I laughed are laughing at me know since it takes forever to text due to the awful lag. I had my phone paired to my car and well now that’s not working for listening to music from my phone. This is all ridiculous. Verizon no help and Motorla acts like it’s the first time they have ever heard these problems. Really?

    • willis

      If u get the newest update Ur wifi and Bluetooth won’t work trust me my bro and my dad did and theirs dont work

  • Deanne

    I used to love my Razr Maxx but since the update I HATE it. Everything runs painfully slow. I rarely get full bars and even the 4G seems slow. Booting up takes a long time. It can’t even pull up a web page quickly, anymore. I’ve tried deleting a bunch of apps, and I use a task killer to stop background apps with no success. I’m stuck with this brick until May. This is my second Motorola droid phone that’s gone south with an OS update. I’m not yet ready to give up on droid, but I’ll never own a Motorola again.

  • Mike

    My browser just stops working. When I tap the screen it can be unresponsive. You’d think they would have tested this more thoroughly.

  • Taryn

    My droid has been ridiculously slow… OMG! I’ve tried cache cleaners, task managers, nothing is helping!! I’ve always been anti-Apple, but this maybe be the straw… Any suggestions for help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Erin Red

      the app clean master might be a boost, and try cleaning out your device storage. Mine was close to full and when I moved it to my SD card and deleted it from my phone, it ran much smoother. It’s not a permanent fix but it’s better than nothing. Hope this helps.

  • Jen H

    My phone isn’t showing any kind of signal, but I can still place calls just fine. If my phone isn’t connect to WiFi its useless. I don’t even get 2G, let alone 3 or 4. WTH!!

  • Dann

    It isn’t a fix but a temporary breath of air – I got the app CleanMaster, which comes with two different widget options that you can quickly tap and it will kill background processes, giving your phone a boost. I have to hit it pretty regularly, and it is really frustrating.

    Also, I disabled (as much as it hurt me to do so) Google Now, and that helped too (it is in the Google now/search settings.

    • Dann

      ** I don’t plan on going apple, but my next phone will probably not be a Motorola – it’ll be a Galaxy or Nexus device.

  • Motorola since 1997

    thank you for this board. since June 1 I have no been able to answer or place a call inside my house. spent over 10 hours with about 100 Verizon reps. none tell me the same thing. am on 3rd phone, have done more factory resets than any subscriber should ever have to. not sure what outcome will be.???

    • Andre Colon

      ..up to my third phone as well :(

  • Anita

    I use to be able to send videos from my gallery, but not it always says “not enough space it exceeds 5000k. I have tried even a 5 second video and that doesn’t work either. Help? Other than that my phone works great.

    • Jeanne

      I have had the same issue and it makes me incredibly angry. I used to be able to send videos and now I have to send everything via an email. *frustrating* They need better quality assurance before pushing out an update to millions of users.

  • Pis Sed

    Google Search is useless due to slowness, my home screen stops working constantly, voice command and search are also pretty much disabled. Phone is a disaster.

  • Don S

    Very irritated by Verizon for not influencing the Operating System developers for 4.1.2 of all the bugs and/or shortfalls. My biggest problem is that I can no longer get TEXT messsages on my 2013 Chrysler 300’s Uconnect system. It worked before Jellybean but now my car system says that my phone is not longer compatible. Oh well I suppose Android and Verizon are eiither not talking to each other or Verizon is afraid of Google’s developers. Who knows? Searchs on the internet indicate that the issue is that the new operating system of 4.1.2 has killed the message access protocol. If I knew this, ahead of time I would have tried to stop the update. I suppose the “few” (the developers) are smarter than the “many”.

  • Fed up

    I’m on Verizon. Since the upgrade, many apps disappeared, phone is slower, battery doesn’t last as long, and the phone heats up constantly.
    If they can’t come up with a fix, as soon as I can, I’m back to an iPhone. It wasn’t as flexible, but least it was consistent and reliable.

  • mimi

    My blue tooth stopped working although its on. And my 4G and cell bars turns red so that I cannot send/receive messages or make calls…not even to 611. Took to Verizon store and was told it was the os update and he had never seen this happen before to where you cant even call customer service at 611

    • tjomac

      Mimi, Did they have any solution for you?

  • Karly Edgarton

    When I turn my phone on it atomaticly goes on the side and I have to go to settings and change it back to normal and its starting to getreally anoyingannoying and yeah pleas help

  • Karly Edgarton

    My phone keeps putting the homscreen side ways and I have to go to settings to change it and my volume doesn’t work sometimes and my phone randomly uninstalls apps and sometimes it types on its own and yeah please help!!

  • willis

    I can’t download any apps, when I’m on the internet it will kick me off. When ppl call my phone vibrates once than stops

  • tjomac

    I have tried to get help from Verizon or Motorola, neither has any follow through, they tell me to do this or that and tell me how great updates are…right! I did a FR last night, and my phone still has the little red thing where I have NO connection, no data, no voice, dropped calls, and text that don’t go through.

  • Spokane Customer

    Both my wife’s and my Razr Maxx devices have slowed to a crawl and we’ve lost usable features such as being able to print from them. My old Blackberry Storm 3G was faster than this Verizon 4G “smart phone” is now! Verizon can only tell me that Motorola has FINALLY realized that they have a whole slew of these Razr phones (with all carriers) that are experiencing problems due to this update to 4.1.2 and “will have a fix out in 30 days”. I asked the Verizon “greeter” when that announcement came out this morning and was told “about a week ago.” He went on to say, “in my experience when a manufacturer tells you 30 days, it will be a lot longer”.
    I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer since 1989 and I am honestly considering dropping them at my next renew. The arrogance of this company is incredible. They could put some pressure upon Motorola to make this happen but let’s face it, they’re in bed together!

    • tjomac

      I hope they told you something that was accurate about a fix for this!! I understand that Verizon is supposed to have the “best” coverage, but the arrogance of Verizon is not worth it, I’ve also been a customer for years, since about 1998, but the dismissive attitude of their CS is outrageous, it is an attitude that comes from the top, customers don’t matter to them, they have made that abundantly clear.
      At this point I would rather have dropped calls for a legitimate reason from another carrier than have them dropped due to the fact that JB broke my phone, broke my connection and Verizon doesn’t care.

  • Dee

    Ever since the update my droid RAZR has been freezing a lot and then restarting and there will be times that it restarts when I’m not even using it…..not happy….

  • motorola president

    ” i love this phone its the best one we have available” Verizion Wireless Repersentative idaho Falls ID :) ………..TWO YEARS LATER WITH DAILY ISSUES VERIZION WIRELESS CAN STUFF THIS UP THIER AZZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda in SoFL

    My biggest gripes are it stopped updating e-mails. If I manually update, it updates the time but rarely brings in e-mails. Second is periodic freezes so I have to turn it off and on.l Other minor quirks but not consistent. Grrrr. Fix it!

  • Nick T

    My phone book has jumbled the numbers around so I have no idea who I’m calling or texting, it seems to have a mind of it’s own.

  • DBB411

    Most of the crappy performance issues noted with the Razr Maxx are things I’m seeing on mine. Ice Cream Sandwich was MUCH more stable and worked most of the time as advertised. Jelly Bean, at least this version, is pretty close to useless!

  • Sergio

    Razr MAXX. Android 4.1.2.
    GPS does not work. A-GPS does not work. Positioning via Wi-Fi – does not work.

  • Cindy Matteson

    My Motorola droid RAZR Maxx is seriously slow. Need a fix as I can’t get a new phone for a year

  • panameno1256

    My Razr Maxx is crashing a lot

  • panameno1256

    Also is slow like a turtle GRRRRRRRRRRR!

    • Connor

      I have the same problem :(

  • crankyman

    Razr HD disconnects BT twice per song!

  • Justin Townsend

    My RAZR-M has been tremendously horrible since the update. Texts either don’t send, or just say they are trying to send, the internet drops to 3G constantly no matter where I am and it kills my battery. So 75% of my day the internet isnt even being used. 4.1.2 has been nothing but trouble

  • ANicky

    My Razr Maxx was useless after Jelly Bean, no BT, dropping calls, wifi dropping all the time. Speakers were crazy, and while in ICS I was all day with no batt worries, after Jelly Bean by noon I was already looking for a plug to charge. I called and went thru the regular hoops and I kept asking to escalate to the next tech until I could find somebody that knew something. Finally a Verizon higher tier tech support told me he would exchange my Maxx for a Maxx HD (No extra charge) because he was certain some of this things would improve. I have had my new Maxx HD now for over a month and it is WAY better than before. All the issues with the exception of the darn BT are resolve now. I guess what I want to say is to keep calling and make sure they understand that they messed up your perfectly good phone without you even asking to be updated. That was my main argument, either fix this or bring my phone back to ICS that was working fine. You ruined it, now fix it!! Keep trying. It worked for me.


  • RodneyLee

    Settings Crash when I click on Storage, Sdcard won’t mount

  • JamCin

    Ever since the update, my home screen will have a does not respond
    error. Now, my games won’t even open and even my gallery has decided to
    not open too. My wallpaper disappears and resets to either black or
    whatever wallpaper it likes. Before Jelly Bean, my battery would last a
    day plus, now after Jelly Bean my battery is drained. I can’t even
    access Google Play at times as it starts to open then goes back to the
    home screen. Some widgets no longer update and some text messages will
    not send.I go to look at my status bar by dragging it down and my home
    screen background goes black and the status bar disappears completely.

    Yes….I have cleared the cache…yes I have done a factory reset…yes I am
    going to try to exchange it, but they want me to pay a co-pay on the
    insurance I have. That is pretty lame, since it is the Jelly Bean update
    that is causing the issue. Phone worked perfectly until the update.

    • L B

      There should ONLY be a deductible if there is physical damage…otherwise it is manufacturer’s defect and if it is either less than a year old or if you have the extended warranty, which is part of the total equipment coverage, there is no fee.

  • Sandy

    I have a RAZR and ever since I got the update, my phone has been acting sluggish. And yeah, it has acted pretty crazy at times and also freezing up. NOT HAPPY!!

  • Sow Dog

    Mine has been freezing up. Just to unlock the screen takes several seconds. I was considering a factory reset, but really don’t want to have to reload all of my apps. I love my Droid, but I feel like my baby is dying. I get an upgrade in about 4-6 months and wanted to go with the Droid DNA, but now I am having second thoughts. I don’t like Apple and really don’t want an iPhone, but that may be the only choice…

  • richsapf

    I hope I am making comment in correct area, my Droid 4 has been lagging etc. i cant even root because of stupid qe 0/0 checker at recovery boot.. is there a hack for that yet? i want to root but don’t want to lose my warrenty..

    best to all

  • Erin Red

    Just had my second “unlock my phone, have it freeze up and not turn back on for 10 minutes” episode. Not to mention my apps continue to run slowly, it still takes awhile to return to the home screen, sometimes when it boots up the wallpaper is extremely large, and other times i’ll try to access an app and it will randomly ask me to resign into my wireless router, even though its supposed to always connect and stored the password, it will ask for the password.
    It sounds like maybe this update is the cause of it, but I’m not sure. Anyone else experience such things?

    When I first got it, before this update I loved my phone and was talking it up to anyone who asked about it. Now I will steer them away. I still like it, just hope a fix is coming so I’m not scrapping this card and getting a new one less than 6 months after I got it.

  • Jeff Gordon Fan #24

    Another problem I’ve been having is having text messages fail when I try to send them. I try to resend, but it just continues to fail, especially when I try to send a picture.

    My wallpaper changes whenever it feels like it. The wallpaper many times is a picture of something that I never took. I will just be out running errands and pick up my phone and notice the wallpaper changed to a photo of someplace that I just left???

    Please fix the problems.

  • Sharpeagle

    My droid after updating to version 4.1.2 I started getting 2 vibrations random thru the day. It vibrates twice and there is nothing on the display other than it turns on the display. I have not notifications turned on except texts and they work correctly.
    I am also not getting emails from my company email account. I am hearing others with the same problem. This started after the update. I re-sync the email and they do not show. As soon as I get into the office they sync up fine. I have Wifi at home but the cell network should do it as well.

  • BOB


  • Cornelia

    I feel glad that I am not the only one having these issues. But it’s not only the motorola razor that has those issues. My husband has LG and since the last update it messes up all the time. My battery is discharging way quicker than usually because my screen turns on all the time without having notifications. Sometimes my battery lasts 3 hours without even using the phone and another time I use it randomly and it lasts the whole day. I hope they fix it soon. It’s a pain in the ….


    I am having PROBLEMS with the RAZURS MAX HD phone too! DROPPED CALLS & I can NOT ATTACH PICTURES OR VIDEO TO TEXT MESSAGES. What a bummer! This must be a big deal for Motorola and Verizon. It seems to be an issue for a lot of their customers. WHERE IS THE FIX? WHEN WILL WE SEE IT? Please communicate with your VALUED CUSTOMERS and give us the HELP we deserve.


      Just got off phone with Verizon Rep, 1 hour call. He had me wipe the phone and reboot it to factory settings, lost all apps. Interesting thing he told me…My phone was “blocked from receiving/sending pictures and video messages”. He had me turn off the phone and he “turned on” this feature. NOW IT WORKS! Still dropping calls but I can text a pic/vid now. I hope this help you all…

  • J. Woodside

    I am so glad to see others are having problems. I have a number of widgets not working anymore — one of them being my traffic widgets that I always used for commuting to/from work. Also, I can’t toggle on/off my wifi. It stays on.

  • LisaO

    I used to LOVE my droid razr maxx, and especially its lightning speed. I refused to get an iphone despite taunting from my family and friends. Now that I want to throw my phone over the Brooklyn Bridge, my family is now laughing at me. I’m so disappointed with android and motorola. I feel like I have an old windows phone. It’s constantly freezing up on me and just plain refuses to do what I ask it to do. I feel like I have no choice but to lower my head to my friends and family, and join the iphone club, sigh…

  • tjomac

    I have found that if I turn off mobile data it helps the phone aspect of my “smart phone” — but it seems fairly stupid to pay for data when one must make their “smart phone” dumb. However, having a connection for phone calls is better than having an expensive paper weight…I will however remember this when my contract date is up, Verizon and Motorola are not on my recommend list!

  • shachta

    I did not volunteer to update the phone. One morning I awoke to see the screen saying something about having completed the update. Since my forced update, my phone does not work right at all!!! I went to verizon and they bounced me around with the same excuse everytime. claiming that it isnt their responsibility and that i should contact motorola! I HATE VERIZON! but i digress…
    The biggest problem is that I can no longer write emails, replies on social media, or text messages without every word auto capitalizing and forcing me to manually space after every word. I cant correct the capital letter or it just reverts after i fix it to lower case. i have had myriad other problems with faulty apps and serious issues with browser/websites.

    My second largest complaint is that I can no longer make it through a regular day without having the battery die on me… I dont even use the phone all day and have this problem. Before the update, I could use the phone all day and not have to charge the phone for two full days of heavy use. Overnight, all of the benefits of my phone were ruined thanks to this horrible update.

  • CattyG

    I took the update the moment I saw it was available….what a mistake! I now have to plug in the phone the second I get to work because more than half the battery has discharged on my 45 minute subway ride in (I’m on the subway, there is no Wifi or 4G connection!).

    I can no longer set custom ringtones and the when I am home and on Wifi,eventually the Wifi stops working and I have to reboot the phone to get it to recognize again. This is a mess…I check everyday for that fix but nothing so far. And when I went to the Verizon store, the guy handed me the number and told me I had to call tech support. Come on Verizon, this is getting really old!

  • SP

    This phone is a nightmare. I really regret getting it. It crashes constantly, often several times a day, and I have to reboot it over and over. It also crashes and gives me the no battery (dead robot) sign often, even when it should be charged. I’ve also had problems with older wireless routers–it won’t connect to them again after the first time.

  • Dana M.

    Hmmm…well…I have had my Droid RAZR Max for about a year and a half, I have updated it every time an update has been available, and I have not had any problems with my phone. I can actually say that my phone runs better and smoother than anybody else’s phone that I know, and the battery life is by far better than anybody else’s I know. On that note, I make sure and take care of my phone by fully monitoring what it does, and is capable of doing manually, as should everyone else that has a smart phone….don’t let your phone out smart you people….as for Verizon…I am completely dissatisfied with their service right now. They have no excuse to have the very low level of customer service that they currently have….and even more, they no longer should be charging so much more for their service that is at best at par with all the other service providers…. Verizon, you better pull your heads out of your @$$’$ before you lose all your customers, because this is unacceptable.

  • melissa

    I have a Motorola M and the volume keeps turning off. It is entirely random but seems to happen more often at night. I don’t remember when it started or if it coincided with an update.

  • Tiler9989

    I was having issues with my RAZR Max the last week or so with it being really slow to load the home screen while also having some apps not work at all. I deleted a few apps I didn’t use anymore, one of which was Facebook messenger and a few other small apps. On top of this I also deleted many text messages and cleared all of the cache on my browser. After doing this I hard booted my phone and it has been working fine ever since. Don’t know if this will help anyone else out but it worked for mine.

  • gmm2013

    I just bought a 2013 Honda CRV and a new Motorola Razr M. They worked fine for 3 weeks and now I try to call from my car bluetooth and it just hangs up? I checked the Honda Web Site and it is a compatable phone for my car.

    • ebigrat1

      It’s the phone. It’s a piece of crap. Every Motorola phone I have had is a piece of crap but thought this new Razr M was going to be different. I’ve only had it for 9 months and wish I could get rid of it. The JB update seem to set it back, before the update it ran great.

  • Steve Warin

    I’m just installing an update right now to my Razr-i. Not sure what version the update is. It has hung part way through so I expect my phone will be screwed completely from now on. It took about 8 hours to actually download it, and now it has been supposedly installing for about 2 hours 30 minutes with the progress bar stuck at about 30% and no longer moving at all. Thanks Motorola, you useless bunch of idiots.

  • sean

    scumbags.fucked.everything from my keyboard, settings task manager is gone WHAT THE FUCK This was.not.what.i.wa.ted.i.feel.hijacked

  • ben

    My SD card keeps un-mounting on its own.

    The phone came back after 4.1.2 installation with SD card un-mounted.

    Did a couple of re-boots. Removed and re-inserted the card. The card appears and then, sometime later it disappears again.
    The phone leaves a polite message that it is not a good idea to remove the SD card without turning the phone off.

    • Shea Deadly

      I am having this problem too. I put my SD card in another phone and all of my stuff is still there though. I went to Verizon today and they told me to back everything up and then reformat the SD card but my computer isn’t recognizing it when I try to pull it up through the phone so I can’t even back it up! I would love to hear if you figure this out!

  • Name

    Droid Razr M, ever since 4.1.2 the phone shuts down/reboots at will. sometimes 3, 4 times an hour. No issues with App functions. Tried resets, took it to a Vz store, they basically did the same. Got replacement (rebuilt) phone yesterday. Most online threads have said the replacement phones have the same issues. I’ll see this weekend. Really liked the phone until this. May have to go iPhone. May even leave Vz for ATT (and I’m Vz employee!)

    • Tim

      My RAZR M just updated over night and now it reboots randomly. Seems like it is only when I am using an app or web browser. I completely wiped everything from the phone and defaulted. No aftermarket apps installed and still rebooting randomly. This sucks. This is a company phone too.

  • Jhanken

    I can wait for a minute or more just to unlock the phone. I can be on a phone call and not have access to the button to hang up the call for 30 seconds or more. The phone is becoming unusable at times, and it appears to be a completely random problem.

  • Naul

    I’ve had my Droid RAZR MAXX HD for a few months, and it was a superb phone up until the update, then I started experiencing random crashes (random shutdowns and sometimes even a blue screen!!!), and my go-to music app (PowerAmp) doesn’t recognize my 400+ songs, but Google Play Music does perfectly… The phone was perfect before the update, now it’s just another problem phone.

  • MAG

    Same issues phone shuts down randomly. Worked perfectly before the update. Especially when txt or emailing.

  • Tammy Trust

    My voice to text feature is not working properly. It will capitalize the first letter of the first word only. Subsequent sentence’s first letter of the word is always lower case. I have made no changes to language or input. Do I waste time calling Verizon’s customer service or go directly to store??? Pissed. It was just working fine a week ago.

  • saad kaabneh

    my music player in not apearing on the apps drwer

  • RicRuvel

    If I put my Network selection to any of the Automatic options the phone is constantly changing to Emergency Calls Mode. I have to select only 3G to avoid this problem. Also WiFi is constantly disconnecting and my Feedly widget is not updating.

  • King Herm

    pushing SHIFT to get symbols isn’t working on my DROID 4, that’s why I don’t update things that are working perfectly…WHY FIX WHAT ISN’T BROKEN…just a ploy by Verizon to mess up your phone so you have to buy another one, that’s why I don’t give them money by renewing contracts, I can call and text on my VX8350, and use the DROID as a mini tablet, forget your games Verizon, past the first contract, I’ll never mindlessly give you money when you have no respect for your customers!

  • jenn

    Lost my Navigation…. poof!!! Incredibly slow now …everything stops working…. I understand the Samsung is now the HOT phones but …. anyone know when they plan on fixing this crap ???? I need my navigation!!!!!!!!

    • YaraZaraRizzo

      The navigation is now linked to “Maps” so when you search for a location, you click the car button and it’s a one push navigation. I thought the same thing.

      • Tam

        Thank you for the info. I have been traveling and the navigation app disappeared. It would have been helpful if they’d notify of changes.

  • Fed Up

    I got my Droid RAZR HD in April. Loved the phone! The battery would go a day and a half before charging, was fast and responsive, internet was fast. In June everything went to garbage. My signal is never above 2 bars and rarely gets a 4G signal. The battery lasts about 8 hours or less even with minimal use, the battery heats up very hot, goes down 10-20% percent in a minute and the phone loses all signal. I talked to Verizon Customer Support and Tech Support and found Tech Support to be less than helpful in trying to figure out the problem. Ultimately, I decided that since the phone was under factory warranty, that I wanted a new phone. Verizon sends me a “Like new refurbished” phone. What a bunch of crap. This “like new phone” is even more junk than the one that i sent back. I didnt even get a brand new phone? I spent $150 on the phone and they can’t even replace it with a brand new phone? Crap, serious crap. The new update is crap too. That is what is causing all the issues with my phone in the first place. I am going to AT&T even tho I hate them more than Verizon

    • spruceknob7

      Got the same problems, I will never buy a Motorola phone again. Trying Samsung next.

    • Commish Flock

      also the battery life seems to be worse with mine. Motorola needs to get it together and God I wish they could get a nice camera

      • Mark Christmann

        Fed Up
        I have the exact same issues

  • Sonya

    Wont connect to my home wifi

  • Commish Flock

    I own a Razr Maxx HD, I’m not sure if that applies but I did get an update and yes it is affecting my phone horribly mostly the camera

  • YaraZaraRizzo

    My battery dies much quicker than it used to, probably because the backlight doesn’t go out anymore even though I checked my settings. I have to manually hit the side button and I’m screwed if I turns on while it’s in my purse. Some apps the screen blacks out or flips upside down — but I can’t determine if it’s the app or the phone that’s causing that.
    This also happens on my Nexus tablet so I know it’s not just with my Razr M.

  • dcqueens

    my calendar shows gray bars when viewed in day mode instead of what is scheduled :( Now I have to click on each individual event each day to see my schedule.

  • DubB

    After this ridiculous update, my phone now reboots itself about 4 times every day

  • MrNikelai

    The only thing that doesn’t work on my droid hd is videos keeps telling me that flash is not compatible with my device. Otherwise everything else works just fine, but watching videos and movies is like 80% the reason I bought this phone!!! I need my Netflix!!!!! Damm it

  • lizebird

    My notification sounds are not working. Well, actually, they work intermittently, whenever. Scream.

  • Dissatisfied

    After the Jelly Bean update:
    My contacts did not sync. I have multiple contacts now with the same name.
    My keyboard freezes and is not as responsive as before.
    My wifi doesn’t connect to my home network anymore, and constantly searches and drains battery.
    Rarely get 4G
    Can’t send group emails from my contacts anymore.
    Camera is terrible.
    Was so proud of having a DROID when all my friends have iPhones.

  • bsw

    maxx hd after JB upgrade – AWFUL. Battery drains almost daily. Apps are so so so slow. Verizon acts as if it’s MY apps and basically disses forum. Yeah right. who are they kidding

  • Haroon Zaz

    new jelly bean update screwed up Google play music app, really regret updating my jelly bean

  • marine1

    mine just shuts itself down whenever it feels like it. Have to hold the power button and the volume button down at the same time to power it back up.

  • Not Happy!

    I have had so many issues with my phone. It had shut off by itself, ended my call with out me pressing any buttons, hasn’t sent messages even tho it shows that they have sent and screen frezzes on me and i have to hold the power and volume bottons down to power it off, and the screen has also gone crazy by hitting buttons when I am and not touching the screen and is delayed with typing. Also messages have been two-five hours delayed when I recieve them.

  • shizzle

    Im a owner of a droid RAZR xt910 and I updated to jelkybean when it was available. It worked perfect for a while but now I can’t listen music through any earpiece at all

  • Paul

    Android 4.1.2 IS a piece of crap. Ruined my sg2 perfectly good worked for two yrs problem free handset… unusable. No support. SatNav u/s. Feel like throwing this $500 second hand value handset in the trash bucket and pickkng up a brick…old skool. Who sanctioned this and what the f### went wrong with testing prior to release. Beta version buggedy my ass. Unfit for purpose…lost me a well paid job today….grr. AVOID !

  • Paul

    yes phones dies quick
    .sooo hot all the time too.burns fingers when tapping. Cooking itself since jeelybean! Cooking kills ics ! Who the f### is responsible for this ?

  • Antonio Claudio Michael

    droid Razr verision 4.1.2 JB my biggest problem is my notification sounds i have over 210 ringtones now even though there all different they all make the same doot dunt doon sound and its agrivating i removed all of them out the phone and took same ringtines off another phone and put them back and still same problem

  • JSD

    I keep losing my icons on my phone. The app is installed but the icon to click on to bring up the app is missing. I have uninstalled and re-installed and it wont come up. They are slowly disappearing. The icons that I use are disappearing but their dumb icons to dumb apps I would never use are still there. I am like the rest, the battery dies quickly now too. I am eligible for an upgrade and my kids are begging me to switch to an iPhone. I was telling them I was happy with my droid until now…..I might just have to switch.

  • pst

    Razor M freezes multiple times a day after which the phone constantly reboots.
    Navigation icon is gone .
    Using Google Play for music causes phone to re boot itself.
    All since installing Android 4.1.2
    Verizon replacing phone after three phone calls to customer service.
    Bet the new one has the same issues.

    • after15yrs bye verizon!

      Bet your 109% right. And you’ll get mine, and they’ll send me yours. BYE VERIZON!

  • KK

    I just upgraded to the Razr Maxx HD from the Razr Maxx 6 days ago and I am so disappointed!! I didn’t do the 4.1.2 update it was already on my new phone and it sucks! The battery is lucky if it lasts 8 hours. And as of yesterday it will say that I have a text message but if I click on it it’s not there!! And when I send one it sends but doesn’t show in the text message box for the person I sent it to. There are a lot of apps that run constantly apps I never even knew I had or I don’t use at all!! When I have a missed call it shows missed but doesn’t tell me who and so I can’t return the call. If I just hit to call missed call it calls the last number I called instead. AND YES IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE IF VERIZON LET US KNOW THAT THE NAVIGATION APP WAS GONE AND COMBINED WITH MAPS!! AND GOOGLE MUSIC SUCKS @#$%!! The playlists delete the songs out of the folders but keep the folders!! I AM HATING VERIZON RIGHT ABOUT NOW AND MY CRAPPY MOTOROLA (AND IT’S MY FAV TYPE OF DROID)!!

  • Tangerine Strategies LLC

    I am considering a law suit. I have this version software and the phone has failed me at crucial times in business. It also got so hot on a fight to China from the US that the cockpit was notified and isolated the phone for fear of combustion. Somebody tell me who is responsible so I can reach out and touch someone and demand a public response.I work with some big league public relations experts, and we are talking about a campaign if this is not addressed immediately.

    • MakerMarked

      whoever rolled this out deserves to get fired, period. It’s a debacle.

  • RC

    Droid RAZR MAXX user – After the 4.1.2 upgrade my Droid freezes requiring a reboot several times a day. Irritating but I have not run into most of the issues below. I do agree, however, the previous version was much more user friendly and functional. “Big Red” better hurry with a fixed release or they will push a lot of people over to the enemy. Please don’t make me go to Apple….

    • valencioj

      I have this same freezing up problem. If you do something else and wait long enough (sometimes a few minutes) it will start working again. So annoying!

    • EHA

      I have the same issue. I will half go into apps, then jump back to the home screen. I can’t even use the notification pane to get to app notifications….
      UNLESS I REBOOT. and it’s getting worse int he last couple weeks.

  • NashvilleVaper

    My original HTC EVO with Sprint and Gingerbread…with less memory and a slower processor…was a LOT faster than this Razr Maxx with Jellybean. And the Evo never crashed and never dropped calls. I wish I could use it again. Razr was very overrated.

  • NashvilleVaper

    Oh, I also can no longer send emails…can only receive. Time to go back to Sprint.

  • Ben

    Agree.Lots of working features now hit or miss. It’s almost useless at this point. Is there a way to go back to prior version?

  • Frankie Chaparro

    im on JB and i have a droid razr maxx and the thing is freaking out on me i cant even send txt mssgs without it dialing other random letters i didnt even press

    • drpiper

      yep same problem for me

  • Archil

    I can not receive calls

  • ZD

    Lost the Bluetooth capability in my car.

  • Melanie

    I can’t hear my ringtone when people call me anymore, even when my volume is set to the highest setting.

    • Steelersgal

      Another one of my problems too!!! I have to check my phone for calls and I am job hunting! Jelly Bean was the worst they could have done! Maybe an iPhone next for me in January!

  • Dana

    I’m Having So many problems With The Typing That I Can’t Even Write A review… I’m So MaD That I Did The Upgrade I Can’t Use My Phone At All.

    • oh so angry

      Ditto!! my shift and caps lock dont even work right anymore!! WTF?!?! Glad to know Im not crazy, though, so thanks for your review!

  • jake

    Yep just switched from art and an iPhone to Verizon and RAZR Max and have regretted it from day one. Dropped calls on a regular basis. Key pad won’t show up in apps. Every disappointed

  • jake

    “Att” and “very”

  • jbull

    my razr maxx wont go on wifi unless i shut the phone down and turn it back on. i hate this phone. it is slow also. sick of it!

  • gab

    Same problem people with galaxy s2. Loved it till now. Battery dies quickly, phones overheat in 2 seconds. Plus I hate the new keyboard. You have to access the settings all the time to switch the t9 on and off. Hate it. An easy way to downgrade? Didn’t understand much reading in internet

  • Michael Anderson

    My RAZR has this texting issue as well as a 1hr 45 minute battery life while just streaming radio. It also drops WiFi often and when switching from WiFi to 3G, because 4G apparenlty left greater Baltimore, it takes about 15 minutes.

  • Brian

    Motorola just doesn’t make very good phones anymore

  • svede

    I used to love my Droid Razr but now it is soooooooooooo slooooooooooooow it’s almost unusable. I will be looking at something different when this contract is up in 6 months. . . if I can wait that long. Very, very disappointed. They should at the least provide a path to un-“upgrade” it..

  • Randy E

    Yeah, this latest update really stinks! Constant issues locking up. Dropped calls and slower than ever. Sad that Verizon released such crap.

  • saffy

    My Droid Razr Maxx keeps locking up and now it won’t charge past 50%. The locking up started around Labor Day weekend. I am having to reboot at minimum, 5 times a day. I have cleard the SD card, shut down Bluetooth and WiFi, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

  • John

    NYC Verizon I don’t get full bars like I used to, Text messages get lost now every now and then. I never had this problem a few years back. Could it be cause by Jelly Bean or simply more people joining Verizon and less signal to go around?

  • Vivian Hoover

    I loved my Motorola Razr when I first purchased it. I’ve had it for 4 or 5 months now and now it’s done crashed on me. I lost all my pics when I had to reset it. Now it’s running slower than normal, and I had it freeze up on me tonight. And yes I knew to push the vol button and the power button, but it still acted like it wasn’t going to come back on. I’ve also been in a app and it takes me back to main screen. My speakerphone is always going out on me, and people tell me at times they can’t hear me good. Now I hate this phone. I have also researched to see how reviews are now. A lot of people are having same problem I have. Some have had their phone changed out a lot. I have heard the Samsung is better. Maybe I should have gone with it. Verizon needs to do a recall on these phones. My phone also gets hot fast, that’s why I have to put it on speaker phone.I hate having a phone and being in a contract and my phone not working properly.

  • Russ Huntley

    2 days ago my droid razr started locking up and then rebooting. IT locks up mostly when using the keyboard to text or type something. The usb port doesn’t seem to work anymore either.

  • oh so angry

    My Motorola Droid 4 WAS one of the greatest products I’ve ever owned. The 4.1.2 update is the 2nd worst thing that’s ever happened to me, the first being my fiance and I splitting. That’s how bad it is. This is no exaggeration. This update literally ruined my phone and quality of life. Nothing works right anymore, and nearly every decision Google/Motorola/Verizon made (since I’m not 100% sure who to blame) with this update is an absolute atrocity. Too many problems to list. Unacceptable.

  • really pissed off

    wow i thought it was just my phone.. maybe an app or something that causes it to go to black or white screen if i try to access an app (ex: text messsge) from the notification bar while my phone is turned to side. it goes go the portrait mode ( up and down) the when it tries to turn back to the landscape (side to side) it will go to black or white screen and i have to do the damn hard reset or wait and it will eventually resef itself. 4-5 timez daily.. not to mention it gets so hot that my it will literally burn ur hand/face. (thats real safe.. ) it lags so bad.. i could probably forget which app im trying to access before it finally responds. and finally.. loses 4g ALL THE TIME!! i have to turn airplane mode on wait for it to show the damn airplane ( which can take up to 30 sec for the airplane mode to take effect ) then shut off airplaine mode waig for 4g to appear ( and hope it will..usually will go to 3g) .. i pay a frigging fortune for my phone “service” if u can call this service.. more like my phone problems.. and when u call Verizon.. well thats just comical.. sometimes i think i dialed McDonalds instead..for as much help the “Tech support” is.. ( no offence to the McDonald’s workers). anyway if i haven’t made it clear.. im not so happy with this phone.. and i HATE Verizon…

    • steelersgal

      I feel your pain, hate my phone, hate Verizon!

  • baumifer

    I cannot believe that it is the update for the operating system for the phone that is causing so many problems in my life. Usually they are extremely careful when they release that type of update for these reasons. I thought maybe it was my security system. My phone may lock up when a call, email, or text comes in. My security program locks up. I will be browsing the Internet and it will stop and close. There will not even be any history or memory of the sites I had visited prior to the crash. These issues need to be remedied quickly because the problems are getting worse.

  • tjomac

    I feel for all of you, I had the Droid Razr and it was an almost perfect phone until the update to JB. After JB it was junk. In order to even use it as a phone, I had to disable all data, when I turned on data, I had no signal. And all the other things that happened, like dropped calls, missing text, etc. That was April 5, I finally got a new phone, this time I went with a Nokia Windows phone, and phone life is good again, it works the way it should, it’s smooth and doesn’t lag, and I can actually use my data plan for a change and not one dropped call! There was no way I was going with another Android phone since updates were what literally broke my phone. Good luck to everyone!

    • Steelersgal

      I hate my phone since the job update. Something is constantly happening. I can’t wait til Jan when my contract is up! This phone sucks!!!!

  • wjmeng

    My droid Razr maxx has the famous HDMI cable connected error when none is connected, it asks for the type of dock when none is connected, battery life shortened, goes black when being unlocked, icons randomly disappear and screen switches between landscape and portrait mode. All are random and get more frequent every day.

    • hdmi

      I know your gripe and have the answer for the HDMI issues. Had it on 2 Maxx xt912’s. It is caused from “dispextservice” receiver. I used Android Tuner , go into apps function, and turn off receiver Dispextservice I believe under activities and also freeze the perms receiver same name if I recall. Leave the rest as is. If it gives another shadow connection tuner can also add a “no notifications” or “crystalize” function on top but most likely not needed. All will work just fine HDMI no issues after that. Same exact prob on both mine. It is not your fault it was a FUBAR issue from Motorola Google love job and botched JB upgrade with dropped web top support. I Stoll have mine and love it. Take care.

  • susanj2

    I started having problems as soon as the 4.1.2 release was pushed (note there was no option to stay with something that worked). I have all of the problems others have noted – 4g drop, lag time opening apps, apps that won’t load or crash. Worst part is waiting for something to happen, and not knowing if it will.

  • MakerMarked

    I’ve got the same problems. Droid RAzr, on the 4.1.2 update. Google search is practically unusable because it freezes constantly while typing/swyping. Apps take 20 or 30 seconds to load, data sometimes doesn’t pop up. I don’t make all that many phone calls, but I haven’t had problems when I do. It just freezes (not a total crash) CONSTANTLY. Makes using it for the most mundane tasks very frustrating. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with it until next May. Definitely thinking about the iPhone (ios7 problems be damned. It can’t be worse than this).

    • susanj2

      All the same problems I have. Talked to Verizon about upgrading, only way to do that is to give up current plan with unlimited text and data. I would not consider an upgrade phone if the 4.1.2 upgrade had not hosed much of the RAZR functionality. I think this was by design to force a plan change. Do not even feel like I could rely on it in an emergency. Couldn’t be a worse situation.

      • vmartin

        We were grandfathered in with our unlimited data plan, also. The only way we have been able to keep it is buying phones from individuals. Kind of stinks sometimes what you pay for a used phone you can get a new phone for if you were to upgrade and get new contract. But with 3 teenagers it has been worth keeping our unlimited data plan. If you buy a phone from a friend or off of ebay you can just switch devices and keep your plan. Be very careful on ebay, check out the sellers feedback and check details of phone carefully. So far (3 years, about 5 phones) we havent had any issues with the phones we have bought this

  • Droid/Evaporated Me!

    I can (text),I can’t send (Pics)for the last(5)days?My 4G is on to send(Pic)as usual.Nope(A red indicator shows up)FAILED!!!!!!!!!Maad as hell now!I pay too much for this phone and service!

  • rolespo

    updated on 11.14.13, know the device will not connect to PC, I get the “USB Device is not recognized” message.

  • pam

    Droid 4 on the fritz…update is 4.1.2 this sucks

  • davithepiratesguy

    I have been using RAZR 910 since 2011. Used gingerbread which was horrible, used ice cream sandwich which was worse. Upgraded to jelly bean, the phone is slightly slower but it is smoother does not crash as much as before the problem seems to stem from memory hogging at 1 gig of ram android in general needs 2 gig to run smooth. Trying to use a launcher on this phone is a mistake. Just use base interface and have clean master and it works. Disable data & WiFi when phone is not in use and it works fine. Phone could benefit from a stamina mode found on most Samsung phones. But aside from that happy with upgrade been using jellybean for last two weeks. Occasional crash but its much better Aldo built in email app is slow using aqua mail very happy with that.

  • MadDogWix

    As with many of the posts already… I have been using the Motorola RAZR for a year with no problems ever until 4.1.2 was pushed out. The phone is nearly unusable as the apps hang or freeze constantly. Apps won’t open or simply never respond. Signal is constantly switching from 4G to 3G or just disappears. I am having to reboot the phone, power it on and off, regularly just to use it a little bit. Soooooo frustrating!

  • detman

    I’ve had no problems

  • Alec Baliatico

    My droid razr maxx after the Jelly Bean update absolutely sucks. It is the slowest phone I have ever used, switching between screens takes up to five seconds, opening the Internet take about a minute or two because when you open it, the whole phone freezes up and you have to hit the power button, wait 3 seconds for it to realize you hit the power button, then you hit the power button again and it’s still frozen a little and therefore the screen take up to 10 seconds to turn back on. The Gmail app doesn’t work because if you try to open old messages it shuts down the app, you can’t type too fast or the phone gets confused and inputs random words and then puts the cursor back somewhere in between your writing (it’s happened at least 5 times already just writing this). This is hands down the worst phone I’ve ever owned and I’m thrilled that I get a new phone upgrade in February. When February comes along I know that I will definitely not then, or ever in my life, be getting another Motorola phone. They are the worst, the laziest, the slowest, and the most useless major phone company today. They do nothing right, their phones suck, their support sucks, and worst off they’re too Goddamn lazy to try and fix their piece of shit phones. They’re scumbags who could care less about their customers.

  • Don

    When this phone was new I thought it was the best thing ever. Now, since update or whatever, it’s only a little over a year old and it works like a model T ford. Cranky, hard to start, runs like c&#@, so I am jumping ship early after trying out the new Ting network with a cheap phone that works better than my expensive Droid now does.

  • Jimbo

    Just started having problems where i can not get phone out of a blank screen mode it constantly has been trying to Connect to HDMI and changes phone view. Phone is not useable. Google or Verizon better get it fixed or hello T Mobile or another carrier.
    Only way they will listen is walking and users walking in large numbers.

  • England-Arsenal Depeche Mode

    running JB 4.1.2 for a couple of weeks now in europe – and experience some problems – the most annoying one is the phone cuts off conversations but not a clear cut – it’s like i can hear the person on the phone – but obviously they can’t hear me after some random minutes anymore – so for them it must feel like i have hang up without saying good bye – it’s really a problem esp when talking to business partners who have no idea about this bug – help is needed – is there any chance to go back to ICS on my maxx – rather have that than the shit Jelly Bean is

  • Bridget Little

    I am having all of the same problems. I have powered this thing off and on more times than I can count. My mother happens to live in an area which is the only place so far I have to depend on WI-FI to use my phone. Verizon is great with their coverage area. But now I cant sign in to my moms wifi router. My phone is slow and drops calls and lags so baaaadddd. I have taken it to Verizon and all they did was replace my SD card. So today I have reviewed all the forums online. I did the cache clear and tried safe mode and even deleted so apps. But it is still slow and lagging. I havent seen any other answers so far. I am not due for an upgrade until June of this year. I dont think I will ever go with another Motorolla product. I will switch to the Samsung just like my son’s! Not happy!

  • munchkin

    i’ve been having an issue with the clock/alarm symbol on my phone disappearing when the alarm is turned on. says alarm is turned on and goes off at the time set. never had an issue with this before until the last week or so. i contacted verizon and they weren’t sure and determined it was probably software issue with my phone so they send me a replacement under warranty and now i’m having the same issue with the second droid razr. i contacted motorola and they were useless. verizon told me last night that it was an issue with the droid razrs after the update and not just verizon users but others were experiencing the same issue. is anyone else having the same issue? it’s really frustrating to pay so much for a decent phone and they push out updates that cause so many problems and don’t want to do anything to resolve them. really starting to dislike this phone and can’t wait to upgrade to an iphone.

  • Whovian

    I haven’t had all the problems others are experiencing, but after the update, there are these annoying “free apps” icons that will suddenly appear on my screen and all kinds of notifications of things I should download. I don’t download random things so getting a notification every few minutes is rather annoying. Is anyone else experiencing this because I can’t seem to find anyone who is…

  • coberg

    I can no longer do a direct upload to youtube from my razr maxx after the update. Why do they do this to us?

  • Floridaguy

    I cannot connect with Bluetooth to my Pioneer car dvd stereo now since the update.

  • Judy M

    My phone has become so slow…even after I cleared the system cache.

  • Erica

    The update seemed to fry my SD card. As soon as the update was done I couldn’t access my SD card or any of the contents. When I go to System Settings – Storage it says Unfortunately, Settings has stopped….every time. I cant take pictures because it wont even save to the internal storage.

  • steve

    I notice a few weeks ago when talking on the handsfree in my vehicle the receiver can not hear me. Also on speaker phone the receiver cant hear me. Apps are slower than usual. Currently can not talk on the phone (Hands free of course) while driving.

  • Lynn

    I thought it was just my phone also, but I see many of you are having the same problems. I am not sure when mine started, a few months back, but it is sooooo slow that I want to throw it out the window. Will never get another Motorola phone. Loved the Samsung I had previously, and would have kept it, but it was not an international phone and I need to make calls when I travel. The one thing that mine does besides being slow is turn off the WiFi and the data signal WHEN I am using it, plus many other times also.

  • leendawoman

    I never thought I would say this but my next phone will be a iphone if they don’t fix this. After the 4.1.2 update my battery went from lasting 2 days to poof 8hr if I am lucky. I deleted a bunch of apps thinking that they are all autorunning or something but to no avail. Pandora One doesn’t work anymore either only on wifi. It skips constantly on 4G. Not usable. Also when a phone call comes in the Pandora quits instead of pausing. I was told by Verizon that is due to the 4.1.2 update. A truly wonderful phone has turned into the bane of my existence and I don’t have an upgrade until Oct. Apple should be happy. Android shot themselves in the foot.

  • Brent

    This phone started sucking 6 months after purchase and sucks worse now than ever. I too may go to iPhone next.

  • miyagi

    Having the same issue with my phone. Loved my RAZR Max at first but it started acting up. Would constantly go to the home screen no matter where I was on the phone. Phone is super slow also. Hate this phone or should I say upgrade. I was grandfathered in for unlimited everything but I honestly believe Verizon is doing this to get us out of the unlimited plan. I pay each month for one phone what some people pay for three phones. I feel cheated and customer service is useless. Use to be able to upgrade 2 or 3 months early but now they say the only way I can upgrade early is to go with the Edge plan but my phone bill would be close to $200 a month which is highway robbery. I’m leaving Verizon because they don’t care about their long term customers.

  • bummed

    My phone worked great before the update. Just typing this is rediculous!! EVERYTHING is slow!

  • Rowanm77

    I’mHavingAMajorProblemWithTypingAsYouCanSeeItDoesn’tPutSpacesIn. AlsoMyCameraFlipsBetweenPortraitAndLandscapeSoFastItAlmostFluttersAndIsUseless. IsThisDueToTheJB Upgrade?

  • B015

    My phone is SO slow, that I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve cleaned the cache, but nothing seems to help. Besides momentarily freezing on each screen, my apps sometimes do not open and my calls unexpectedly drop. My camera is also now worthless. And… I think this started when I upgraded my system about a month ago (I regret that decision so much).

  • toty01

    Incredibly disappointed. Used the phone in the car to talk and listen to mp3s and it worked fine before the “upgrade”. Now I have to hold the damn phone up to my ear to talk (Which I hate and feel it to be very dangerous) and it doesn’t connect the bluetooth in the car. I agree with these posts about Verizon wanting us to lose the grandfather clause for unlimited data which we have. To use the phone as intended I need to “share everything”, buy a new phone and pay about $70 more each month, plus lose unlimited data on my plan. Ridiculous.

  • jazznoir

    Razr Maxx – IMO the upgrade did something to eff up my keyboard. Am having crazy spelling mistakes without even touching the key that shows up. e.g., typing a letter on the bottom row and a letter on the top row shows up. Also; new words showing up inside already typed words; caps appearing for no reason, etc. Contract is up next week, though, so can make a change.

  • hairdoer

    I HATE this phone!!! My phone is incredibly slow despite what the salesperson told me. The salesperson also assured me the battery would last a whole day with heavy usage, not even close. I am a 10 months in and a slave to the charger, having to keep it plugged in as much as possible. I had a Thunderbolt with the extended battery and was much better than this even though the salesperson told me this battery would be better. Often I am not receiving text messages which is very frustrating. I feel that customer “service ” is told to keep stalling customers by having them clear caches and delete others apps so they don’t have to admit their update is at fault for the missing text issues.

  • Dowquest

    My phone is now virtually useless. Apps don’t work, wifi doesn’t work decent, i only get 50% of my notifications for texts. Freezes… Thanks Motorola

  • Jake Bunger

    My Razr Maxx had been working just fine, until just recently – now if I try to use the GPS, it kills the 4g/3g data connection altogether – straight to ‘no service’ – then it takes a while to come back. Resetting the AGPS data doesn’t seem to have any positive effect … what’s the deal? I loved the phone … until now

    • John G

      THIS!!!! Been having this exact same issue. I’ve been searching for and trying every suggestion I can find to fix this problem and nothing works…WTH did Verizon do?!?

    • Jay

      Exact issue here! What is going on????

  • Debbie McDaniel

    Hate it! My phone is lagging, sluggish, not responding…

  • LD – Dallas

    Me and my sister both have Razr Maxx and since taking the update we are noticing slow response when do anything. Phone dailing numbers on it’s own. Phone freezing up.

  • Pissed

    Dido. I loved my phone until the update.

  • kc

    slow and laggy! plus idk if its the updates, verizon, or what, but im tired of losing free apps i download from the play store! they just disappear off my phone – missing from all programs in the app manager. I know very little about phones obviously ;) but my husband, a systems engineer, who has done android work said the apps are missing. I’ll look into it a little more as I’m sure this is probly an old issue with an easy fix… i just want to vent.

  • Narendar Narayan jamkar

    When I am connect my mobile data my will be hang for 5minet please help

  • Tammy

    I have a Razor 4G, about a month ago it accidentally went in the toilet, 5 days in dry rice an good as new, No problems, (really!) Then the updates came, No call waiting just goes to voicemail, shortcuts on my screen will work but you cannot rearrange them or delete them off the screen, Voice command keeps powering on, I have disabled it. Short cuts become missing. or move themselves to another screen (but I cannot move them) have done reset, removed sims card, nothing works, after reading complaint after complaint on Google I do not want to call Verizon. Out of warranty, coming up for update in April. I have the Razor the other 3 lines do not, their updates went through just fine. Mine is the primary phone. Heard for many many years of “Thank you for being a Loyal customer” How bout a Loyal company?

  • Donna Poole

    I got the pink Razr Maxx last year and loved it until recently it started going crazy. Same problems as everyone else is having except today it won’t come on at all. I charged it all night and it came on for a second this morning, then turned off. Charged it all day today, nothing. WTH???

    • VZWoopie

      Hold the power button and the volume down button for 30 seconds, let go and hold them both down for about 2 minutes, in my experiences it will turn on in about 80% of phones

  • Bill

    This is my first smart phone after years of using a “regular” cell phone. I’m getting rid of this piece of crap and going back to a simple phone/text device. I absoluitely hate it.

  • JDM777

    I have a Motorola Droid Razor M phone. Everything has been operating just fine with my phone, and my new Motorola Bluetooth. Then, approx 1 week ago, my phone has been automatically “kicking off” and going to speaker phone. I then have to reset the phone back to my bluetooth, when I’m talking on the phone.

  • bwbs

    I have the Droid Razor HD and mine has also started to kick me off of bluetooth onto speaker phone, while the phone is still showing I am connected to bluetooth. I also have had recently that my text messages come across my speaker phone instead of my bluetooth.

  • Kathy

    I just have the regular Droid RAZR…That’s it I’ve got white spots going all over it & for some reason I can’t seem to figure out the setting gss for my SD card!! It keeps saying 0 files Im SD card ..This crap is really beginning to tick me off we nosooner get our bill and pay it the nnext day then

    • VZWoopie

      download “sandisk memory zone” application, it will search your entire phone and SD card for music, pictures, videos, apps, documents and cache/temp files. If it does not show up there, then they are not on the phone/sd card.

  • Eldo

    I have a droid razor Maxx have had it for two without any problems untiltthe last update I am about ready to throw it in the trash it. Freezes up and apps stop opening apps open in their own I have had it

  • maria

    after the update on my motorola droid hd, i do not have vibrate on my phone anymore. Every thing is set to always, but nothing happens. This is very bad because i am missing phone calls and text messages all the time at work. Please fix this issue ASAP!

  • cindyg

    mine was working fine for a few weeks. now the apps lock up and the phone becomes unusable unless I restart. yesterday it got very hot and all the apps keep opening up constantly, running a full battery down in less than 2 hours and then the thing won’t charge! I hope they come up with a fix. this happened to me on another update and worked itself out after a few frustrating weeks.

  • jj

    Now I cannot get e-mail on the phone. It worked fine until recently. Fortunately, I can still go through Comcast with their “xfinity connect” app, but much slower.

  • aaron cameron

    I have the razor maxx HD, all video stopped playing today it pops up with an error screen that states this video can not be played, even using the YouTube app. I need the video for my work. I’ve already done a factory data reset. Any suggestions?

  • miserable battery

    battery life has totally jumped the shark. Worked fine for almost 2 years. then some months ago, started having issues.
    I have to turn it all the way off to charge at all, otherwise, using the web to view a website (not downloading or anything interactive), it drains from 100 to 50% in about half an hour, and 50% to dead in about 10-15 minutes using the internet. Just worthless. Also as soon as it hits 50% it starts getting really hot.
    No new apps installed,
    GPS/location svc is off.
    I have the screen barely readable (super low brightness) to try to compensate.
    Bummer because I really like this phone and it has lasted a long time without accident. I think Motorola wants the phone to crap out so I have to upgrade but I don’t think I’ll get a Motorola next time. This battery issue really is a drag and all I read on forums is people saying “turn off your GPS” like nobody has thought of that, and no answers.
    hate it hate it hate it the battery problems. I have the regular razr not the fancy one.

    • Jamie

      I feel the same way. Used to love my phone, now I hate it. Especially the keyboard issues. Actually filling out an online form with my phone and having it not have issues hasn’t happened in months.

  • miserable battery


  • ddx8

    Since the new update, I HATE HATE HATE my driod razr. it goes into swype mode right in the middle of a text. DRIVES ME NUCKING FUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m ready to blow up my once favorite phone. Can someone PLZ tell me how to remove swype totally?????

  • Roon

    Okay, I am having all of the same or similar issues as most people on this forum. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? I’ve talked to Verizon reps and they just told me to file an insurance claim, well, that’s fine and dandy, but it’s going to cost $99. I have 8 months until I am eligible for an upgrade and not financially able to purchase a new phone OR waste $99 on an insurance claim that will probably give me the same P.O.S. phone. Does anyone who can fix these problems actually READ these forums, or are we just spouting our problems into the ether?

  • Falls

    Has anyone had challenges with sending pictures? Today my phone started inserting saved pics for the new pics being sent to me and when I send a pic it’s picking up a completely different pic then what I selected.. It’s very frustrating!

  • shortness

    I cannot send text messages.

  • rock

    text messages not going through, screen flashing, speaker distorted, can’t answer incoming call when already engaged in a call. Update trashed my phone!

  • butch

    Update ruined a good phone, ringer doesn’t work, can’t connect to WIFI, Battery dies in 10 hrs,no help from Verizon,or Motorola,anyone have a answer what our next step is to get these phones working again?

  • geo

    Yes I am having trouble with the new update. Keeps dropping call’s. Will not let me delete more than one text message at a time. This new update sucks. I am not happy at all.

  • Kelli

    Mine updated this morning and ever since I’ve been having problems. Won’t let me text, keeps dropping calls and I have powered down several times. UGH!

  • Maria

    Today is my birthday and what did I get… an update to my razor! Thanks! NOT REALLY, I HATE IT!!!! How do I answer a call? I’ve lost 4 today. Texts are difficult to read and decipher one from another. Google search goes blurr. What the heck? I thought I bought this phone? Don’t I have a right to keep my stuff the way I prefer? Give us a choice to go back or at least a heads up on the new crap you want to force on us, that doesn’t work as wel, or at all. New features should be added as desired by owners, why change the whole operating of MY phone? BS!!! Unhappy customer!! Loved my phone hate it now!!!!

    • unhappydroid

      Hate my phone since the update. Now when I receive a phone call, I get this dialog box which is giving me an option not to take the call, but no option to take the call and then I can’t figure out how to take the call. Also, while I’m on a call, my speaker is coming on without me saying for it to come on. This is ridiculous!!
      Going to complain to my Verizon store. In addition, I lost the phone dialer feature too? this sucks

  • Ray

    I downloaded the update yesterday and today my phone completely crashed. Screen’s black, can’t get it to boot up even after resetting it. The all white text screen makes it almost impossible for me to read texts ( I have issues with the low contrast). I hate the white color scheme, it’s so darn hard to read, but I hate the fact that it broke my phone the most. Time to make the 3 hour round trip to the verizon store, I guess. Verizon, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  • Randall Tucker

    They have screwed up my phone with their crappy update. There needs to be a nationwide boycott on a bunch of idiots that don’t know what they are doing. Why can’t they leave well enough alone. They need to be forced to buy back all the devices they have screwed up.

  • Dudley Lopez

    I did the same update last week, And after the update 80% of the features on my phone stop working. The bad thing is that no one at Verizon, or Motorola is saying anything. Lousy service.

  • Harleylady

    Husband’s DROID RAZR lost all messaging and will not work! Messaging App is gone completely! Verizon had no resolution! Referred him to Motorola. He is NOT HAPPY as this is his work phone!

  • Joenindy

    Update screwed up my perfectly working phone and I didn’t even ask for it! Verizon no help. Spent 3 hours with Motorola , no help! They all just want to sell me a new phone! If there is a lawsuit I’ll join for sure!

  • JoeNIndy

    Does any have the phone number to the consumer Protection Agency?

  • JoeNIndy

    If so could you dial it for me, my droid don’t work!

  • Wyatt

    After updating my phone will not connect to wifi spent an hour at Verizon store yesterday but still having the issue. Other services seem to working OK but don’t like some of the text message screen. Come on Verizon you screwed up own up and revert to what works or fix the update NOW.

  • Oreid

    Phone: Droid RAZR MAAX HD
    Since the update I had to reinstall many apps, but most things still seem to work. The biggest problem is that the accuracy and stability of GPS positioning has gone to crap. I used to be able to trust my google maps directions to give me timely driving directions. Now I’m lucky if it correctly positions me to within 1/4 mile radius!

    • Charlie Daraghy

      i cant remember the name but there was an app i downloaded that lets you clear the gps data, and it is forced to re-receive it. it worked out for me. the programs icon looks like a blue-wave/mountain.

  • LMA813

    Ever since the update, the clock alarms are not functioning properly. The repeat function doesn’t always work and so I’ve overslept twice now becasue of this. Other changes I didn’t like, but have learned to live without are the removal of Swype Keyboard, but this clock issues are completely unacceptable!!!!!

  • jldh

    I have to agree, the update stinks. The battery life of the phone is awful. Used to be able to got a full day without charging and now I have to charge during the day so I can use the phone after work. I don’t use the phone between 9 and 5 so, I have no idea why the charge is so low. Removal of swype was the worst mistake ever. Has definitely limited the amount of time I use the phone. Looks like it is time to drop the data plan and go back to a flip phone. Will certainly never buy a Motorola again.

  • After I updated my razor: The service stopped working all together! Bill is paid but all I can do is check my voicemail using an outside line? This really sucks cause its like I have NO PHONE!

  • connie

    After updating my droid razor I can’t hear my text or notifications

  • Ann

    I used to charge my phone every other day, now I have to charge it every day. My Yahoo email account takes 5 minutes to update in the mornings. The colors are not quite right and I am not notified when I receive a text message.

  • pat

    my ring tone is no longer audible on incoming calls. all else seems to be ok. this started also after the update. missing some important calls.

  • Norm-SoFla

    I haven’t had this phone very long and I love it. This is killing me. Besides the know things like the removal of Swype and the inability to run or save to the SD card, my phone locks up reboots regularly, I’ve had to uninstall and re install many apps, my plug in headset now reboots my phone (moving to Bluetooth), call volume is now as loud, battery life has worsened, constantly having to futz with my WiFi connectivity. I’ve always been a Motorola fan but now the iPhone is looking pretty good to me (I’m gagging here).

  • JJMAN197

    My Jaybird Bluetooth has stopped working! It will recognize the device but won’t turn Blue on the phone and you can here the music or sound comming out of the headset but it goes in and out! So annoying!

  • SR

    I had no problems before the update with my Droid and group texting. Now I am lucky if I even see the last thread in the next. I called Verizon and they didn’t help fix it. As of yesterday it has gotten worse. Now when I send a text I don’t even see the info that I sent to the person in a single text!

  • maxxeod

    The new update totally screwed up my razor m. Verizon said Motorola messed up sending out the update to ALL phones. They sent me and my wife (also screwed up her droid) refurbished replacements. Back to normal and I’m avoiding the update that keeps popping up. Call and raise HELL!

  • Phoenix

    My Droid 4 locked up, I couldn’t even get it off the “lock”screen and had to power off. It came back up, then that day I took a picture. I opened my gallery to show the picture to some one and the picture was gone. Then a message popped up “gallery has stopped working”. ALL my pictures were erased from the phone. Then another message, “camera has stopped working” a few days later I tried to open my text and “text messaging has stopped working” And all my ringtones that I downloaded; GONE. The only thing that didn’t erase was my contacts. Then the phone stopped working all together. I really loved that phone. :-(
    Now I have the Droid Razr M.

  • Tanya Bunting Brownley

    My phone tells me I have text message(s) but cannot view them and have no idea who sent them to me. The number of messages appears but there is no way to view. Right after update phone locked up and had to return to store to get them to show me how to do a soft boot. I thought updates were suppose to be helpful. They need to fix this mess!

    • Foghorn

      Mine, too. Irritating!

  • Sass

    My phone constantly freezes. Loading apps takes forever. It’s been like this for 6 months. Did a factory reset….no improvement.

  • teamav8r

    Same problem for me as stated by Tanya Below: My phone tells me I have text message(s) but cannot view them and have no idea who sent them to me. The number of messages appears but there is no way to view. Phone is RAZR M. Problem DEFINATELY started at last update.

  • nancy

    Same issues as countless others. A particular inconvenience is the text message that I type flows underneath the received message making it very difficult to scroll and read.I can find no redeeming qualities for this update. I will NEVER own another Mtorola. I loved my phone prior to the update. It is like losing an old friend.

  • chris

    i haven’t gotten an update since version 4.1.2, now none of my apps work, i cant text ,my phone resets itself randomly, turns of randomly, my brightness is stuck on the lowest, i cant even open my play store, and worst of all, i have factory reset it more than once because it does not improve anything. so now i am manually deleting everything on the phone…. did i mention every time it if off or resets it goes back to Monday. as if Monday never happened, same messages same notifications deletes everything that happened after Monday and starts over.

  • rahibarot

    Hi guys im going to buy a brand new droid razr what do u think do im going to face such problems with the phone
    or not??

  • Philip Thwing

    Since the update:
    – everything, including loading up the keyboard, takes FOREVER
    – the battery life isn’t as good
    – most recently, it will go from 4 bars to zero connectivity (WiFi still works), and I have to turn the phone off and on to get it connected again

    I have a Razr Maxx, and love it. But this is driving me nuts!

  • Joshua Schneiderman

    My Droid Razr Maxx (Verizon) has been slow, any and every app crashes, often times seconds in, but also after using for a while. A factory restore seemed to help a tiny bit – sped it up. But I still have the crashing issues.

  • Gravydw

    I have recently found that since January, my Droid Razr HD has been sending international texts to 2 different numbers that I’ve been getting billed for. I don’t converse with anybody that is international, this doesn’t make sense. The only reason I noticed it was because last months bill was $16 for international texts. I looked back and found that I’ve been billed an extra $56 for these texts since January. Funny thing is, my wife had a droid and was billed for international texts in January, in February I bought her a Samsung and the texts stopped from her line, just happening on mine now… Makes me believe it’s gotta be the phone, Samsung here I come!

  • RJT

    My Razr MAXX HD had to be replaced because it bricked after the KitKat upgrade. Had been putting it off for months, but it finally installed on its own. Best Buy replaced in a couple of days with a factory referb. Lost some photos, even though I backed up on a couple of different clouds. Only issue I have now is the display will randomly pixelate, then shut down. Factory reset is the only way to restart.

  • Sam Powers-StJohn

    my Droid Razr is the worst phone i ever had. I yearn for the days of my simple flip phone. This Razr piece of garbage has been a headache since day one. I’m counting the days until my Verizon update is available and then I’m going to stomp on this thing until it’s dust. It has a complete mind of its own.Turns on and off at will. Opens apps. Shuts off Bluetooth. Browser works only occasionally. The only thing I can really do with it is make calls and text, just like my old flip phone. The rest of the “features” are all jumbled up and usually don’t work. I’ve reloaded the software and that didn’t help. And please!!! The updates!! That really screws it up. samsung/iPhone/anything but Motorola here i come!

  • droid01776

    phone quality is horrible. rest of phone is great, maybe useful for charlie brown’s teacher, but it doesn’t work for me! time for an iphone

  • I love my phone, but I can get pictures from facebook to sync to my phone…. Ive taken it to the stores and no luck there, I’ve done everything and not luck! Can anyone offer any suggestions?

  • CW

    It has my text messages all screwed up. In a group text, it shows as a individual text then eventually goes to the group or just say downloading for hours. This has me looking at Apple products !

    • Kristin Erdie Maxted

      mine does the same thing, and it is just getting worse. Right now my texts are just not going anywhere! Nobody gets them. so annoying. and the downloading message is all the time, also for hours.

  • JH

    In short, I can make calls, send texts and use the internet just
    about anywhere (even out of state) EXCEPT for the southern most half of
    my apartment. Seriously.

    I’ve used different phones, changed
    SIM cards, done a factory reboot – can’t use it consistently in my
    apartment. Nothing has changed recently. I have not moved in a year,
    I’ve been using this phone for over 2 months and have had Verizon
    service for 10 years without issue.

    I can make a call, drive to
    my apartment, walk INTO my apartment, and when I reach the middle of my
    apartment, the call is disconnected. When I try to call back, either it

    1) just gets stuck “Dialing” but never connects and times out

    2) thanks me for using US Cellular, but prompts me to purchase a PIN
    card or make a collect call (since I don’t have a US Cellular account)
    3) Pops up a message that the mobile network is not available.

    I literally have to leave my apartment to make a phone call.

    The face itself says I’m on a 4G network with full coverage. Yet calls
    go directly to voicemail. Thankfully I do receive an alert that there
    is a message, but it doesn’t even show that I missed a call.

    Texting and internet use are sporadic at best. For example, I can surf
    Facebook while I’m in bed lying on my left side, but roll to the other
    side? No mobile connection. I wish I were joking.

    Is it even possible that this is all from an update?

  • buggy update driving me nutz

    Since the update, off & on through out everyday my Razr starts lagging, then within a few minutes everything I try to do messes up & goes crazy… if texting – random letters quickly appear, the curser moves to a different location on its own, messages will send by themselves, text messaging will close & immediately another program or app will open; if using the internet when my phone starts this crazy behavior, sometimes the open page will close without my command or any warning, if I have multiple open, pages randomly one after the other will become active then immediately another page, etc.; sometimes the screen will completely lock up and will not respond to touch or pressing the volume control or anything.. so on & so on. When my phone becomes unstable nothing works properly, it all goes haywire. This has been happening on an average of 2-4 times per day for 20min-1 hour each time. Its even difficult to shut down, sometimes I have to remove the battery for 20 seconds, put it back & reboot. It would take me forever to list everything that happens. All I know is that I’m a super patient person and this makes me want to take a hammer to my phone.

  • Annette

    Hi yes I am , since the update on Motorola razar max my touch screen is not working , I can’t answer the phone half the time . It must be something more because. Could not answer it in my car on blue tooth. This is all since the upgrade. Hope this help and please keep me informed of any help.
    Thank you Annette in nc

  • Soul Controlla

    My apps don’t work half the time, they crash instantly as soon as I load them. I have to reboot and usually that works for an hour or so.

  • mattybob

    how can i turn down all other sounds on galaxy 3 and still have sound on my timer stopwatch app.?

  • Alison

    I can’t pull up any links that are shared. Whether its news links etc it comes up a blank page. I know it’s the update because I was on a news page trying to read the links that are suppose to open and you can read the article well I can’t pull up any of them. Everything my friends share now I can’t see it and it only started after the update.

  • BDSanders

    Android 4.1.2 is horrible! I causes my phone to malfunction and be sluggish. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This is totally unacceptable, as most of us use our phone for emergencies or business; There is nothing good about this update. There needs to be some kind of compensation for such horrible service!

  • Tired of the run around

    don’t have a choice in updating just does it, my phone now gets super hot and often won’t function when I need it most. I hate this technology and it would appear after 2 years you are forced into upgrading to a new phone. Everything runs super slow and won’t load often.

  • no car conversations

    Ever since the update, I have been unable to have phone conversations while driving. The bluetooth connects and disconnects intermittently. If I switch to speakerphone, it will reconnect to bluetooth anyway and then will disconnect intermittently. I do a LOT of driving and manage work and farm issues from the car. Now,I can only call family members who have to wait patiently mid conversation while my bluetooth reconnects. I have been to Verizon 3 times and have tried repairing the phone many times. Verizon employee recently told me that the bluetooth antenna in my 3 year old Razr Maxx is old and I should get a new phone…
    The problem started after the update. Also, texting is difficult because it will switch to send mode while I am trying to type a message. I have to press the back button to bring the keyboard back.May do it several times during one message.Please let me know if you have a solution to both problems.

  • matatan

    Shit it doesn’t let me go in on contact or phone dial pleas can somebody help me…

    • Sword Maiden

      I had to load another app to make phone calls etc. Apps like Textra, Chomp, Go if you like it will fix it and allow you to CHANGE TEXT STYLES, My pet peeve. Good luck.

  • gschaub

    Browsing forums to see if anyone has figured something else out on this problem, but it appears not! I have made the phone usable by turning on developer mode and setting the background process limit to 3. I found that fix when looking around for a solution. Problem is that this needs to be repeated if you reboot the phone. I have also had more luck using the included browser instead of chrome.

    • Sword Maiden

      Same here. But I set mine to at most 1. I also go into my data settings regularly and check to deny all but wifi to all apps and watch each apps usage like a hawk. The old app of All In One was a Godsend. The new one does not give battery control as well. They will let you use the old app.
      This Is a Defective phone. If you just got it, I suggest taking it back and getting Samsung, maybe the one with removable battery so it will reset.

  • dana

    My text message icon has disappeared over night help!!!

  • Suzanne Stutchbury

    My moto4g is losing battery life rapidly since the update. Fed up with it.

  • Savannah

    I just got this droid RAZR Max a week ago. Never dropped it. The phone has a glitch that progressively gets worse as the DAY goes on, but is usually great in the morning. At night, the screen makes random selections to the point where I cannot type what I want, contacts are being selected and called, snapchats won’t stay open long enough so I can view them, and random messages are sent before I’ve completed editing them. My software is updated, i use app managing/ killing apps, I tried restarting the phone, and I tried a factory reset but I am still having the problem. The phone distributor I received this phone suggested sending it back to get a refund. I don’t know what to do!

    • Savannah

      A screen glitch * *

    • Sylas El Samprass

      am having d same issue too

  • magnolia

    Working lousy and keeps locking up

  • Tjmully

    I have found there are a Ton of background apps running… On top of the fact that none of my apps will /can save to my SD card. Nor my pics /video /music. There is not one thing on my SD card.

  • Waleed Bin Sadiq

    Droid Razr Maxx got freeze or slow when I turn on my wifi.

    Anyone has a solution about that ???

  • Sword Methew

    now i have moto droid razer xt907. when i open wifi hotspot or Shareit App it gives my error
    NetWork Connection Error your phone is not currently connected to verizon Server
    When i open Verizon Mobile i get same error any Solution My Wifi hotspot is not working Please Help :(

  • mallik

    WiFi is not working,getting is not connected to verizon server,n my droid RAZR xt910.while surfing net phone gets very hot

  • Mamab

    My Maxx Droid suddenly stopped responding to my touch commands. It vibrates, switches apps, will not go back. What’s up?

  • Alaina Williams

    My MAXX WIFI and BT will not turn on.

  • H

    Mine used to restart when going to certain apps then sat for hours/ days now won’t turn on at all

  • Jeremiah

    Since the update on my phone it says that I need to restart the camera. I rebooted my phone back to factory and it says the same thing. Beyond frustrated

  • Doc

    Since the update lost all contact groups and scattered phone contacts throughout my contact list, needed to bring back being able to group contacts I.e. doctors, family, friends, etc.

  • Disgusted Verizon user

    Phone is constantly crashing and also won’t let you do anything or takes 10 minutes to open an app. This stinks as the phone really should last longer than 3 or 4 years.

  • Fuck you

    It is my honest opinion that verizon/cell phone providers are purposely updating the OS on phones to force you to buy a new one. I literally want to cut my cord completely because of the bullshit I’ve had to endure. These corporate companies need a shotgun blast to the face IMHO.

    • dblhelixman

      Amen brother or sister, amen.

    • John Scruggs

      I agree with you 110%! My Ultra is so screwed up I can’t receive any calls. All the settings seem to be correct but the SOB won’t ring for shit!

  • Austin

    my android razr keeps on turning off and takes about 6 times for it to go to the home screen and then it updates again. this happens every 20-30 minutes and is destroying my progress at work when I have to make phone calls, I’m about to throw it away if its not fixed in the next week.

  • Amber

    My ringer automatically changes from none to priority. Or…. It goes from none to all. This sucks because I’ve got up late for work because my alarm volume was silent!! Then when j finally get to work and turn it to none, indefinitely it automatically changes to all. WTH???

  • dblhelixman

    My phone is essentially unusable and has been since that update almost 2 years ago. The phone functioned flawlessly before the update. I have a hypothesis. Many of us who got that phone did so during the era of “unlimited” 4G data. In addition, the update to the phone was actually pushed to my phone right around the 2 year mark since contract inception. My opinion is that Verizon knows well what makes these phones useless junk (which were flagship phones when released) and this was a deliberate gimmick pulled by Verizon to a) cause people with the much hated by Verizon unlimited 4G data to change their plans so Verizon could yank away the unlimited data and charge buckets of money for what used to cost $30 a month per phone and b) force frustrated customers to purchase new phones to replace their Droid Razr and Razr Maxx phones, that did not have a damn thing wrong with them other than Verizon’s sloppy and perhaps deliberate code anomalies to achieve a) and b) as noted.

    I am about to leave Verizon after having been a loyal customer for all of my life and I am 59. My father was an executive with AT&T, C&P telephone, Bell Atlantic and I can’t remember if Verizon had formed yet when he retired at 50. Our entire family always had products and services from this company and when I left the nest, I continued on my own nickel. My first mobile phone plan was a Hopkins plan (I believe in the mid to late 1980’s) and I remember divestiture which was supposed to increase competition. Now we have a megalopoly larger than even the greediest of the AT&T directors could have imagined with customer service that is essentially non-existent. It is my opinion that management of Verizon is evil to the core and they would steal the gold out of their mothers’ teeth for a buck. Verizon has gone from a company that was courteous and helpful and provided great service for a reasonable price to a gluttonous thug that wants to wring every last nickel out of its customers while providing inferior service and sometimes deliberately sabotaging devices on its network to force customers to give up devices and contracts that Verizon can replace and rewrite (at customer expense of course) to further rake customers over the coals, all to put a few more bars of gold into their grossly overcompensated senior executive staff’s silk purses.

    These are my opinions – not statements of fact and they may or may not be true but if I had to wager……………. You do know Verizon has been shown to have “T” connectors in their sub-stations that send all data to points unknown except many in the industry speculate this is going directly to the N.S.A., D.H.S., etc. Any way you cut it Verizon is not an honorable company. I hope to live to see the day it vanishes beneath the waves with the scum that runs it and does not get tax payer subsidized bail out money (which of course we know it will get). It is an example of a 50 year plan, starting with divestiture, to create a monopoly so large and powerful it can do whatever it wants and it does.

  • frustrated!

    This new update is horrible. My phone broke so i resorted to using my husbands second phone which is a motorola razr xt910. The phone worked perfectly fine for him 2 years ago to the day when he bought it and and continued to work fine for almost a year and a half at which time the phone started to run very slowly and apps wern’t responding so he doenloaded virus protectors and other such apps to try and help. He gave up and bought a new phone. I just started using his phone a week ago and am ready to pull my hair out. I have done a soft and hard reset, the phone is completly wiped clean. I have not downloaded nay new apps to the phone as NOTHING is compatible with the phone. It has downloaded the newest update and all of the apps are up to date aswell. There is less than a third of the phone in use and i regularly clear the cache and browser history. I am at my witts end with this piece of crap . There is no apps running in the background as i’ve closed them all out and do so regularly. Restarting the phone doesn’t even help. If anyone has any luck fixing this issue i would be extremely happy to konw about it as it looks like i’m stuck with this phone for about a month until my contract is elligle for early renewal. thatnks for listening to my rant

  • Janice Miller

    Yes I am having problems with the phone shutting down. This is the 2 phone in 3 months still doing it. Bad phone from Verizon. Droid Maxx need to be taking off. They try to use the problem is the apps NO same one’s that I been using for years on all of my other phones.

  • Drugged Panda

    One problem, my phone keeps sending me back to the home screen. I tried restarting, re-booting and I even made a new google account. While in safe mode, it does the same thing on my Droid Maxx. S.O.S