Google Play News coming soon to compete with Apple Newstand


That’s right news fans, Google is rumored to be launching an Apple Newsstand competitor in the Play Store sometime in the near future.  The news reader will be affectionately called “Google Play News”, and it will allow users to purchase single issues of newspapers, or fully subscribe to them.

A piece of JavaScript was discovered from the desktop web version of the Google Play Store by Android Police.  Here is what they found that referenced the news reader:

To read Google Play News, you must have a supported Android phone or tablet

Please sign in to get this News edition.

Please sign in to purchase this News Issue.

Please sign in to purchase this News Edition Subscription.

Subscribing you to this news edition…

You have subscribed to this news edition. It is now available on your device.

This is a welcomed addition to Android’s already wide variety of RSS and magazine readers. The ability to read newspapers through a customized application on Android devices is appealing to say the least. I know I am looking forward to trying it out.

Source: Android Police

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