HTC crashes Galaxy S IV event


What would a party be without party crashers? HTC decided to make sure the Samsung party would be complete by sending some reps out to the event to show off the new HTC One. Three HTC reps came with the devices to give journalists and others waiting to get into the event a chance to get their hands on the devices. Why not take advantage of a captive audience of about 3,000 people waiting to get into the Samsung event, right?

Along with the opportunity to get their hands on the HTC device, the reps were handing out HTC branded cans of Pringle potato chips.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement from our team on the ground in New York City.

  • Get with the program TA other websites have already posted news about the event. Your quite late to the game here

  • What a bunch of classless idiots.

  • PWRDup

    With a better phone!