More Galaxy S IV case designs leak


We’re just one day away from being shown the most anticipated device of the year, but that’s definitely not going to slow the rumors down. Today, we’re getting an early look at some cases that may fit the S IV’s design shape. These cases look like they’d fit the latest leak we saw just yesterday, so this very well could be the final shape of Samsung’s newest superphone. The biggest difference from the S III is the LED flash placement and speaker placement; the LED flash has moved below the camera, and the speaker has moved to the bottom of the phone, similar to the Note II. Aside from that, USB and headphone jack placement are identical. (That’s great news if you’ve invested in a dock of any kind. The S IV should be compatible with at least some of them.)

With the popularity that is almost guaranteed to follow this phone, we should expect to see some great accessory support. These cases come in nearly every color you could want, and should hopefully be available around the phone’s actual release date. Are you excited yet?

source: MobileFun

via: Unwired View

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Looks like a done deal to me. The Galaxy S4 looks exactly like the Galaxy Note 2.

  • So looks like that leaked s4 was right. Alot of people are going to be angry. It looked thick as hell. Im so happy that I got the s3 now.

  • I think the so called speaker is for taking, the flash should b on top of lens like a real Dslr and the audio will b 2 front firing 4better experience 2 the person, and then again it could b all bull crap or in other terms deception, that’s my take, but I’m just a house Painter

  • If its thicker I hope they put some non skid on the sides,because I have the3 and with out the otter box case I would of had at least 2-3 insurance claims by now, they make these phones with no grip on the sides, I think the Koreans have tiny hands,like women, my thought!

  • Plus their is no logo =bull shitt.