Samsung Ramped Up Advertising In 2012, Outspent Apple By $68 Million


Samsung is the top manufacturer of Android devices and to maintain its dominance in the marketplace, outspent Apple by $68 million in 2012. According to ad research and consulting firm Kantar Media, Samsung spent $401 million advertising its devices in the U.S. last year while Apple spent $333 million. Prior to that, Apple spent three times more on advertising in 2011 than Samsung. The increase in advertising is definitely noticed with the South Korean company investing millions in Super Bowl Ads, having a big presence at Mobile World Congress, and even consuming commercial time during the Oscars.

Wireless carrier executives claim that Samsung also spends a sizeable chunk on advertising off the screen with in-store advertising, promotions, and training for sales representatives who help get devices into the hands of consumers. Better yet, that advertising backs quality products. Patrick Remy, VP of Devices at Orange in the UK, says customers rarely ever return Samsung devices.

Source: The Wall Street Journal