Google Glass already banned in Seattle Bar well before its launch


Google Glass has been banned at a local Seattle bar, The 5 Point Cafe, well ahead of its public launch. We already have a good idea of what Google Glass will be used for, and there is no question that everybody is concerned with privacy.

Owner Dave Meinert mentioned in his announcement, “People want to go there and be not known … and definitely don’t want to be secretly filmed or videotaped and immediately put on the Internet.” He also stated, “And ass kickings will be encouraged for violators.”

Bars are synonymous with social gatherings and individuals may be weary of having their picture taken during their “on-a-whim” excursions. On the other hand, security cameras are not banned from bars which are capable of taking the same embarrassing photos in a less discrete manner.

It will be interesting to see how many other businesses and public places follow suit. Glass is definitely intriguing, but Google has to get people to not only accept wearing them, but accept being in front of them everywhere all the time.

Source: The 5 Point Cafe Facebook
Via: PhoneArena

  • I had never heard of the bar before this announcement, which I believe is exactly the point. This feels like 20% actual policy, 80% free advertising.

  • Zloswe

    Good! Finally somebody protect privacy.

  • Joshua Barta

    If I’m ever in Seattle, I’ll be sure to avoid the fire pit with a bunch of naked cro-magnons standing around it, beating each other over the head with rocks, fighting over the last scraps of meat. Foolish Luddites….

  • Kick someone’s ass for supposedly “recording video” and “posting” this stuff on the Internet? Who the fuck is going to see it? Highly trained, highly looked-after Google employees? Now who is going to stop someone from taking a video or placing a call on his or her cell phone while in your shitty douchebag bar? That’s my question.
    People need to LEARN before they open their damn MOUTHS.

  • Wow! If they kick someones ass for recording video with glass, it would make a great video to instantly upload to YouTube.

  • Jadog73

    It’s only going to get worse as technology further improves…where there’s money to be made. ..
    We the consumers are helping to make these gadgets happen!

  • Easy_Sweetie

    I want to drink heavily in a public location and then go home with someone… and then keep it all a secret from everyone. Simply banning Google Glass will make it all possible now.

  • in2android

    I’d like to see who’d be interested in “putting an ass kicking on me” over which communication device I choose to use! The next headline would be, “Redneck Bar Owner Looses Several Teeth In Failed Protest of Google Glass”, lol! I think this asshole needs to cool it…

  • cooldoods

    I understand the apprehension and I think there are some categories of business establishments who already ban devices with cameras from being used inside their premises. Still, Google Glasses will be just one of such devices instead of being a sole target. Also, establishments who do not justify a ban on such devices will very quickly find their clientele greatly diminished.

  • Seth @ FBT

    It is quite understandable as the restaurant owners are not familiar with the techniology and hence fear the unknown. As more patrons begin to embrace the Google Glass the restaurant will also definitely learn to live with it.