Rovio launching The Croods in the Play Store on March 14th



Team Rovio is at it again bringing the world yet another cool and catchy title called The Croods for the masses to become immersed in. The game is based off of Dreamworks’ animated film and has players playing as Grug who will try to hunt and gather resources for his family. Set in a fantasy world, Grug will need to find and make the various wild animals his own in order to grow the world. The premise of the game is fairly straightforward, but it quickly becomes complicated when Grug has to encounter a variety of creatures and deal with in-laws that are just as much of a threat as the wild animals.

The game is due out next week, but while you wait to get in on the gameplay, feel free to check out the trailer below to get a better feel of the game.



  • ArtoT

    It is already available in Play Store. I just downloaded it.

  • Josh Goodwin

    Great a prehistoric farm ville. Meh.