Samsung tells everyone in Times Square to ‘Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy’


When it comes to Android phones and marketing, Samsung is the reigning king. A lot of people are already aware of a certain event that Samsung has planned for next week, but for those that just aren’t in the know, Samsung wanted to make sure they do. Throwing up a huge billboard in the center of Times Square could help that cause in a major way, and that’s what Samsung did.

Samsung is the only Android manufacturer that could pull this off and kudos to them. They earned it, and there is nothing wrong with going big. The Unpacked Galaxy S IV launch event will be one of the biggest Samsung Mobile events ever and TalkAndroid will be there to give you all the information as it happens.

source: pocket-lint

  • Richard Yarrell

    Get ready for the Galaxy S4 with the flexible screen.

    • squiddy20

      Considering Samsung showed the tech off not even 2 months ago, and it was billed as experimental tech even then, good luck with that… You obviously have no idea how long it takes to develop and mass produce a smartphone.

  • paul

    what time? and how do i watch on line?