HTC One design and manufacturing process revealed in latest video


HTC has always been one of the leaders when it comes to fit and finish on smartphones, so it’s always interesting to get a peek into the process. With the little time I spent with the One, it’s safe to say that it’s the best quality phone I have ever held in my hand. They showed us a short video at the event in NYC about the design and what it takes to make such a phone, and it’s finally available for all to see.

The video features Creative Director Daniel Hundt as he talks about coming up with a “zero gap construction” body. Jethro Liou, Senior Director of Manufacturing Design also talks about the electro-chemical metal etching process as well as how they used a diamond cutter to create a chamfer around the edges.

It’s definitely a breakthrough phone, but will it sell? We will get that answer later in the year, but for now, it’s time to just admire the beauty. Hit the break for the video.

  • At a time when samsung is being cheap and plasticy, I’ll stick with HTC. I don’t want a cheap feeling phone

    • RTWright

      Don’t kid yourself, just because they’re showing you this, doesn’t mean you can walk around dropping your device without it getting dinged, scratched, dented, busted up. I’ll say it again here as I said in the other post with Samsung. If you bloody take care of your devices by putting them in a case and properly handling them without being like a typical child? Your device will go a long way and never receive a single bit of damage, no matter the material being made from.

      HTC has been trying everything but the right things to boost their sales. Until they go back to being a non-proprietary company ( SDCards and Removable Batteries ) they will never keep up with others in the industry. They’ve lost sales due to their constant taking away of such features and their sloppy, bloated design of Sense. My first real smartphone was the original HTC Evo 4G, they failed to support that device and lost ground ever since due to each device coming out after being less and less desirable.

      I foresee Sony jumping ahead of HTC, they’ve got a lot more to offer and have been super Developer friendly. At least Samsung and Sony haven’t gotten in bed with the cheapest of all companies, Apple! I do hope that HTC’s honeymoon with Apple went well!