Motorola Products Not ‘Innovative, Transformative’ Says Google CFO


Google acquired Motorola Mobility in May of 2012 and has yet to make a big splash under new management. Patrick Pichette, Google’s Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, spoke today at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference. During Patrick’s session, he talked about Motorola and that its products in the pipeline are “not really to the standards that what Google would say is wow — innovative, transformative.”

When Google acquired Motorola Mobility, they inherited 18 months of product pipeline. Patrick made it clear that Google is waiting for the pipeline to end “while we’re actually building the next wave of innovation and product lines.” The tech giant has high hopes for Motorola and urgency to do well is at an all time high.

It was reported that tensions between Samsung and Google have been heating up with Samsung representing around 40% of all Android devices sold. Not only that, Samsung has sold 200 million more Android smartphones than the closest top manufacturer, but Pichette said that any rift between the two giants is overblown

Google’s CFO didn’t give a time frame on when we’ll start to see more “innovative, transformative” products from Motorola, however, we may see something before the end of this year.

Source: The Verge

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  • Richard Yarrell

    This isn’t surprising at all and to think this is what Google brought to ward off Samsung…Hate to say it Motorola is one of the BIGGEST JOKES of the android platform. But they rather be concerned with Samsung Google is ridiculous in my eyes. They need to focus on the sagging manufacturers that are not pulling their weight in the android universe instead of worrying about Samsung. The bottom line here without Samsung the android platform wouldn’t even be credible even Google’s NEXUS LINE is very soft 

    • RTWright

      And Minister Yarrell preaches again! Look….. Samsung was not the first giant in Android, HTC was looking to be that early on. But HTC dropped the ball and Samsung steamrolled ahead…. Google is by far a more powerful company than Samsung, by a long shot! Google owns the Internet practically, they are branching out in so many directions it’s an act of War. Basically they’re systematically taking over one territory at a time, much like you would in World War, by taking over Countries.

      Motorola is far from a joke, they’ve put out some good devices over the past few years. They can’t help that by the time their stats and everything is leaked out ( Not on these sites either, internally into other competitors ) that someone has already one upped them. I will however agree the Nexus line is soft. HTC, Google’s Nexus are nothing more that cheap knock-offs of the iPhone with all their proprietary builds. This is why I refer to them as the iDriod, lack of SDCards, Removable Batteries and as of lately even Google is making parts of Android only available if you buy their Nexus line.

      Samsung should really be the one’s worried, because Google is a monster of a company, they don’t have anything to worry about. All they would have to do is make sure that started meeting the consumer’s needs a lot better with their devices and everything would be cherry. Google is in the position that they could even start their own carrier if they so chose to. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t something they’re secretly planning in the future as they are getting into the ISP side of things as well.

      They dictate what is seen on the internet, they hold the worlds biggest search engine and contracts with the worlds biggest online companies. While Samsung is a giant in the OEM world, they cannot touch Google. If you really want to worry about something, worry about Google becoming the same thing that everyone was worried about Microsoft becoming back with Windows 95/98 era. Microsoft has fallen to the wayside so much, that even Google’s own CEO mocked them as in saying “What have they done for innovation in the last few years?”. That alone states it all, the power of Google. They’re the ones I’d be fearful of, as they do have the power to do things that Samsung should be worried about.