Samsung Galaxy S IV confirmed for March 14 Unpacked Event in NYC


Last week we heard that the Samsung Galaxy S IV might be unveiled on March 14 and guess what hit our inbox early this morning? You guessed it. Samsung wanted to tell us that they have a little event in New York City on March 14th called Unpacked. We are very familiar with Samsung Unpacked events as they are always reserved for the latest and greatest from the Android powerhouse. Now the Galaxy S IV isn’t mentioned specifically, but don’t you worry, that “Next Galaxy” will definitely be the Galaxy S IV and we will be there to get all the juicy details so stay tuned.


  • port76

    I carnt wait what will the screen be super amoled ??????? think again!

  • Raymond Rivera

    “Ready *4* the show” isn’t that a hint?

  • Uriah Romero

    I wish I could attend the unveiling of the new Galaxy, but since I can’t, I’ll be tuning in to watch it. I hope that the rumors of a better camera and a 1080p display turn out to be true. I’d really like a full HD display to watch my live and recorded shows on during my commute to work at DISH. I have the DISH Anywhere app on my current phone, which lets me stream my shows everywhere I go and I think it’d work wonders on the HD display.