Google Docs Mobile Editing Updated for Android & iOS

Editing Google Docs on a mobile device is not impossible, but it certainly is not a favourable way of working these days. Well that is going to change very soon as Google today announced their plans regarding Google Documents and the mobile experience.

The announcement was made during an event in Paris called Google Atmosphere (an event dedicated to cloud computing):

Second, today we demonstrated new mobile editing capabilities for Google Docs on the Android platform and the iPad. In the next few weeks, co-workers around the world will soon be able to co-edit files simultaneously from an even wider array of devices.

On top of this announcement Google released a new verification system for business premium users of Google apps and also showed off some usage statistics. Apparently there are now 3 million businesses, and over 30 million users within businesses, schools, and organisations worldwide that depend on Google’s tools.

[via Official Google Blog]

  • Howard

    I can’t even edit Google docs at all right now via the mobile mode. Are they saying they are updating the full desktop mode to work better on Android? Or are they adding editing to the mobile mode?

  • I think they will be making a mobile version rather than getting the desktop version to work better inside of Android and iOS.

  • rob moore

    get my docs from the android market, good little app for viewing and editing ur gdocs i use it all the time