Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa poses for its close-up

Samsung has taken to Twitter to show off its all-new eight core Exynos 5 Octa chipset. Other than the spectacular grid of spheres on the rear, there’s nothing really to see here. Although, if rumors hold true, we can expect to see the Korean manufacturer’s new Exynos 5 make its debut inside the Galaxy S IV later this year. For now, we’ll just stare and salivate.

Source: Twitter

  • ShitSung

    Salivate? It still can’t compete with a dual core A6X in benchmarks. GTH Samsung!!!

    • whoknowswhereor

      Lol jealous much?

    • RTWright

      How do you know it can’t compete? It hasn’t even been used in a device yet! Not only that, one major concern here is “Heat” as we all know these devices already get too hot as it is. My GS3 gets very hot at the bottom end of the device sometimes. Just think if it were a Quadcore let alone 8 :P Then you have Intel and iNvidia driving new processors, so I wonder where all of this will end up.

      I also wonder if and when these quad and octa-core processors are going to be usable in US carrier devices? Because it’s been international devices primarily. Which is where my complaints in the past have often come from about the Processor having anything to do with the radios for the carriers.

    • It beyonds surpasses the A6X

  • weGotWidgets

    Exynos 5 octa – Cores(4) Cortex A-15
    Apple A6X – Cores(2) Cortex A-15

    The Exynos 5 Octa will shatter the A6X into pieces.

  • My sg3 has a dual core armv7, it will not get hot even watching vids, long surfin and wht ever else, but an 8 core means it will use what’s needed 4 the task and I think it has been texted qyt extensively so don’t fret try it y’all will luv it sg4 international variant will have.