AT&T to offer Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 with or without a contract

Are you an AT&T customer looking to pick up a cheap tablet? AT&T’s got you covered. You can grab a completely unsubsidized, off contract Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 for only $199.99 on AT&T’s website. For this lightweight little 7-inch tablet, that’s not a bad price, especially if you don’t need the latest and greatest tech but want something to watch Netflix on the go with. And for a limited time, you can opt for a two year service agreement to knock $100 off the price of this tablet, since it sports 3G radios. Aside from the 3G, the IdeaTab packs a 7 inch HD screen, a 1GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 2MP camera. It’s not going to make your jaw drop, but if CES this year made you a little envious of all the new devices, this deal might just scratch your tablet itch.

source: AT&T

  • Serious waste of Money. I got my kids better tablets at walmart for $130(4.0 , front and rear cameras, works like a champ). I already have a phone that can do a hotspot, so why lock into ATT for $160 per year for a crap tablet? To many idiots in charge, not in touch with the real world. I got a $80 tablet for my 3 yr. old (4.0, same specs as this one, but no rear camera, only front) its slow on startup, but runs fine once its up. You would have to be a fool to purchase this from AT&T, or maybe that is who they are marketing it too! : ]