Android 4.1 update now headed to US variants of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Good news for you Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 owners. Both the 10.1 and 7.0 variants of Samsung’s popular slate are now getting a taste of Android Jelly bean. The 4.1 update includes all the awesome features you’ve been waiting for: Project Butter, Google Now, better notifications, and improvements to TouchWiz. If you’re too impatient to wait for the OTA to show up in your notification bar, you can try to force the update by going to Settings > About Tablet > Check for update. Since this is a major update, you’ll need to have your battery charged to at least 50% and be prepared to download a few hundred megabytes of data. Give it a try, and let us know how things go for you in the comment section below.

Source: Phandroid

  • Jonathan Miesch

    updated perfectly on my tab 2 7.0 and works flawlessly. took about 45 min in total before I was able to start playing around. love the new notification bar and the dock at the bottom. someone inn Florida is happy now

    • aman

      Notification are on top

      • Jonathan Miesch

        yea, I was talking about the app dock at the bottom.

        • me

          What is an app dock?

  • marriotthill

    Has it always had panoramic cam mode?

    • aman

      Yes it has

  • aman

    My samsung galaxy tab 2 7 gat an update for jelly bean afew days ago. it just showed up in the notifications software update so I touche it and it openend up do you want rhe update and I touche yes so then it restarted the table t and then I realized the samsung oning was a bit different, it showed a picture of android while loading and took about 30 to 45 minutes to load google now, project butter works well , ther wer afew change to the camera and the video player
    Camera :if you sw iped to the left the gallery would open up
    And while taking video you can pause
    Video player:you can make it pop up
    I didnt like it was fully jelly bean because on the home screen the application opener the one with tiny squares was on the bottom right instead of center and did not have a circle around it . How cqn I fix it

    • Anonymous

      Get a custom launcher like nova or apex

  • aman

    By the way it is not only in america I am In india how has it come

  • Ben

    what about us 8.9 users? shame….

  • Anonymous

    Pros: google now, updated touchwiz, etc.
    Cons: seems slower, don’t like the pull-down notifications bar

  • Rui Felizardo

    I’m in Portugal And waiting for the update for my Galaxy tab 2 7.0 and I’m wondering if the update brings the capacity to move apps to sd. Does it?

    • Jonathan Miesch

      nope I already tried. gonna have to manually kove them. even then theres no guarentee the .apk will load off thr sd

      • Rui Felizardo

        I guess I can live with that:-)

  • Paul Drake

    OK.. Im now raging. I have a Note 10.1 and Im still stuck on 4.0.4………… WTF

  • Disk4mat

    So far my tb is performing much faster. I noticed a big improvement in apps where you can write and draw. The lag is almost gone now. Apps load faster. Due to Google Now, I noticed Maps has used 68% battery which is crazy. So Ive diabled Now and location reporting and I’ll see how that goes.

  • wpetro

    Is there any way to get the screenshot feature back after installing the new update?

  • wpetro

    Is it possible to uninstall the new update? If I was to do a master reset, would it give me back my old OS? Would it restore it to the original software? Can someone please help? Thank you

  • wpetro

    I am so disappointed with the update. Where did the screenshot capture feature go?

  • ftv00es

    The new notification drop-down is horrible. I really hope they consider changing it. A tablet is not a phone :/

  • Good News my ass! Jelly bean has terrible compatibility issues. I don’t want it. I returned a Google Nexus and bought a Samsung specifically for Ice Cream Sandwich and its good compatibility, such as with Flash. It is trying to force feed me this update. Does anyone know how to block it so it will stop nagging me?

  • Sunshine

    I have tried to like the update but I can’t. Really, really would like to go back before the update….. Any possibility?

  • Peegee

    How to uninstall jellybean on galaxy tab 2 7.0?

  • jimmy

    How do you take a screenshot?

  • lonely

    I want to stop update to stop it?
    Can somebody help me?

  • lanka perera

    don’t is slow your device and some error on keyboard. ram using is very huge.i have gt-p3100 and i update jelly bean yesterday. its suck. i downgrade my device today and it woks nice now with Ice cream S. do you want to know about ROOT your device or unroot your device pls sen me a email.

  • Reina Num

    Everyone who says it’s horrible, you are all right! Don’t update!

  • Gabby

    My screenshot icon is gone. How do I screenshot?!

  • jo

    How do I screenshot once i have updated

  • Tk

    The update’s horrible :( My lock screen is laggy, wheres the screenshot button?,why cant i multitask now that the drop down notifications go into a new page instead of just geing neatly in the corner, on the 10.1 version the buttons are extremly out of place… this is not a phone.. , the whole layout of the home screen in my opinion looks so bad. Samsung should allow us to uninstall this awful update or at least fix it cause by the look of the comments across loads of websites im not the only one who finds this update awful :(