Metro PCS rolls out new tiers for LTE plans

MetroPCS has announced a shift in its pricing plans for LTE customers across the country, effectively bringing more data options to a vast array of subscribers. The three new tiers include the same $60 plan, as well as throttled $50 and $40 plans.

The $60 plan still allows users the full smorgasbord of unlimited options, including talk, text and unthrottled data. For those who’d like to take a step down, the $50 plan allows unlimited talk and text, with unlimited data. However speeds for that particular plan will be dropped to 3G after 2.5 gigabytes of usage. For those interested in a budget option, the $40 plan still offers unlimited talk, text and web, though data speeds will be slowed after the first 500MB.

While most absolutely dread the idea of being throttled, MetroPCS isn’t cutting users off by limiting their data to unusable speeds. Instead, subscribers will find themselves achieving speeds of somewhere around 1-3MB, and even higher in other places. There is one caveat, however. Those who’d like to take advantage of the new tiers will need to be utilizing an LTE-compatible Metro PCS device.

Source: Metro PCS


  • James Newton

    How is 1-3 mbs considered 4g? I get that on verizon 3g

    • Yolo

      It says 1-3mb is 3G. That’s when you fall back after being throttled

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