New aluminum Bluetooth keyboard for Nexus 7 looks great, lasts long and costs little [VIDEO]

A new, beautiful Bluetooth keyboard for the Nexus 7 has popped up on the interwebs recently. The BG-7, as it’s called, boasts an aluminum frame, a black, dimpled, rubberized back (just like the Nexus 7’s) and colors that exactly match the hues that Asus and Google chose for their beloved 7-incher. This thing was specifically designed for the Nexus 7 and it looks great! The keyboard has 61 keys including several Android shortcut keys (back, home, and menu). It is powered by a rechargeable 160 mAh battery that is said to give 55 hours of consecutive use or 60 days of standby time. The battery is charged by a normal micro USB cable, so you won’t need to worry about fumbling with extra chords. Besides being a great keyboard, the BG-7 acts as a cover for your Nexus 7. Just pop the tablet face down, snap it in and you’re good to go. Best of all, this keyboard costs under $25! Check out a video that an XDA forum member put together after the break. If you’re ready to buy, hit the source link (which is also after the break).

Source: DX

About the Author: Alexon Enfiedjian

Alex Enfiedjian is an Android enthusiast and tech journalist from Central California.

  • Steve

    This looks really nice and I want one. But I live in the UK :-(

    • steve

      Hey Steve I purchased this keyboard several weeks ago from amazon its made by ivso , it works very well and matches the n7 perfectly

  • Jon Harding

    The supplier ships free to the UK according to the website at the source link

    • supa

      Buyincoins has it for $ 20.88

  • When does the Nexus 10 get one? thats what I want to know…

  • Sclark

    If you actually read about it on XDA, you would know that it’s not aluminum, but a Grey plastic similar to the edge of the nexus 7.

    • Nicholas Bodley

      Modern metallic finishes can be deceptive. Likely that most have fine metal powder for pigment.

  • Steve

    John – Yes, but importing to the UK from the USA always hits me with import tax and then the post office hit me for a handling fee too. Gets more expensive by an unpredictable amount :-(

  • ddh819

    i wish gmail on android had the desktop keyboard shortcuts

  • Timallenuk

    Amazon uk sell this keyboard. Stockist is called King of Flash (TM)

  • Karl G

    does it allow you to use in portrait mode also, it will it stand up ok

  • Josh Reynolds

    Just bought mine. Can’t wait!

  • Brad

    This is nothing new. I ordered mine in October the day the 32gb nexus 7 came out and I think it was out long before that. It is realty sweet though. It is plastic not aluminum but that’s ok as it would probably scratch my nexus if it was metal. It does match the nexus 7 perfectly. Also, it works in portrait mode but it needs to be on a hard surface or it will fall over backwards. The only downside is the keys are realy too small for any serious typing at least with hands a big as mine.

    • Gevan McCoy

      I concur with your comments. I had a pairing issue the other day, so I unpaired and have tried to re-pair but I can’t remember the passcode… Don’t suppose you can help me with that?

  • Nicholas Bodley

    What I’d dearly love to know is whether the keytops can be snapped off and reattached without damage.
    Except for that extra-wide unique Q, I could have a Colemak or Dvorak layout.
    Quite tempted to get one, anyhow. In fact, am seriously considering a Nexus 10 instead of upgrading my desktop.
    It’ll be a while before affordable standalone monitors have display resolution like the N 10.

    • Jeremy Andrews

      Judging from the photos on the seller’s website, you can safely snap the keys off and on.

  • Nicholas Bodley

    Oooops, one more. Bluesnarfing, iirc. Basically, it’s silly to use Bluetooth only because the
    N 7 might be a bit hard to connect to a trad. standard keyboard. It’s a lot harder to intercept
    keystrokes from a wired PS/2 keyboard.
    Anybody know what the “pinout” is for the recessed pads on an N 10?

    • dlelacheur

      The pin outs are for a pogo charger (because the micro usb charges painfully slow)which Google never released. Third party options are available on amazonamazon.

  • Brad

    The nexus 7 isn’t hard to connect to a USB keyboard. I can even use my USB Xbox 360 controller. However. My standard USB keyboard doesn’t fit my nexus like a glove and also serve as a stand. Its not like I’m going to be punching my CC numbers or passwords into the Bluetooth keyboard in a public place anyway. There is an onscreen keyboard.

  • liever rood

    this comment is made using this keyboard, it is great, an a beauty in combination with the Nexus

  • This is the best keyboard I’ve found for my Nexus 7, but it’s far from perfect. It doesn’t have a Tab key, or app switcher button, and it feels a teeny bit chintzy, but for $22 I can’t complain. It also doesn’t quite match my N7 in colour or pattern,but it’s close enough.

  • I just received mine, and I’m experiencing something very strange. When I inserted the tablet with the control buttons up, dock connector down, the screen goes dark immediately. If I try to turn it on again it brings me to the lock screen, but when I unlock it goes dark again. If I turn it around, controls down and dock up, it works fine. Any idea what’s going on?

    • Hans Otten

      strange i have the same problem!

    • kenligrace

      the power and volume rocker are supposed to be up so you can adjust the volume or turn the tablet off when not in use without having to fold it up completely.

  • Jeremy Andrews

    Looks pretty cool, I think I’ll order one. It’s a steal for that price considering how much any bluetooth keyboards usually cost…

  • YoghiE EclipseS

    if you actually need about nexus 7 keyboard, you can buy it in uplay. this is the link,

  • Shaunley

    where to buy?

  • Helen

    Hi thanks for informative video. Can you dock the nexus in protrait mode?

  • dutch

    where can I find info on using the keyboard,I had a hard time finding how to get the + when typeing my email address

  • thekiller

    your english sucks big timeeee

  • Dabu

    The Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard Leatherette Folio Case from uPlay (White Label) ($49.99) is really pro; you should check it – ttp://

  • TheJimsterJim

    I’ve just got this keyboard today, im actually writing this with the keyboard! The keys are a bit smaller than i expected, but as i use it more it gets easier. Its actually not aluminium, i knew this before I bought it, but be careful before you buy it as it is NOT aluminium even though it says it is, which is not a bad thing at all. There are many nice features such as being able to type special characters, copying, pasting, volume controls, music controls, back and home button, which can be used to unlock the device. Highly recommend, makes typing 10x faster, works very well, not quite like a laptop or dekstop as its only just big enough, but after a couple days you get the hang of it. Connect a usb mouse and use this keyboard, you pretty much have a laptop!

  • Mike AM

    I have this keyboard since 4 months… i like it and use but the keys fade away quickly with use…. this is the only but very significant defect

  • daniel lif

    I have this keyboard and whenever I put it in my nexus 7 buttons up it locks the screen. How do i fix this issue? is it in the settings?

    • Josiah Slice Gensler

      You are putting your tablet in upside-down

      • Herman

        This made me laugh.
        Some solutions are simply too easy to think of :)

      • swal

        I discovered this also but when i watched multi videos of how to use the keyboard I noticed they put the tablet upside down and it works…??

  • olivia

    i was wondering if this can be used for the kindle fire hd 7 in because amazon doesnt have a decent one for the kindle

  • 3ll3

    is the nexus compatible with miscrosoft or windows?