Samsung to fix suicidal Galaxy S III’s with a software update

A few weeks ago we reported that a decent number of Galaxy S III users were finding their phones dead after a random motherboard failure. It was assumed that the problem was hardware related, but according to Dutch site Tweakers Samsung has identified it as a software problem that is affecting only a few 16 gigabyte models of the phone. Samsung has already cooked up a software patch to fix the problem and will be sending out the update in the near future. Hopefully the update goes out before your phone does.

Source: Tweakers


  • What about those with custom roms?

    • silent-circuit

      Samsung has already shown they will fix phones with this problem running custom ROMs. As for getting the software fix on a custom ROM, your guess is as good as mine.

  • Maggs Conneely

    what about those of use with Dead phones over past few weeks ??

    • Alexon Enfiedjian

      Should be covered under Samsung’s warranty.

  • Meg

    a FEW? i have had 7.. yeah, count em, SEVEN, bricked Samsung GSIII devices in the past two months (that is one per week, if you’re keeping count). after fighting tooth and nail back and forth between Verizon and Samsung (since, ya know, one blames the other, and it is NEITHER of their faults), they finally sent me a brand-new in-the-box device two days ago, instead of letting me lemon-law* out of my contract. well, new phone has been up and running for about 24 hours. GUESS WHAT? it got that one, too! (throws hands up in complete frustration) I would use my option to leave, go to T-Mobile and get the S4, but I have seen the ‘integrity’, or complete lack thereof, that lies behind the company that is Samsung and their products. i cannot get away from both of these companies fast enough. also, this is NOT a software issue.. if it was, it would not be following me around on 8 devices. and YES, i have replaced every component of the phone.. the phone itself, the SIM, the battery, the charger… AHH. it is driving me MAD to wake up every morning to that damned flashing screen, have to Vol-Up+Home-Screen+Power-Button (IF it’ll allow me, it usually does not and just completely bricks), and spend the next two hours reconfiguring my phone.

    so, instead, i’ll be spending the next two hours making sure they have all of the information ready to port out my number this week. DONE.

    *lemon law- THIS IS IMPORTANT, AND A REAL THING. do not get screwed by your wireless carrier. if you receive more than 3 defective devices within a 30-day period, you have the option to opt-out of your contract with NO FEES OR PENALTIES, this is an actual LAW, simply Google ‘lemon law for cellphones’.