F.Y.I.— Reports Are Coming In That Nexus 4 Smartphones Are Being Shipped Again


Those of you who are still patiently waiting for your Nexus 4 smartphone to arrive are officially in luck and will get the phone just in time for the start of the new year. According to various reports, Google has gone ahead and shipped out a new batch of smartphones to anxiously waiting customers. As good as the news is– both the 8GB and 16GB are still listed as sold out on the Play Store. This will no doubt make many Android fans continue to be peeved at Google for its Nexus 4 availability miscues. And of course, there are still no bumper cases available on the Play Store as of this writing as well. Still— you gotta hand it to Google for trying to do its best at least— one shipment at a time.

source: Android Central

  • ric

    yep, got mine today in the UK.

  • It’s shipped to some customers who got 4-5 weeks estimate. I got 7-8 weeks and according to the Google rep, I will get my device shipped by the evening of the January 30th (yes January – not December…). So until all the orders have been shipped, even the ones with 10+ weeks estimate, Nexus 4 will not appear on the Google Play…

  • Guest

    I ordered a 16bg on Dec. 2. Just got a e-mail this morning from google it has shipped w/tracking number. (USA)

  • I just wanna place an order…I don’t care if it doesn’t ship until March, I just want to secure one..

  • Andrea

    I am extremely dissatisfied because I stayed connected for more than 6 hours to purchase a Nexus 4, and I got it,
    my purchase was done, with estimated shipping of 6 weeks, I WAIT for all this time.

    Unfortunately I had I problem with my credit card, and I was with no internet access and could not fix it in 5 days. MY PURCHASE WAS CANCELED ! It was not my fault, I was traveling on holidays and could not access my account or email, so it was canceled with no way it came back. I tried to called them, but the call “suddenly” hang up after talk with some people.

    I am extremely frustrated to stay without cell phone after all this time waiting and with a purchase done. It was extremely disrespectful with a consumer. Your product is very good but it doesn’t worth so much disrespect.

    Andrea Bianchi