Toshiba Working On Refocusing Camera For Smartphones & Tablets


It appears that Toshiba is clearly intent on making our smartphone cameras just a smidge better in the immediate future. How, you ask…? Well Toshiba has quietly been working on a new camera sensor module that contains 500,000 tiny lenses in front of the actual camera sensor in a 1cm-thick unit. What the lenses do is capture variations of each lens arrangement, which are then combined to make a “complete” picture using Toshiba’s in-house software and technology. Additionally, reports are indicating the new camera module will have the capability to measure the distance between objects in any given shot, with users being able to shift the focus of both photos and video between close and distant detail– kind of like how 3D imagery works.

The technology is still very much in development and probably won’t be ready until at least the end of next year, but this is awfully exciting though, isn’t it? Let’s just hope Toshiba is able to get smartphone manufacturers to utilize the technology in countries outside of Japan.

source: Engadget