Many Galaxy S III users reporting “dead” phones after mainboard failure

Galaxy S III users have taken to Reddit and XDA forums to express outrage after their beloved phone “just died” with no explanation. Before you go getting all anxious about your beloved S III kicking the bucket, we should mention that it’s pretty normal for a few bad units to make it out of the factories when any new phone is released. With that said, this particular problem is a little too widespread for our liking. It seems that a failure in the mainboard or the nand memory is the killer in this case. According to the threads, the devices seem to last about 150 to 200 days before failing. Thankfully, Samsung has been replacing them under warranty whether or not the devices have been rooted. The bad news is that Samsung has been replacing the failed mainboards with the identical version, meaning that the same problem may very well happen again in a few months time. There has been no official acknowledgment from Samsung on this matter, but reportedly the warranty call-center workers are verifying that they’ve seen this issue reported a lot lately. If you’re a Galaxy S III owner, you may want to back up your pictures and music, or move them to your SD card, just in case. It’s never a bad thing to be prepared. Have any of our readers experienced this problem?


Source: Reddit and XDA Forums
Via: Pocket Now

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  • Joey


  • vegiisan

    Interesting. I got my GS3 (international version) first week of launch and it’s still doing fine. I gave it to my mum when I moved to the Razr HD so I better get her to backup just in case. :O

  • Dirk Vranckaert

    I have this issue. It is about 180 days and 12hours ago it just died.. Bringing it back tomorrow to the shop.

  • Dirk Vranckaert

    Also.. I bought it around 11AM and it died around the same time.. Just wondering if it is coincidence..

  • Guest

    My friend and I both got our GS3 within a few days of launch in Switzerland (so international version). His self-bricked two weeks before mine. We both had them repaired. The new info in this article is that they are replacing the motherboard with the same production version. I hope if mine bricks itself again after the 1 year warranty is up they will still fix it!

  • ZCaan

    Happen to me a few days ago luckly i had most of stuff backed up is there anyway of getting the dead phone working again just to get rest of data?

  • Guest

    Happened to me, too. Croatia, international version. Two months ago. I bought the phone June 20th and it died October 28th. Samsung repaired it within a week but I had no idea that the motherboard is being replaced by the same version… Well… we’ll see what happens after another 4-5 months.

  • C

    I bought mine at release and it’s still working like a charm. I hope it will stay that way.

  • lmk224

    Happened to me. Died just before Christmas, 5 months old. It’s now on it’s way home from Samsung via courier. I hope it doesn’t happen again in 5 months; my phone autosaved everything to the internal memory and I didn’t back up for a month so all that stuff is gone!

  • Nikki Rogers

    this happened to me, sent it back, got it fixed, and a few months later ( a few days after the birth of my daughter, with beloved first pictures on there) it happened again… far from happy!

  • emma

    Its happened to mine two weeks ago and I’ve lost a years worth of photos including my new born babies first pictures. I am devastated. I should’ve had a backup but I didn’t and didn’t realise how easy drop box was until now. I’m sending mine to a data recovery company to see if they can do anything. Fingers crossed they can.

  • Paco

    My S2 died too in less than 2 years, main board dead