Samsung releases official 3000 mAh extended battery for Galaxy S III

This news should make power users and heavy gamers happy: Samsung has officially released an extended battery for your Galaxy S III. The extended battery boosts your phone’s battery to a capacious 3000 mAh, nearly a third more than the 2100 mAh battery that ships with the device. That should easily be enough to get heavy users through a full day, and average users through at least two full days of normal usage before your S III gives up the ghost. Besides the added battery life you get a built in NFC chip, an enlarged back casing and the peace of mind knowing that your battery was made specifically for your phone. Samsung is asking for $64.99 to make this battery yours. That may seem a little pricey, but if you’re one who is always worried and wondering if your phone will make it through the day, it may be worth your bucks. Any of our readers planning on picking one up?

Source: Mobile Fun

  • if it wasnt for the fact that my otterbox case will no longer fit anymore after the extended battery cover , i’d be all over this !

  • ex-28

    larger battery cover blows to bad.

  • hollywoodfrodo

    This is ridiculous. Third party extended batteries have long been available and work great. I have a 4300mAh battery (3000 is for wimps – haha) and it is equipped with NFC and it works great and only cost me $15!!! I got an extended battery TPU case for another $10.

  • GraveUypo

    too expensive, too little extra juice. no thanks