Russian Dual Screen Phone Prototype Seen on Video

Well it’s not every day that we get news coming out of Russia, but today we have discovered a video of some sort of new prototype phone in development with a screen on both the front and the back. At first, I’m not sure just how much I understand the concept, but after some thought, I could actually see this being rather useful until a more elegant solution arises. From the looks of it, it appears that one side is a standard screen while the back side houses an e-ink the display which would provide direct sunlight readability while only sipping on the battery. No legitimate information is known about the device beyond that it is to run Android and isn’t expected before May 2011 or even outside of Russia for that matter. The video of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev handling the device is below.

[via BCM]

  • skip

    the device makes an appearance at 0:47 or so.

  • DiMa

    Russia at this moment is all about its own product, no imports no exports. The phone will have 4G radio, will be produced in Taiwan for some period of time then its production will be moved to Russia. No other countries officially will have the phone. So get in touch with some crazy Ivan to get this phone unlocked, import illegally to USA and use it on any GSM network.

  • dave

    Medvedev is like “Da. So Vat?, I haf Samsung Galaxy R”
    (R, for Russian model)