Nova Launcher 2.0 Beta Doubles Down On Customization

You don’t have to be Xzibit to appreciate what Nova Launcher has done with its latest beta. No, the beta launcher won’t help you install an x-box to the trunk of your Toyota Celica but it does go a long way in helping you pimp your home screen. Nova is one of several capable third-party launchers but with the addition of a handful ton of customization options it’s doubling down on a more user-defined look and feel to Android.

Like with the version available on the Play Store, ver. 1.3.4, Nova Launcher 2.0 beta requires Android 4.0.1 or higher. And while both versions offer an increased level of control over its stock counterpart, 2.0 takes it to a different level. We’re talking transparency settings, resizing folders, gestures galore and some nice wallpaper tweaks. The 2.0beta3 release addresses some early beta bugs, with fixes to expanded notifications on Android 4.2, dock as overlay, dock infinite scroll, disabled wallpaper scrolling and force close issues.

Hit the break for a complete list of Nova Launcher 2.0 features and the all important download link.

Icons and folders: * Icon resizing (Prime)  * Swipe up action on desktop icon (Prime) * Use app icon as custom icon * Swipe to open folder, tap for custom action * Disc background for folder icons * Folder background transparency * Support iconmask and shader in icon themes * Updated Nova Action icons * Bigger grid size options

Drawer Settings: * Isolate tabs * Infinite scroll * Remember position * List style * Auto close 

Dock: * Auto close * Use small icons 

Wallpaper: * Crop to portrait/landscape or full * Wallpaper scrolling on USA SGS2

Under the hood: * Aggressive Desktop (Keep in memory) * Merge Android 4.2 changes * Faster load times * Reduce memory usage * Default on for UI Lock, widget async and widget cache * Expandable “Advanced” in Settings menus * Custom activity background instead of banded gradient

Source: XDA
Download Nova Launcher 2.0beta3

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