Google News gets revamped for tablets with new interface and gesture support

Google News is an extremely popular source for news articles, with Google citing 6 billion pageviews per month to linked articles. And with the growing popularity of tablets like Google’s own Nexus 7, it would only make sense for some adjustments to be made for those to conform to each other. According to Google, that’s exactly what’s going to happen over the next few days, too. The Google News site will be redesigned to better fit tablet sized screens, with a more spaced out layout for articles and gestures to find new articles and switching between sections, for example. It will also feature the “Explore in depth” feature that allows you to look at similar stories to a specific article.

All in all, definitely something to look forward to if you frequent Google News. At first it will only be available to US users, however, and it’ll take a few days to roll out to all users. Check to see if it’s working for you on your tablet.

source: TechCrunch

  • David Hollingshead

    Why Google felt a browser shortcut was better for news than a formatted app for tablets or phones is beyond me. It makes me want to make decompile the old News app and format it for tablets.