Over half of all application revenue comes from top 25 developers, according to reports

According to some research recently done by Canalys, the distribution of wealth from app sales is pretty heavily skewed towards the top. According to their findings, a group of the top 25 developers rake in about 50% of all money made through Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. They reportedly made $60 million over a 20-day period at the start of November 2012. Even more interesting is that 24 of the top 25 are game developers. (Pandora was the 25th with its radio application)

The reports point out that each of those developers have multiple titles on the market, and in stores dominated by games, having more products available helps business quite a bit, apparently. Zynga, for instance, had 15 apps in the top of Apple’s store and 9 at the top of the Play Store. The correlation the report draws is that game developers with one big title, like Rovio with Angry Birds, have an easier time promoting linking new games and improving discoverability. In markets flooded with tons of applications, that discoverability goes a long way.

source: Canalys