Ice Cream Sandwich update for Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia go, and Xperia sola, brings performance updates and bug fixes

Today, Sony began rolling out an update to Ice Cream Sandwich for the Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia go and Xperia sola devices that’ll come packed with ‘bug fixes’ and ‘performance tweaks.’ It’s unclear what exactly those tweaks are, but who among us doesn’t like a little tweaking? 

The update to the firmware includes improvements to:

  • Stability
  • WiFi
  • Tethering/Portable Hotspot
  • Camera
  • NFC
  • Messaging


Xperia P users will get the update via OTA. Xperia U, Xperia go and Xperia sola users will get the notification as well via OTA if you’re already on Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’re on Gingerbread, you’ll need PC Companion or Bridge for Mac users to get the update. If you’re waiting via OTA, it’s said to arrive ‘in the coming weeks,’ but you can always check manually through your About Phone options. More information regarding your device can be found through the link below.


Sony Mobile


source:  Sony Mobile Blog



About the Author: Sean Stewart

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  • Kevin

    what have they done to improve on the pathetic battery life that came wiht the ICS update on Xperia P

    • Thomasf

      I agree. I expected better from Sony.

  • some_random_user

    I can confirm, Xperia U in Polands T-mobile got update. And, as stated – from gingerbread it’s updated via pccompanion. Battery life – 2 days (same as on gingerbread), normal usage, most of the time wifi on. Camera, Wifi, tethering – works ok. On stability – system overally performs quite well, but got one random reboot (at ~40% battery left) while using ics 3 days.

  • Shady Janzeir

    It’s April 2013 and I still can’t update my two U’s to ICS in Saudi Arabia! Does anybody have the skinny on when it’ll be our turn to upgrade, if ever? Or should I go back to using my two Xperia Rays and keep the U’s for weighing down paper on my desk?

  • Isaac

    Is the Xperia U upgrade available in kenya?