OUYA developer consoles begin shipping December 28th

It appears as though the highly anticipated and long-awaited OUYA consoles have officially been given a firm ship date of December 28th today, in addition to the news that the console’s SDK, dubbed “ODK”, would be available later that very same day. This announcement means Kickstarter backers can expect to receive the device “within a couple days” of the 28th, effectively kicking off their new year with a bang.

Production units are still expected to ship some time in March of next year, though the company has yet to announce an official release date. On the software side of things, users can expect to set up their units, including account activations by Christmas day. For the full run-down, be sure to hit the source link below.

Source: OUYA

  • GraveUypo

    this took too long. tegra 3 is outdated already :|

  • FreegamerX

    I went to the OUYA website and watched their video on my iPod. After that, as many might know, you have to press the “done” button to get out of the video on IOS. When i did that, there was a pic of the OUYA with “SCAM” written over it. Why?