Samsung begins Jelly Bean rollout for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

Owners of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 are in for a tasty treat today (and we’re not talking about your Thanksgiving turkey and gravy). Reports are rolling in that Samsung has begun its much anticipated Android 4.1.1 update for its popular tablet. The update is only available for the carrier-less WiFi model, and strangely enough seems to be relegated only to France for now. We’ll keep you posted as the update rolls out to other areas.

If you’re in France and have a WiFi Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, you can manually check for the update by going into your settings menu an clicking “About phone”, then “System updates”. The update is also available via Samsung Kies.

Enjoy the Jelly Bean…and your turkey and gravy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Source: Sammobile


  • Matt Wedgwood

    I hate Samsung and every Carrier on the market. Android should be Android no matter what device its on or which carrier is supplying the service. Once an Android update gets pushed out, every device on the planet that is running Android should be able to update at the users choosing. No one would go for this when it comes to Windows or iOS so why do we let this crap continue with our phones and tablets?

    Its time we as users tell Samsung and all the other device makers and carriers that its time for this crap to stop.