Nexus 10 available once again through the Play Store in both storage options

Following a brief stint in the Play Store, Samsung and Google’s 32GB Nexus 10 sold out in record time, later superseded by the attenuated 16GB model. Well, after taking a trip to the Play Store, it seems as though Google has managed to roll out another batch of the 10-inch slates, as both variants are showing up with the option “add to cart.”

There’s no telling how long they’ll be available for, so if you’re interested it’d be wise to act fast. Are you planning on picking one up?

Source: Nexus 10 (32GB), Nexus 10 (16GB)

  • Omega

    because of the 32Gb sell out, I was forced to buy 16Gb. Google gotta compensate me for buying a less likable product because of its failure to plan these things. By the way, jelly bean 4.1 Is way better than 4.2

    • I think you paid less lol just return it for the other size if you want it bad enough

  • Sanjeev Mohindra

    Lol, thanks for the heads up, was waiting for the 32gb version…. Just ordered it…

  • Biofx

    Not in france…

  • PriceWise

    Listed as AUD$469 in Australia for the 16Gb model. How much in the rest of the world?