Looks like my Nexus 4 has been back ordered, and so have many others

Why am I not even surprised? With the debacle that went down this past Tuesday on Google’s Nexus 4 launch, I kind of expected them to have trouble fulfilling the influx of orders for the device. I was just hoping I wouldn’t be one of them. Sadly, I was and the Google Play Store has sent me an e-mail regarding my Nexus 4’s order status. Apparently the device has been back ordered and my Nexus 4 won’t ship for another 3 weeks…. Quite a bummer indeed. I am definitely not the only one as plenty more people have received the same e-mail.

As a small compensation, Google will credit you back the shipping that was charged, so I suppose that helps a little? There’s also an option for you to cancel your order if you so please.

Any one else get back ordered? If so, you guys willing to wait the 3 weeks or just cancel all together and perhaps purchase it through T-Mobile?


  • This is standard practice for ecommerce. I would be thankful if I were you.

  • RTWright

    You would think by now people would be used to things like this. There hasn’t been anything yet, on this level of success in sales, that hasn’t had issues of this nature and the before posting of the Google site issues. Get over it, get a life, deal with it and move on. No one in the world can predict just how much demand there is going to be for any product. Yes, we knew it would be somewhat popular, but apparently it was a lot more than even Google anticipated and there for it’s going to a waiting game for some.

  • Brad Powell

    I really think for those that do have to wait a few extra weeks should, at the very least be thankful they were even able to get one purchased. At the end of the day, you have a secured device that will be delivered (probably sooner rather than later) while the rest of those who did try and purchase one need too wait until they are back in stock which could very well be towards the end of the month and even into December….I don’t think signing a two-year contract just too have this amazing phone is worth it…Just stick it out…you even get $14 back…thats a good case right there from Amazon or money towards a Qi Charging Orb

    • Yeah I’ll stick it out. I’m fine with that. Although I’m a little irked that Google has already taken the $394 out of my debit card. I thought they don’t charge you until it’s been shipped. Oh well.

  • Leon Nat

    I just hope to get it WITHIN 3 weeks. And that is when I thought I’ll be one of the very first ones.
    Btw, do you think everyone got that letter?

    • No, many others got the confirmation letter that their device has been shipped.

  • Brad Powell

    Mine is actually in transit..should have tomorrow mid morning

  • jeremy

    OMG this is retarded. How could a company like google allow this to happen. I knew this was a mess already, but COME ON. Like i would just buy a damn optimus G if the damn thing atleast had JB. Ugh what a joke..

    • Yeah it sucks… But keep in mind that Google didn’t do anything to advertise this. Didn’t spend millions on commercials or anything like Apple. And nexus devices always sell little, as it caters to the “geeks” more or less. So I think they just didn’t expect it to be such a big hit.

      • jeremy

        I disagree. they knew it was going to sell like crazy. Whether or not it was a marketing stunt is hard today for sure, but this was no accident. Either way I retract my earlier statement. Screw 4.2 I have no interest in lock screen widgets and photo sphere (which no one will use). I think I will get the optimus G money is not my issue and there almost identical phones.. Picking it up tomorrow. Plus on rogers 2600mhz LTE I’m sold. No where else gets this model, so there’s still some perks. ;-)

        • It’s not just that. There’s improvements throughout the OS, even Google Now. What about the next version? How long will it take for LG to release source or to update it to whatever the next version is. If you’re not concerned about getting updates then the Optimus G is a great device.

          • jeremy

            Yeah man I have a Gnex with 4.2. So I know how nice it is to have prompt updates. However since ICS. I don’t use Google now and any of these new features. I also will not use photo sphere or lock screen widgets, even the gesture typing. I find third party touch pal keyboard in the market is still much better etc. On the other hand LG may not update instantly, but it does have features I will use. Often I’m watching a video and don’t want to stop it to send a text, iv never had an LTE phone either so that’s exciting.

  • SybarTech

    Anyone who might have gotten “lucky” enough to get both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10 on the same order is in for further possible disappointment.

    I was able to get both on the same order, and got the dreaded email today regarding my Nexus 4.

    I responded, inquiring about the fate of my Nexus 10. No answer.

    So, I called Google and was told that they indeed intend on waiting until the Nexus 4 is available before shipping my complete order. Meaning that they intend to ship both at the same time.

    Buyers beware.

    • WOW that’s lame man… I’m sorry to hear that. Did they say they’ll waive the shipping fee?

  • Seth

    I called my ISP and asked them to downgrade my internet to dsl. Three days later they still haven’t done anything.. Omg, Im pissed.
    I don’t care whose fault it is, a flagship phone without 4g is a joke.

  • Angry@Google

    Buy through t-mobile, sales rep explained it’s about 400 including the cancellation fee. Rep confirmed no back order and it will be here next Friday at the latest since UPS only delivers air on black Friday. I ordered it tonight after Google gave me the runaround 10 times! Back order email from Google, yet the play store still says ship date 11/15 and they are still holding my money. Will wait the month and sell on Ebay or CL. My case was “escalated” only had the rep email back saying she has heard nothing and I get an email saying that if I’m not satisfied with the resolution to reply back, even had a survey attached. What resolution Google? Worst e commerce experience ever.

  • jeremy

    Man I’m glad I got an optimus G. Such an awesome and SEXY phone. Throw on some Apex launcher and bam basically stock android. Very very happy with this thing!! :-)