Droid RAZR HD gets custom recovery and Safestrap functionality

The day Droid RAZR HD and Maxx HD users have been waiting so anxiously for is finally upon us. A developer by the name of Hashcode has released what is known as a “Safestrap” application in the form of an installable .apk file, effectively allowing users to play around with the phone’s software without fear of bricking their device.

The new application gives users the ability to partition multiple sections of the handset’s internal storage in order to flash custom ROMs without affecting the firmware you use as your daily driver. Tinkerers will be excited to know that this is also the method by which you will use to flash a custom recovery, ultimately giving you complete control ofyour RAZR HD.

For more information and directions on how to perform the process, jump past the break.

Before proceeding, please read through the information located at the source link below.


  • Install Safestrap 3 from the above notes
  • Download this file:  Safestrap-3.05.08.apk
    and place it on your SD card
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Make a backup of your stock rom slot
  • Go into “Boot Options” and create a new rom-slot (if you haven’t) — 1GB data is probably good enough for most users
  • Once that is created it may say “rom slot: off” at the top, make sure to go back into the new rom-slot and use “Activate” button
  • Now use the “Restore” button on the main menu to restore the backup you made of stock to the new rom-slot
  • When that’s done restoring, use “Wipe” -> “Factory Reset” and then “Dalvik Cache” from the main menu
  • Now “Install” the fix-stock-romslot-jb.zip
  • At this point you should have a full working copy of the stock MotoBlur ROM on a rom-slot which you can flash and modify w/o fear of bricking.
  • Reboot and enjoy

Source: DroidRZR

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