HTC ends October with a 60% fall in revenue

HTC has revealed its revenue numbers for October, and it’s not pretty. The Taiwanese smartphone company posted a 60% drop in revenue from October of last year, coming in around $588 million. That’s down from $1.5 billion last year.

HTC has been in steady decline for the past year, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Personally, I think part of this is because of HTC’s more closed approach to their phones recently. A non-removable battery and lack of SD card slot tends to alienate a few customers, regardless of the other features of the phone. Maybe that’s not the primary reason, but I think its done more harm than good. Either way, the holiday season is coming up along with a slew of Windows 8 phones that HTC is adamantly advertising, and some unique new Android devices. Sounds like a great time for HTC to catch up.

source: HTCSource


  • I don’t get it they have amazing devices, how could they lose so much?? I am asking seriasly if someone can answer me .. :)