Google Music & Google TV means even better Android integration

Google’s foray in the phone operating system industry is booming.  The growth of Android, along with the abundance of “DROID” advertising, has helped launch itself into the forefront of consumers who seek an alternative to the white walled garden, and of AT&T.  While Android’s speed of development has been great, there is definitely one area that can be improved upon still:  media.  I’m not just talking Android’s lackluster default media player (at least we have alternatives), but the way you obtain, organize, and manage your music and videos.  Now, I don’t believe Android NEEDS an iTunes equivalent, as I’m quite contempt with manually transferring my media, but it would make some things easier.

The fact that Google is looking to launch Google Music with their next update, code-named Gingerbread – aka, Android 3.0 , gives us a good indication that they wants to be your go-to gadget for tunes. On top of that, Google TV is making great strides with it’s partnership with Logitech, showing off a Harmony Remote app for Android.

While many details are not yet known to us yet, the fact that Google is looking to launch Google Music, and Google TV means even tighter integration with Android.  So stop playing the Angry Birds beta for just a second and take a stroll with me to the possible future….

  • Management and organization of your media with the database powers of Google’s search
  • One stop access to downloading music, TV, & movies
  • Google TV integration for transferring TV shows & Movies to your phone or tablet
  • Wireless/Wifi Syncing of new media content

What other possibilities can you imagine? Let us know in the comments.

  • Jack

    contempt or content? :)

    Personally, I feel that Google’s greatest area of growth is in media. iTunes? old. TV? There’s gotta be a better way.

    The greatest possibility, since you asked, is for Google to do to music, movies, and tv what they are doing to our phones. Free services subsidized by smart advertisements.

  • Steve Ginter

    Jack – Yea, I was really impressed with the sneak peak of Google TV. I’ve all but given up on traditional cable myself – leaning more towards using streaming options such as Hulu and Netflix. Having a single interface for being able to find, listen, and watch everything will be awesome. Then, if I can take it with me on my phone or tablet… I might be able to leave the house more often! =)

  • Jack

    Well this is one area the (and I mean this in all seriousness) Xbox 360 has started to shine as a multimedia center. It is basically (atm) Microsoft’s version of a media station. Music (personal and, netflix, facebook, twitter, and soon ESPN.

    Lets say Android gets netflix (which it will) and Android gets a google tv and google music plug-in (which seems like a no-brainer) – what else will you need? Android is where it’s at.

    Not necessarily because functionality is there already, but because I can’t imagine Google not putting their resources to work getting us something better than what we already know.