LG Nexus could be priced at $399 and be called the Optimus Nexus

Everyone is LG Nexus 4 crazy for obvious reasons. What’s really surprising is that the device could be shipped from the Google Play Store within a next few weeks, October 29 to be exact.

Even though this information relies solely on rumors, ByteNow expects that the price will be around the $399 mark, well-priced for a device that is likely to support the speedy 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and the crystal clear SLCD display.

There could be one possible flaw that the Nexus might have with certain carriers. The upcoming superphone isn’t expected to carry LTE support, leaving Verizon Wireless in the dust. The recent FCC filing doesn’t mention LTE at all. This means the only U.S. carriers to support the device will be AT&T, T-Mobile, and the smaller MNVO’s. Though that may seem alright with many users, customers of Big Red will miss out on a spectacular device, just like with the predecessors of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Lastly, the name of the device isn’t official, but now the latest rumor suggests it will be called the Optimus Nexus. A name we’ve heard before.

Remember these details are not official yet, and are subject to change anytime. Just make sure to keep checking back with TalkAndroid for the latest and greatest LG Nexus news.

Source: ByteNow

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