New Google Play Store version 3.9.16 ready to download

Yes, it is that time again where Android fanatics can get their hands on the latest Play Store .apk file. Thanks to some tipsters over at Android Police, you can now download the latest Google Play Store version, build 3.9.16. And I have to admit this version packs some useful features. So lets dive into it.


What Has Been Updated?

There are quite a few things to cover in the latest update, but lets talk about removing “selected apps”. In the previous versions of the Play Store, in fact even when it was known the Android Market, users could only remove apps from the management interface one by one. It was really a pain when came the time to clean out unused apps in the app draw, taking minutes just to remove the ones requested. Fortunately, you are now able to select multiple applications at once, for a quick removal process.

To help Android users update with ease, Google has integrated the actual application icons on the taskbar. This replaced the default shopping bag icon. More information is also displayed on the taskbar, to notify you exactly of what apps are available to be updated. And all in all the file size is smaller, weighing in at about 5.22 MB.

The last update launched in August, so it is about time to snag the newest version. All you have to do is download the .apk file like any other. The latest version is available to download below.

Download Link

Source: Android Police

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